So as my mother and I waited at the bus stop this afternoon, we spotted a deer just a few feet away from us. We began to get nervous because it was huge and pretty much stood there. We weren’t sure which direction it was going to go in. It dodged the cars, stood in the middle of the street, then galloped into someone’s yard. As we stood there, my mother wanted so badly to leave the bus stop. She even left me standing there by myself, while I tried to sneak a picture. I convinced her to come back because I didn’t want to miss the bus and be late for work. A few minutes later, the bus arrived. While we were on the bus, we talked about my writing and how I needed to post a new blog this week. I thought about some ideas of what I would write about and she said “why don’t you write about the deer.” I sat and thought about it for a while after she got off the bus and I stayed on heading to work. It was the middle of the afternoon, we had things to do and places to go, yet the deer had no care in the world just galloping around as if it were normal.

Then it came to me, curveballs, issues, stumbling blocks, etc., just come. Regardless of what’s going on or how well your life and your journey might be going. They just show up, as if it were normal. However, that doesn’t mean we have to stop what we’re doing. We most certainly pay attention, and try our best to avoid the worst, but we can’t allow it to stop us. Say we left the bus stop and I ended up missing the bus. Although, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been ok at work, I would’ve had to alter some things. I could’ve missed something important because I allowed that deer that was down the block stop me.

I shared all of that to say, no matter what comes your way during your process, what ever you do don’t stop. Keep moving. Be vigilant and cautious, but continue down your path. Stay on course!


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