Your Choice of Surroundings Can Impact Your Process

As the year started, I decided that it was imperative that I get a team together for Lovely Miss Jones. After going from blog to business, I knew it was necessary to get more people involved. For the past three years, I haven’t had a team in place, and all things LMJ have fallen solely on me. There have been a few people who will help out with anything I asked, but there was so much responsibility placed on me, which secretly left me feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Which causes me to fall back in areas where I need to step up. Therefore, I made up in my mind to reach out to people who I felt would make a great team.

After developing this team, and having a few meetings, in my mind things still weren’t moving the way I wanted them to. We came up with amazing ideas, collectively, and we were able to work out some details in the projects for the year. I know that this is just the way things go when running a business, but I’ve been so ready to move and make all of my ideas reality. During a meeting I was assured that I need to work project by project. When you don’t, you began to get disappointed because you’ll end up doing nothing trying to do everything all at once. Today, I reached out to my team members to schedule a meeting. In my message, I expressed that although it is expected, things aren’t moving the way that I would like. I received all positive feedback. All of which encouraged me. However, this message stuck out the most. “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 U got this! I’m always here for u!”

Not only is it important to accept the fact that our process doesn’t always go the way we anticipate, but it’s all necessary to the journey. We must also be sure that we have the right people around us. We have to be sure that we select a group of people that will impact our process positively, rather than negatively. These words meant so much to me because it was a reminder and a push to keep going. Not that I intended to give up, but sometimes we can get a little discouraged by the process. We begin to rethink certain things or projects because of the timing or because of how things are going. However, our circle can either help remind us of things or push us further into our thoughts. I remember a time where I mentioned a project to someone, and their immediate response was negativity. They began to tell me that I didn’t have enough time to pull this off and that I shouldn’t do it. Those words sort of didn’t sit well with me. Because of my determination, I went ahead and presented the idea and it became reality. And it was a huge success, to this day I am still receiving feedback on how people were blessed by this. Had I allowed this person to be a part of my team and listened to their words, I would have never produced what was meant to bless someone else. It is extremely important that we choose our circle and our team wisely. People who will speak positivity and speak life when the process doesn’t necessarily go in the direction you anticipated, or at the speed you would like to go. Your choice of surroundings can impact your process!

-xo Miss Jones

What Did You Feed, In 2017?

When I looked back on this year, I celebrated those who have accomplished much and had a great year. Genuinely. But when I first reflected, I didn’t necessarily feel like I had a good year. This year, I struggled with depression, losing myself, trying to regain and pick up the pieces of who I was, and failure.

I was unhappy, but tried my best to mask how I was really feeling. I tried to push myself beyond my feelings, but in most cases I couldn’t. I was legit miserable. Came into this year, thinking I was living my best life. Living free. But I wasn’t Krystle. Which often left me feeling empty. Which pushed me towards depression.

I often wanted to give up in every area. I felt unaccomplished at work, in the beginning. Applied for grad school, but got rejected. I was dropped from Writing for EGL. I was on a roller coaster of emotions. People were in and out of my life. Those I thought I could depend on, weren’t there when I felt I needed them. I felt like I was alone in a sense. Like there was no one in my corner. No one who really cared, so I stopped talking. And often shut people out. I often felt that people didn’t care enough anyway so why even bother. I was disappointed. Failed as a youth leader. Failed those I was supposed to lead. Because I was constantly stuck.

As I began to reflect, I realized I gave too much life to those negative places in my life. I only spoke on those times, not as a way of encouragement and reflection like I am now, but just to highlight or pinpoint them. I was so stuck in those moments, that that was all that would spew out. I rarely looked at the upside of things. I barely wrote. I pushed myself to encourage, but not as much as I knew I could. I sometimes felt like I was too off to even write. To even share words of encouragement.

