Stay on Course

So as my mother and I waited at the bus stop this afternoon, we spotted a deer just a few feet away from us. We began to get nervous because it was huge and pretty much stood there. We weren’t sure which direction it was going to go in. It dodged the cars, stood in the middle of the street, then galloped into someone’s yard. As we stood there, my mother wanted so badly to leave the bus stop. She even left me standing there by myself, while I tried to sneak a picture. I convinced her to come back because I didn’t want to miss the bus and be late for work. A few minutes later, the bus arrived. While we were on the bus, we talked about my writing and how I needed to post a new blog this week. I thought about some ideas of what I would write about and she said “why don’t you write about the deer.” I sat and thought about it for a while after she got off the bus and I stayed on heading to work. It was the middle of the afternoon, we had things to do and places to go, yet the deer had no care in the world just galloping around as if it were normal.

Then it came to me, curveballs, issues, stumbling blocks, etc., just come. Regardless of what’s going on or how well your life and your journey might be going. They just show up, as if it were normal. However, that doesn’t mean we have to stop what we’re doing. We most certainly pay attention, and try our best to avoid the worst, but we can’t allow it to stop us. Say we left the bus stop and I ended up missing the bus. Although, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been ok at work, I would’ve had to alter some things. I could’ve missed something important because I allowed that deer that was down the block stop me.

I shared all of that to say, no matter what comes your way during your process, what ever you do don’t stop. Keep moving. Be vigilant and cautious, but continue down your path. Stay on course!


You’re Right Where You’re Supposed To Be

Last night I was up extremely late and my mind began to race. I was in deep thought about my life and how things have gone. Some things/events I never thought would have taken place had you asked me a couple of years ago. I even started to wonder if I regretted anything. As I began to look at the lives of others, I started to think, “well, what if I would’ve done things that way” or “yeah, that’s the right way to do it.”

Then the very words I’d spoken earlier that evening in a conversation came to me. “Some things happen because it was meant to happen.”
I began to think on it. My life has not at all been perfect and sometimes I wonder why certain things happened or why I got myself into certain situations. It then dawned on me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Although I thought I’d take a different path and certain things I wouldn’t experience, it happened. And there’s still purpose behind it. It’s building up a testimony within me. Something I can share with others. Something that will help someone else who’s gone through the same thing and believe they’re stuck because of it.

Too often we try to compare our lives to the lives of others, thinking because we haven’t done things the way we thought we would, that we messed up completely. Then we beat ourselves up, and we become mentally entangled. But we have to accept that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we have to go through things we didn’t even anticipate to produce greatness. The process isn’t always going to be the way we’ve planned, but trust it’ll all be worth it when you see the purpose behind it. So I encourage you to stop comparing your life to another and beating yourself up for the things that you’ve gone through, it’s certainly for a greater purpose!


We’re Better Together

When I originally started this post, weeks ago, I wanted to make this a women’s empowerment piece. After attending an event called Battered 2 Beautiful, I immediately felt the urge to write about women’s empowerment. However, as I began to think, I see a generation as a whole that needs empowering. There are too many people wandering without any sense of purpose or direction.

Recently, I’ve been attending networking events. I’ve been trying to take advantage of the moments. Not only was it beneficial to my career, but it helped me realize more, just how important networks and support groups are.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve encountered various people who are going down or have been down the path that I desire to. It’s was great to be able to hear and see the different avenues they went down and what ways they thought were best to get there.

The day of Maya Angelou’s death, one of my friends asked me how I felt about it being that I too am a writer. As we began to talk about her, he said he feels bad for this next generation. He shared how there’s not as many people around for the next generation to look up to and somewhat pave the way. I then said, “so it has to be us.” We have to be the ones to help lead and direct this next generation to success. If we see the need, we have to be the ones to meet the needs. Whether it be something we created or recommending something that someone else created.

As I join networks that cater to helping me in my writing career, such as NYC writers network, we too can help those around us find their niche in their desired field.

