Here we are at the end of another month. And here I am to share my experience. This month I chose the word redirection; or better yet, it chose me. For those who have not been following along, I’ve decided to choose a word for each month of the year and share my monthly experience with you. To those who have been reading, thank you for rocking with me, and unbeknownst to you, holding me accountable in a sense. My overall word for the year is health, and all that I do in each month leads me to a healthier life.

So again, my word for the month is redirection. Redirect means to change the direction of focus. After the month of May, I most definitely needed redirection. So before sharing this experience, I must share how this word chose me. So the month of May I was believing for two things in particular, and unfortunately it didn’t come through for me. I had a moment. I cried and felt like I missed the mark completely. I went through a bunch of emotions and just felt off. I received encouragement from many people, but most of all I received encouragement and assurance from God. Things happen all in Gods timing, even when we want it so bad. But I realized one particular thing I didn’t see how it could work at this particular time. I was quickly reminded of all the other assignments and projects that I left out and needed to revisit. I was reminded of all that I know I’m called to and how I needed to really put my focus there. So in my mind, I thought my word would be focus. I then came across a post on Instagram, which I cannot fully remember or find. However, the post was a beautiful story of faith and redirection. It was at that moment that I knew I needed to not just focus, but redirect. I needed to change the direction of my focus. Whew. Y’all, that’s so good to me.

One can focus, but where is the focus? I needed to take my focus off of what I didn’t get when I wanted to get it, but to shift it. One of those things that didn’t initially happen for me was passing my students with disabilities exam. It was my hope to have my Special Education certification by the end of this school year. I didn’t study as I should’ve and figured since I passed every other exam on the first time, I’d be good. I was sadly mistaken and didn’t pass by 5 points. 5 points ya’ll, That did something to me. But…I chose to redirect. I chose to change the direction of my focus. Took it off of what I didn’t get, and just went after it again. Studied, took the test, and I passed! So I reached that goal and became Sped certified by the end of the school year. That’s just one example of changing the direction of your focus. Rather than focus on what you don’t have, or what you didn’t attain in a moment; focus on getting back up and pushing forward.

The month of June, I just took a different approach. I did what I could to return to some of the things that I’ve put on the back burner. Things I knew I needed to focus on. I wrote out goals to get to the places I know I need to reach, and my therapist put me on to Trello. (I admit I need to do a better job at consistency following the trello board, but I’m working!). I made the decision to focus on launching my nonprofit organization. I did my due diligence and made sure I knew as much of the ends and outs as possible. Had my first Board Meeting this month, as nervous as I was, and it went well! I wanted to make sure I did things right this time around in business. When it comes to the team selected, the set up, and the way I presented my baby. And yesterday I was able to launch The Lovely Miss Jones Foundation, inc. A 501c3 nonprofit organization. Something I should’ve had years ago, but tried to take what I thought was the easier way out. So this meant a lot to me. (Quick plug, please donate to the cause! We are trying to elevate, cultivate, and empower our future leaders. Donate here)

This month of redirection was needed! I do not believe that I would feel the way I feel or even accomplished what was accomplished had I not taken the time to redirect. Had I not taken the time to change the direction of my thoughts, and decided to put my foot on the gas rather than focus on what I didn’t have. If any of you are in similar situations or are focused on the wrong things, I challenge you to redirect. Change the direction of your focus and see how things change.

Again, choose a word and do what it takes to ensure that you do things that are aligned to that word for your month or for your year. Let’s be intentional and make things happen!

~Miss Jones

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