May this be the spark you need to move forward this week…

Don’t you dare allow yourself or anyone else to make you feel less than. As if you’re not good enough to be in the room or have a seat at the table. Value what you have. You’re knowledgeable. You’re gifted. You’re talented. You’re birthed with something incredible. What they can do, you may not be able to do. But your area of expertise may not be theres. Everyone brings something different to the room or to the table. And just because you don’t have what they have, doesn’t mean that you don’t belong. Please believe that you belong in every single room you enter. You belong because you bring something that no one can bring. Someone is blessed because of what you bring to the room. We all have something to offer. And what we have to offer is great. So when you walk into the room, make sure you walk in there with confidence. Knowing that you belong and knowing that what you have is incredible! 💪🏾

#walkin #beconfident #youbelong #youareenough #valueyourworth #valueyourgift #lovelymissjones

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