But in between all of that, there were high moments. In January, Lovely Miss Jones became an official company. Something I had to push myself into doing. I was asked to speak to the students at my alma mater, Seton Hall University. Anyone who knows me, or knows my story, knows how big of a deal this was. I often share of my shyness and insecurities. This engagement forced me to go beyond my comfort zone. And the response was rewarding. I was literally on the verge of tears to have heard how the students were touched by my workshop. That same month, I returned to a high school to speak for the third time. (A consistent engagement. Which said that I was doing something right.). I had an idea to have an event for women’s health month in May. Somewhere in my mind, I told myself I couldn’t do this alone. So I reached out to someone I consider to be a mentor to collaborate. She then introduced me to someone else. When we got together, the ideas came together. And we were able to pull off a successful event. The room was full, and people left with information, inspiration, and encouragement. It was amazing. The help that was sent my way was great. And I definitely felt as if I needed it. I couldn’t have pulled it together without them. But in that, God showed me that I was capable of doing this. He literally spoke to me and proved to me that I can’t continue to doubt myself. When I rely on Him and trust what He’s given me, I can do what I thought was impossible. In July,I was able to experience a new culture in Cuba. Only the second time being outside of the country, but I was grateful to be able to travel, experience a new culture, step outside of my comfort zone, and making myself comfortable in areas I wouldn’t have done at another time in my life. I celebrated LMJ’s third anniversary in August, along with my 29th birthday. The last of my 20s. Which was big for me. And I celebrated it the way I wanted to, with the people I wanted to celebrate with. The people who I want to be in my life. There were some bumps a long the way that month and the months that followed, but those people remained consistent in my life and showed me that they were for me.

Again, I’ve realized is that I put too much life into my low moments that it sunk me in deeper. I was allowing myself to go deeper in a depression, go further away from who I really am. Rather than pushing myself in the direction of positive change.

I didn’t look at the positive sides to this. Maybe I wasn’t ready for graduate school. Maybe I needed to experience all that I’ve experienced with my job. The low points, being unfulfilled. Maybe it was meant to teach me something a long the way. Maybe I could gain more experience after I survived those moments. I was upset after I was no longer writing for EGL.I gained so much by working with EGL. But I needed to be in a place where I wasn’t obligated to anyone else’s business if I wasn’t putting 100% into my own. Those people who were in and out of my life, I didn’t need them anyway. It was my connection to them that caused me to lose myself. No it wasn’t their fault, but those connections weren’t healthy for me. Which caused me to be something I wasn’t.

I keep seeing this post circulating Instagram, “God broke me down this year. I needed that.” I can relate. Although I may have felt like this wasn’t a good year at some points, I was going through a process. I was being broken down. It didn’t always feel like it. And yes some things that I went through was because of Krystle, I was still broken down after. And I did need it. Didn’t feel like it in the moment, but I’m seeing that I did. It’s setting me up for something. Whether it be a message to show who God is, to show others that they too can make it through, a word of encouragement, and simply a testimony to others.

I knew for a fact that this was what I needed to share after hearing Joel Olsteen this morning. He said we have to stop feeding certain things. Stop feeding the hurt. Stop feeding hate. And stop feeding betrayal. This year I fed those things that I was going through. I gave them way too much life. And I kept getting stuck. Over and over again. Sometimes we have to just let some things die. When you don’t feed it, it’ll die out. But when you keep feeding those negative things, it’ll keep living. I just want to encourage you, in 2018, let’s stop giving life to things that we need to allow to die. Let’s stop feeding our hurt, our pain, and pushing ourselves into a depression. Let’s look at the positive and keep feeding those things. Then we can flourish. The more we feed into the positive, the more positive we will begin to see. We will have a year of fulfillment when we feed the positives rather than the negatives! Wishing you all a Happy New Year, filled with giving life to things that will push you towards greatness!

-xo Miss Jones

LMJ Second Annual Scholarship Benefit Recap

On Tuesday, December 27, 2016, we successfully hosted our second annual scholarship benefit! LMJ is a strong believer of sharing ones experience in order to connect and help further the growth of someone else. And this is how the scholarship benefit was created. Going through the process of college, I know firsthand what it’s like to not be able to pay tuition. College is very expensive. Period. Knowing what it felt like, it was my intent to create opportunities to help others in areas that I could’ve used assistance. I wanted to be able to be a blessing financially to a few college students, to help alleviate the financial strain they may experience.

December 19, 2015 was our first. Seeing its effect, it was only right that we continue and make it an annual affair. It’s not easy putting any type of event together, but knowing that this was bigger than us, pushed me to do it anyway. The purpose of the event was to celebrate these college students for their accomplishments. The first step being, making the decision to further their education in order to pursue their dreams. It was intended to be a night of sharing, educating, honoring, educating, and connecting with others. And I must say, it was a success.

