Letter from Miss Jones [Update]

First, thank you all for following and taking this journey with me. Your support is greatly appreciated!

I just wanted to update you all on what’s been going on with me. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I was asked to do a web radio interview to talk about my writing and my blog. I contemplated posting the link because in my mind, I didn’t do as well as I wanted to. As I thought about it, I realized I had to share it. This is what I do. Not only did I have to show my gratitude for the opportunity, I had to realize someone may receive something from the simple words I shared.

I really am extremely grateful for every opportunity that I’ve received to share with others in hopes to encourage and inspire.

The interview aired on Monday morning and I waited until Wednesday to share it on other social media networks. I’m so glad I did. I received a few great messages regarding it.
Sometimes we beat ourselves up about something we could’ve done better at and stop someone else from getting something from it. Had I not posted the link, someone wouldn’t have been encouraged.

Remember, all that we do is a learning lesson. We’re not going to be an expert at something the first time we do it. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t substance in what we’ve produced.

I had to realize that for myself from this interview. So check out the interview on Top of the Morning Radio Show. Here’s the link; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pastor-maureen/2014/05/26/top-of-the-morning-weekly-inspirational-show.

There’s still more to come!

-Miss Jones xo

Balance is Key

Although I’ve made great progress in the direction that I’m headed in life, I found myself in a place of frustration.

Busy. But I had to ask myself, are all the things that have consumed my time and my thoughts of great importance or am I putting the allotted time into every obligation that I have. I’ve never been as social as I’ve become. So I began to do more of the more enjoyable things in life than the things that are most important. I’ve also put more energy into one project rather than give all the equal energy that’s needed.

Between my relationship with God, work, wanting to further employment and education, my home life, my writing, more than one leadership position, social life, and other responsibilities, I somehow got lost in balancing each aspect of my life. I created a plan where I could be able to balance it all, but I somehow got distracted and became overwhelmed.

I say this too often to find myself in this position, but in all things there must be a balance. In life we have to learn to balance our priorities as well as the enjoyable moments in life. Allowing one to outweigh the next knocks us off. It can put us in an uncomfortable position. However, it isn’t unusual for one to fall off balance. It happens. But we can’t allow it to keep us there.

When there’s no balance in our lives, we can become stressed. And I’ve found myself in a place of stress. Things in my life have been in disarray. And I’ve begin to realize over the past few days that it will never be in order if I don’t make the choice to try to balance it all a little better. Putting those things that are of greater importance is the start of a healthy balanced life.

It’s great to have fun and enjoy life, but taking care of responsibilities is just as important. We have to make space and time for it all without one of the two overtaking us. Making a plan and a schedule is a way to help keep a healthy balanced life. Writing out your responsibilities as well as the fun and exciting things in life that you enjoy.

And if you find yourself becoming distracted, try your best to find where the imbalance is and fix it. I’ll be honest and say, I didn’t do that right away. I allowed it to overtake me. But I had to realize that there would be no change if I didn’t make a decision.

So I encourage you to try to live balanced life to avoid unnecessary stress. If things seem to get out of order, find it and nip it in the bud. Create a way to better balance your time and most importantly your life.


Get out of the Way: you Never Know who you’re Reaching.

When you begin to step out on faith and get pass your insecurities, it’s not only good for you, but it’ll help someone else.

My intentions of writing as I’ve shared in blogging for the past nine months or so, have been to encourage someone. To help them to take a look at themselves, where they are, and how they can grow and move forward.

I’ve shared many times about my fears when it came to my writing. This is a passion of mine, but has also been one of my biggest struggles. Writing was something that has gotten me through, but it took me a while to realize maybe it can help and get someone else through.

I have many ideas of where I want to go with my writing, so I’ve decided I need to branch out and start my own website. I thought about buying my domain name a while ago, but I kept saying I needed to wait. I’ve had several conversations about where I want to go with the site. I’ve been talking and putting it out there. But a few days ago during one of my many conversations, I decided to just take that next step and buy my domain name. And although it may seem like a small thing to some, it shows my faith and progress.

I know this isn’t going to be an easy process, but I know that I will be able to fulfill what I’ve been called to do. Now this is just for me, my personal growth.

But the next day I received one of the most encouraging texts I’ve received since I’ve began sharing my writing. It was from one of my friends. She said she was proud of the work that I have been doing and how encouraging I’d been. She then went on to express how she’d been thinking about doing the same thing with her video blogging but talked herself out of doing it. After seeing that I’d did it, it inspired her to go for it. This blessed me because I really admire this friend of mine. She’s a college graduate, with a good job, her own place, and her own car. And she obtained all of this struggling with health issues. She’s now come to the place where she’s decided to share with the world what she’s gone through and continues to go through with Myasthenia Gravis. To be able to inspire someone who has encouraged me with her incredible strength and has so much to share is amazing. She will be able to use a new avenue to do the work that she has been called to do.

You never know who you’re reaching when you step out on faith and leave your insecurities behind. Not only will you began to benefit from what you’re putting out, but someone else will. Whatever your gift is, I encourage you to continue to work at it regardless of what the circumstances around you may look like. Learn to push pass all the fear, insecurities, and issues. Not only for your own personal development, but for the growth and development of others.

Visit my friend, Vanetta’s YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/butimstrong to find out more about MG, her experiences, and help spread awareness. Be on the look out for what’s to come with her videos and the official launch of lovelymissjones.com. It’s coming soon!

-Miss Jones xo