Often times we say things over and over again and again….and that’s all we do. In some cases, the more we say we’re going to or need to do something, the further away we get from actually doing it. Sometimes we do need to speak some things. But action should always follow.

I’ve found myself in a place where I want to do better. I keep saying “yea, I gotta do better.” Or I have to get this together. But why can’t I just do it. For example, I’ve wanted to do a lifestyle change. I told myself I was going to write a blog about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. But I sat back a few days ago and thought about it, and said instead of saying it I need to just do it. The next day, I was reminded of this quote that says work in silence and let the results speak for you. When we say things openly and somehow leave it at that, the results don’t back up what we put out there. We’ve allowed our words to become a lie.

Then we have a habit of making plans. We try to get everything in order before we do what we say we need to do. I’m learning, sometimes we just have to step out and do it. If we keep planning and waiting until everything is “in order”, we may never get around to doing it. There have been times when I didn’t get to something that I felt so passionate about because I felt like things weren’t in place. Which caused me to end up further behind than I ought to be.

So let’s learn to just get up and do it. Less talk and more action will guarantee that we make things happen!



  1. Wow!! This is totally my current situation!!! I’m glad I’ve stumbled accross this blog!!! Thank you!!!! Just do it!!’ Silence is the key!!!

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