The event was hosted by author, poet, and content creator Church Johnson. Which is a product of networking and making connections. Intentional connections.


There were two speakers; Asha Boston, Director of The Dinner Table Documentary (a documentary geared towards changing the perception of black women in media. Also offering high school and college workshops centered around self esteem) and Schoquilla Coleman, Founder and CEO of Golden Life Resource Center (an organization that encourages and promotes educational growth, financial stability and positive mentor ship in youth). Both of these ladies have succeeded after going through the college process. They are an inspiration to many, and needed to share their experiences. In order to let the candidates know that they too can make it, and also to show others how they can contribute to the lives of our young people.

There were two incredible performances by amazing artists, ART Music and Lynette Rhett-McNeil. Both blessed us with their amazing gifts.

We honored Ska-Keya Flenory, who tirelessly dedicates her time and service to NYC Public Schools, along with Sheneya Wilson, who recently graduated with her masters degree in accounting and is on her way towards obtaining her phd at the age of 22. Their hard work is inspiration to others.

Raffle prize sponsors; award winning author, Nigeria Lockley, Michelle Dwight Designs, and Elle and Johns body products.

Other sponsors include; Jennifer Johnson, CEO of Campus Essentials (donating care packages to our winners. Innovative Music Inc (silver sponsor). And BCAN2SOC (Brooklyn Community Acition Network To Save Our Community) our double platinum sponsor!

Excellent food provided by SWB Catering.
Lastly, we acknowledge our 2016 LMJ Scholarship recipients! First place, Sherqwanna Laws. Second place, Niesha Georgeon. Third place, Candace Rose. Fourth place, Naomi Georgeon. We are extremely proud of these young ladies. And because of your help, we are collectively able to make an impact in their lives. They all have their own stories, their own struggles; but we were able to make a positive impact. We thank you all for your support.


To view photos from LMJ’s Second Annual Scholarship Benefit (captured by PhotosByCeeJay) click here.

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings 

Who we surround and connect ourselves with is imperative in life. It’s beneficial to our growth or lack thereof. So often we put ourselves in situations and positions and we don’t always realize how important it is for us to really give these things some thought. There comes a point in our lives where we have to evaluate the people we are connected with and what influence they may or may not have on us. And vice versa. 

Everyone experiences change and difficulty. Regardless of how great your life may seem. No matter how great your disposition may seem, we all experience difficulty. Although it’s very important how you choose to deal with it and have a positive outlook rather than a negative one, it’s also very important to be connected to the right people in those moments. 

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, when I go through things, I’ve always wanted to be alone and try to deal with things on my own. However, I’ve learned over the past few years, that this isn’t always the best way to go about things. Sometimes when we deal with different situations, keeping to ourselves may push us towards depression, rather than growth. In some cases, not all. And this is where connection comes in. 

We have to be mindful of who we place ourselves around. We have to be sure that we connect ourselves with people who are in a certain place in life. We have to be in positions where we connect ourselves with people that have ambition, and continues to go down a path of joy and success regardless of what they come against. They may have their own methods that help them along the way. But we have to be around people who aren’t stagnant. Positivity and determination are truly contagious. There’s no way you can be around a group of people who are living their dreams, and you stay in the place that you’re in. Not only will their success be motivation for you, but their words of encouragement will also inspire you to keep moving. 

Everyone has their moments when they want to just retreat when difficulty arises. But after some time, you get to a place where you refuse to stay down. Where you refuse to stay in a place of defeat. The process of going through, means just that. Go through, you acknowledge it, and keep moving. I recently had a discussion, and also did a little rant on snapchat about this season of my life. This has been a year of complete change for me. I’ve been dealing with things I’ve never thought I’d have to deal with. And although I have no choice but to acknowledge it, I refuse to wallow in it. I’ve chosen to deal with it, and continue to move forward. Because there’s not only greatness in store for me, but for someone else through what I’ve experienced. And yes, that’s a conscious decision that Krystle has made. But I’m in a place where I’m also very conscious of the people I’m around in this season. Placing yourself in the wrong circle can deter you from where you need to be. It’s important that you’re around people who believe in your gift, passion, and vision. Someone who knows what you’ve been given and how powerful it is. And won’t let you have a pity party and stay in your difficult times. People that can encourage, motivate, and inspire you. 