When we have someone else to call who’s doing what we’re doing, it gives us that extra boost that we need to keep going. Or even having positive people around us who are moving towards greatness.

It’s so important to join as well as create different social/support groups and networks. Not only will it benefit you by having like minded people around you, but it will help push others to greatness.

So I encourage you today to look beyond yourself and see the needs of those around you, and the next generation. Let’s help empower and grow them to the next level as others have done with us!


Ladies Power Circle: Female Entrepreneur Networking Mixer

On Saturday, May 31st, two business owners, Kash and Oneka came together and created Ladies Power Circle networking mixer. An event where women in business, entrepreneurs, as well as aspiring business owners; came together to network, educate, empower, and be a support to one another.



This was a free event, open to all females. From the moment you walked into the room, you immediately felt amazing energy from all the of the other wonderful females that were present. Running a little late, I came in during the speed networking portion. Although I was late, I was welcomed at the door by Oneka who immediately found me a spot so I could join right in.


This event was hosted by one of the most energetic and engaging woman, who’s known as the ‘hostess with the mostest, Rain. She kept the ladies laughing all day.

There were amazing raffles and vendors in the building. Vendors from, Diamond Deijor, Kashmir Rox Boutique, Evonne’s soapsation, Shop Alesha, Pink Cuptails, and many more. Every lady left with something.

The first speaker told the ladies how to pitch their businesses. She allowed the women to role play different scenarios to promote their businesses and get service.

Some of the ladies then got the opportunity to give a 2 minute pitch of their business. Explaining what they do and what services they offer. Or even share a poem that they’d written.

The last speaker, Kimberly Blythe-Benson. Her warm southern presence was felt from the moment she got up. She shared how she always had speaking engagements, but had a fear of traveling. She stayed within the confines of her area. This was her first time traveling for a speaking event. While she was driving in New York during rush hour traffic and every car tried to come in. No one gave eye contact and just kept moving. Things began to get “real” for her. Although it was her fear, after awhile she just went on out there. She made the decision to go and take the risk. This led to one of the themes of the day, “Take the risk. Drop every fear.” When we want something bad, we have to leave our fears behind and take the risk.

And when we’re able to let go of our fears, we can build and connect with the females that were in the room to go further and further. A great day of educating, supporting, empowering, and networking with incredible females! Check out the Facebook page to find out more information, You won’t be disappointed!


Fem Night: Female Entrepreneur Mixer

The Fem Network is a network that provides female entrepreneurs with a platform to share, learn, and empower. They put together various events, Fem Night, that give females this opportunity.

This pass Friday Night, May 30th, Fem Night along with the founder Christina and Vice President Kawin, held a Female Entrepreneur Mixer at the lovely Elite Conceptions Hair Lounge. An event where over 250 women registered. The place was packed to capacity with wonderful women from all different career paths.


The event was sponsored by fem members and business owners. From the Bitxhy Boutique, skyy vodka, Vera Mona, royalty strands, glamour queens, chest full of treasures, loose lipz, etc..


There was a performance by author, Nerissa Jenkins. She read a poem to inspire women in honor of her inspiration Maya Angelou. She then got a little “mysterious” and read a piece from her first book, Mysterious Me.

The guest speaker from Friend in your Pocket. Author, Qwana Reynolds, shared with the women how it’s great to stick together. She shared a story from the bible about women who stuck together and made things happen. She encouraged the women to utilize one another and the different avenues that we have. She also encouraged everyone to bring out all that’s within them, whether it’s a book, clothing line or anything else. If it’s in you, do it and use the females around you to help connect and to build.


During the event were also incredible raffles as well as a silent auction. So many wonderful gifts were given out.

It was amazing to see so many women in one room, connecting, laughing, enjoying one another’s company, all the while supporting, empowering, and building business relationships.

Fem Night is a wonderful network. Being able to attend this event, showed just that. Check out the website and find out more information! You won’t be disappointed!