Don’t Worry, Keep Moving

I had every intention of writing and posting about another topic this week. However, I must share my experience.

In my frustration last night and this morning, I decided today that I wanted to just be left alone from the world. Almost half the entire day, I just stayed in bed. Didn’t want to talk to anyone. Covers over my head, ignoring all messages. Didn’t contact anyone. Didn’t get on any social networks. I wanted to be dead to the world, so to speak, for just a little while. But during that time, I realized I wasn’t doing anything to help with my frustration. There was no resolve. All I did was think about the reason I was upset and what led up to it. I’m sure we’ve all been there.
I then realized all my frustration was my fault. I couldn’t blame anyone else for the reason I was upset because of a decision I decided to make. I wasted hours of time that I could’ve used being productive, maybe in finding a way to resolve the issue.

Nothing ever comes from worrying and dwelling on the negative aspect of an issue. All it does is waste time. When you run into an issue, a circumstance, or situation, don’t sit and have a pity party. Get up, move, and be productive. Do your best to overcome it. We can’t allow our emotions to get the best of us. Once they do, there’s no way we can move forward. We will be stuck if we don’t nip it in the bud right away. After some thought, I had to speak to myself. I then had to make another decision, I had to choose to keep moving. So I encourage and strongly suggest that when issues arise, you just keep going. Don’t soak in it, encourage your own self. Think about all that you have to look forward to and move towards it.


This One’s for the Ladies!

It’s women’s history month! Being a woman myself, how could I not write a piece about it. Almost every free moment I’ve had, I took a few minutes to think about the angle I would come from. Whether I’d just write about a few inspirational women or whether I’d just speak about how strong women are and encourage and inspire females. I even looked up the theme for this year, which is ‘Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment’. I wanted to strictly come from a positive place. However, this past week alone I’ve heard such negativity between females and immediately I felt compelled to take that angle.

Unfortunately, there are many females who are so negative when it comes to other females. As I’ve stated this past week, I’ve witnessed it firsthand. A female who is focused on making things happen in her desired field. Little by little doors have been opening for her. As any person would, she looks for support from those closest to her. She asks another female if she came across what’s been put out there, and the other young lady’s response is surprising. She said no, because it’s just too much. She refuses to support because she thinks that it would take too much from her to do so. The first young lady finds a way to just try to accept this although she desires the support. However, every time she speaks of what she wants to accomplish, the other either speaks negatively or turns the conversation to be about her.

This is not the only situation that bothered me. There are many females who rather than build other females up, chose to tear them down with their words and actions. This stems from jealousy and/or lack of confidence in oneself. Or maybe just interested in personal growth. No concern for how the next person moves or level of success they reach. Somewhat being selfish because you want to see yourself succeed. We need to learn to support one another and realize that we’re better together.

Women are strong. So let’s learn to use our strength in a positive way. Let’s be strong in pushing and empowering one another to greatness. Let us be concerned with the success of one another. Instead of being jealous, learn to celebrate the success of your sister. If she can do it, why not you.

We must be women of character. Who would people say that you are? Let’s have the character of one who uplifts rather than tears down. Let’s be courageous. While you’re taking the steps toward success, be courageous enough to help fellow women succeed. Lastly, let’s commit to building one another up. We have to be united, supporting one another in all of our endeavors.




Don’t Just Talk About It, Be About It

Often times we say things over and over again and again….and that’s all we do. In some cases, the more we say we’re going to or need to do something, the further away we get from actually doing it. Sometimes we do need to speak some things. But action should always follow.

I’ve found myself in a place where I want to do better. I keep saying “yea, I gotta do better.” Or I have to get this together. But why can’t I just do it. For example, I’ve wanted to do a lifestyle change. I told myself I was going to write a blog about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. But I sat back a few days ago and thought about it, and said instead of saying it I need to just do it. The next day, I was reminded of this quote that says work in silence and let the results speak for you. When we say things openly and somehow leave it at that, the results don’t back up what we put out there. We’ve allowed our words to become a lie.

Then we have a habit of making plans. We try to get everything in order before we do what we say we need to do. I’m learning, sometimes we just have to step out and do it. If we keep planning and waiting until everything is “in order”, we may never get around to doing it. There have been times when I didn’t get to something that I felt so passionate about because I felt like things weren’t in place. Which caused me to end up further behind than I ought to be.

So let’s learn to just get up and do it. Less talk and more action will guarantee that we make things happen!