Here we are at the end of another month and I am back to share my experience. I took a quick break with July and August, but I was sure to be intentional about my words/phrases for the month. July was the month to “take flight” and August was the month to rejoice. And in the month of September, I gave myself permission. Whew, let’s get into it.

Again, I’ve been intentional in doing things that align with the words and phrases that I chose for the month, and it all goes back to getting to a place of health. This month, I chose to give myself permission. Giving yourself permission can mean many things. Often times we brush things off, and attempt to keep moving through it all. Other times, we don’t move because of all of the stuff. But it’s important that we give ourselves permission to either stand still, feel, heal, start, be, just do.

This month, I allowed myself to feel, be, and do. I’ve put myself in a space to really feel. I allowed myself to be honest and feel where I really am in life. I allowed myself to see me and some of the things inside of me. I’ve allowed myself to be me. Not always concerning myself with the what ifs of me being me, just being me. I’ve allowed myself to do. I’ve allowed myself to get back to a few things.

First, I began to experience what I would say was tiredness and procrastination. I gave myself a little break over the summer months and it was a little hard for me to get back. Rather than try to keep working through what I felt, I allowed myself to feel; and try to figure out where it was coming from. I really stopped to have the moment to see what was going on on the inside and what was going on with my body. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to do that inside work. I took some personal time to do that, therapy was helpful, and I went to get a physical. Sometimes we just go through the motions. I’ve been there, and I knew I didn’t want to be there again. I don’t want to continue to go in circles, know I’m feeling something but refuse to acknowledge it. When that becomes a thing, we never really accomplish what we set out to do. We continue to go in circles trying to make things happen, but we can’t completely accomplish those things unless we take a moment to give ourselves permission to feel. Permission to feel so we can find a solution. It takes work, but it’s worth it. I was able to get myself to a place where I pulled myself from the procrastination, Went to the doctor and found out my Vitamin D levels were low. So now, I’m doing what’s necessary to get my body right, so I can continue to move. I gave myself permission.

This month, I gave myself permission to be. I gave myself permission to be me. Permission to speak up for me when it was necessary. I’ve decided to not concern myself with the what ifs of me being me, the what ifs of me speaking up for myself. I’m just going to be. This month in a few situations, I was proud of myself for speaking up for Krystle. Whether that be on my job, relational, or even situations that could have gone left. I allowed myself to be me and say what needed to be said. I made the decisions to speak up for myself, no matter what the outcome may be. I gave myself permission.

In the month of September, I gave myself permission to do. Often times, we lay things aside because we haven’t taken necessary time to allow ourselves to feel and confront how we feel. So through this month, I’ve allowed myself to pick up the things I’d put down. Projects I’ve just been looking at, that I know I should be putting in work on. I gave myself permission to do. I’ve been able to start again. I am giving myself permission to do and not feel a way when I don’t meet a deadline. As long as I’m working consistently, it’ll happen. It’ll happen, when the time is right. I’m even able to write this very post because I gave myself permission to do it. I gave myself permission.

This has been an incredible month of realization. It’s essentially been the month of the get back. It’s the get back because I gave myself permission. I just want to encourage someone to give themselves permission. What ever that looks like to you. Whether you need to feel, heal, be, do, start. Whatever it is, give yourself permission. Things can change when you simply give yourself permission. September I was able to give myself permission so that I can Be Free in October. My phrase for the month of October is Be Free. I can’t wait to share my journey and experience with you all in the month of October.

Again, choose a word or phrase and do what it takes to ensure that you do things that are aligned to that word/phrase for your month or for your year. Let’s be intentional and make things happen!

~Miss Jones

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