Trust Your Crazy Ideas

We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations. We write them out, we attempt to plan, but sometimes we feel as if our ideas are too big or even crazy. This week while at work, I began writing out all of these plans for the business. I mean detailed plans. I sat there and looked at all of my notes, honestly a little surprised. Surprised for two reason. One, it all sounded like good ideas, something that could be done. On the other hand, I wondered how it would actually get done.

As I spoke on the phone with a friend, I went on and on about how much I wrote out and how crazy it was. I thought it was crazy because I’m thinking, I have no idea how any of these ideas are going to get off the ground now. I believed that everything that was written down was possible, but I was concerned or worried, or even doubted how I (Krystle) would get it all done. But then I was reminded by a few things this week.

I downloaded an app called, Saved In The City, which has been such a blessing in my life. The app sends out daily devotions. So yesterday morning, I received the message that said, “Dont be afraid. God will never lead you to a place and then leave you. Take the step. Make the move. He has gone before you! Deut 3:18”. After reading this, I knew this went along with my current situation. Floated around in my mind, and I still looked at these plans and tried to figure it all out. I then had a business meeting yesterday afternoon, with someone I can consider a mentor, to catch up but to also talk about the business. We talked about this year, my event, and what I was planning next. As I spoke to her, I told her the same things. I said, I wrote out all of these things and I’m just here wondering how it’ll happen. Although I knew what God already said to me through the devotion, I still thought about what looked so big in my eyes. She then said to me, it’s possible. Despise not small beginnings, and began to show me ways I can get some things off the ground on a smaller scale. Which will just build me up and push me to where I’m supposed to be. I was so encouraged and inspired after all I heard within that day, from God and who He sent my way to encourage me.

Later that evening, my father sat and said I have something for you. And to my surprise, it was a journal. (Everyone knows I’m almost obsessed with journals. So of course I was excited.) However, it was what was written on the journal that blew me away. In bold, gold letters read, “Trust Your Crazy Ideas”. When I say I literally yelled, I yelled. I was so happy. It was confirmation. It gave me a boost of energy. It also caused me to think back.

I had so many crazy ideas, previously. Thoughts about writing and becoming a blogger. The shy girl, who hid her emotions, expressing herself for the world to see. That was crazy to me. But I did it. I began writing, began reaching others, had a launch party, began writing for other publications. I started getting recognized and having my gift shared on other platforms. I had a crazy idea to start a scholarship fund. And here I am, months away from my third scholarship event. I had a crazy idea to start a business. And here I am, officially a business owner making plans for what’s to come. Point is, just because we feel as though our thoughts are crazy or too big, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s very possible. We have to trust our crazy thoughts. We have to believe that we’ve been given these ideas for a reason. We have to stop being so afraid and believe that God will go before us. Believe in yourself. Trust those crazy ideas of yours, move, take that leap of faith, and watch them come to pass.


-xo Miss Jones

Check Your Emotions

Often times we experience a myriad of emotions. Emotions that come from real places. We all have our fair share of issues, circumstances, and situations that we go through. Some situations that may sway us and cause us to feel different emotions. However, how we react or respond is ultimately how it’ll continue to play out in our lives.

I’m the type of person who wears her emotions all over her face. If I’m dealing with a situation, it’s usually hard for me not to show it. I would typically allow things to frustrate me more than it usually would if I wasn’t going through. Over the course of a few months, I’ve been dealing with a few things. Seems like I’ve been come up against in every area. And for some reason it just kept feeling like I was going deeper and deeper into circumstances. My emotions were all out of whack. I found myself distancing myself more, talking less, and subconsciously submerging myself further into all of my issues.

A few months ago, this particular post came to me. I literally heard: check your emotions, watch your disposition. It was at that moment that I realized the reason why things seemed to have gotten worse. It was me. I continued to stay in my feelings, which caused me to think negatively in a sense. Which brings the thought “I’m probably going to stay here forever.” When you constantly submerge yourself in your issues, you start to think that you’re the reason for all of your problems and to beat yourself up. And it becomes a never ending cycle. And you end up staying right where you are.
Lets backtrack for a minute…notice I said months ago these words came to me. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve waited two months to post this. I’ll tell you why. How about because it took me months to write it. I’m not the perfect person, so sometimes it takes me a little while to get out of certain places. And I’m telling you, it’s been hard to check my emotions. Especially since things have been coming from every area possible. When I tell you every area of my life, I mean that very thing. Family, home, relationships, my career, education, my ministry. Everything. However, after prayer, conversation, powerful services (the word), time, and a decision, I was able to refocus.

It’s not always easy to do things on your own. And it’s ok to seek out help. There are a few things that have helped me to check my emotions to the point that I can not worry so much about what I’m going through, but focus on the positive and how it’ll help take me to my next level. My solutions may not be your solutions, but it’s imperative that you figure out ways to help you check your emotions. Something that can hold you accountable for watching your disposition. Prayer, my circle (good company only), recognizing when God sends people or a word for you, taking some time, and making that decision to no longer stay in the situation you’re in. These are a few things that have helped me to shift. No I haven’t completely gotten out of my situations, but I refuse to be stuck there. That’s where the decision comes in. I refuse to constantly wallow in my circumstances. I’ll allow myself a moment, but I can’t get stuck. The way you react or respond to trouble, plays a huge part in how it’ll effect you. I promise you, checking your emotions and watching your disposition in the midst of what seems like chaos will bring about peace and positivity.