So I encourage you to stay mindful of the people you choose to surround yourself with. Be sure to have the right people in your life in the right seasons of your life. Someone who won’t allow you to brush off your difficulties and experiences. And on the other hand, someone who won’t allow you to wallow in it. Also, someone who has ambition, and is not content with not reaching their goals. One should always surround themselves with people who will empower you, help you to acknowledge your issues, but also helps you to continue down the right path. Stay connected with people who will help you grow. 

Purposeful Connections

As I sat and thought about what I was going to write about, the only thing that came to mind was connecting with people of purpose. I tried to think of another topic because I felt as though I touched on this in a previous post. However, this particular subject just wouldn’t leave me.

If you can’t help support one another and push each other towards growth and success, what purpose does the relationship hold? It is very important to be sure to have people around you that live on purpose with a purpose. When you have a desire to move towards greatness by any means necessary, the people you’re surrounded by can effect your moves. Either negatively or positively.

As you all know, I officially launched the blog by throwing a party this weekend. Although I was already blogging, I knew that this was something I had to do as a symbolism of growth and a gain to the site as well as my future business. Quick honest moment, I’ve struggled with asking people for help so I planned to do this entire party and planning alone. I don’t think I did half bad with the planning, but it’s good to have people around you that want to see you succeed so they’re willing to help you whether you’ve asked or not.

So as I talked about it with a few people during the planning process, immediately they asked what I needed and how they could help. One even asked was I trying to do it all by myself. When I said yeah, and explained my issue with asking people, they decided to help me with a behind the scene move. Something I didn’t know I needed. I figured I would learn my way through this whole process. Although I somewhat did, it’s always nice to have people around that’s been places and can share part of the experience.

These people who had their hands in this project or was just a listening ear or mouth of advice was necessary. Connected to people that are about success and want to see people they’re connected to grow and go places they’re meant to be in.

So I encourage you to evaluate the people you’re surrounded by. Are they willing to be there for you during times of big decisions? Are you willing to go the extra mile for them? Are your relationships based on success and the growth of one another? Answer these questions and make moves accordingly. Your future success depends on it!


Get out of the Way: you Never Know who you’re Reaching.

When you begin to step out on faith and get pass your insecurities, it’s not only good for you, but it’ll help someone else.

My intentions of writing as I’ve shared in blogging for the past nine months or so, have been to encourage someone. To help them to take a look at themselves, where they are, and how they can grow and move forward.

I’ve shared many times about my fears when it came to my writing. This is a passion of mine, but has also been one of my biggest struggles. Writing was something that has gotten me through, but it took me a while to realize maybe it can help and get someone else through.

I have many ideas of where I want to go with my writing, so I’ve decided I need to branch out and start my own website. I thought about buying my domain name a while ago, but I kept saying I needed to wait. I’ve had several conversations about where I want to go with the site. I’ve been talking and putting it out there. But a few days ago during one of my many conversations, I decided to just take that next step and buy my domain name. And although it may seem like a small thing to some, it shows my faith and progress.

I know this isn’t going to be an easy process, but I know that I will be able to fulfill what I’ve been called to do. Now this is just for me, my personal growth.

But the next day I received one of the most encouraging texts I’ve received since I’ve began sharing my writing. It was from one of my friends. She said she was proud of the work that I have been doing and how encouraging I’d been. She then went on to express how she’d been thinking about doing the same thing with her video blogging but talked herself out of doing it. After seeing that I’d did it, it inspired her to go for it. This blessed me because I really admire this friend of mine. She’s a college graduate, with a good job, her own place, and her own car. And she obtained all of this struggling with health issues. She’s now come to the place where she’s decided to share with the world what she’s gone through and continues to go through with Myasthenia Gravis. To be able to inspire someone who has encouraged me with her incredible strength and has so much to share is amazing. She will be able to use a new avenue to do the work that she has been called to do.

You never know who you’re reaching when you step out on faith and leave your insecurities behind. Not only will you began to benefit from what you’re putting out, but someone else will. Whatever your gift is, I encourage you to continue to work at it regardless of what the circumstances around you may look like. Learn to push pass all the fear, insecurities, and issues. Not only for your own personal development, but for the growth and development of others.

Visit my friend, Vanetta’s YouTube channel, to find out more about MG, her experiences, and help spread awareness. Be on the look out for what’s to come with her videos and the official launch of It’s coming soon!

-Miss Jones xo