Our Thoughts vs. Reality

You can do so much in life, things you’ve never imagined yourself doing. But there are those moments where you want more for yourself and those who follow your platform. You can have all of the ideas in the world, but if we are honest with ourselves, sometimes we don’t know where to start.

Everyone doesn’t deal with things the same, but there are some of us who began to feel like failures when we aren’t executing. There are some of us who beat ourselves up because we weren’t as consistent as we’d hope to be. There are some of us who tend to take a step back, because we genuinely feel like we don’t know where to start or where to pick up from that moment we left off.

It’s not always easy starting something and trying to keep up with it. Is it possible? Absolutely. Then life happens. Other things come into play. And our thoughts and feeling are attached as well.

Since August, I feel like I haven’t produced much, to be honest. I decided to start a vlog, something that I’ve thought about for a while. Then I got the urge and push to do so in July. But since publishing video number one, there’s been nothing. But to be honest, I actually recorded two more videos. But because of life and situations, I’m unable to post them. And trying to figure out how and when I can post another.To the point where I feel like maybe I should’ve waited until I could be sure I can be consistent.

Starting a business isn’t easy for everyone. Trying to crunch numbers and do things by the book doesn’t come to some as easy. Some of us almost need someone else to take over that aspect of the business. The real business side. The financial reports. Crunching numbers. Etc. We have scholarships winners, but we haven’t given the award as of yet. Trying to ensure they get the most possible, I’ve prolonged it. To the point that I want to hold off until next semester. And I feel like a failure because of it. Why didn’t I just leave it in December when I could have more time. Was I too impulsive thinking I could do it in August. Did I allow my milestone year to push me to get it done then.

All thoughts that run through my head. I’m constantly second guessing myself. Wondering if I moved too fast.

I constantly wonder what my next move is. Like many of us, we want to keep going. Project after project. But for some of us, that just doesn’t happen. There are dry moments. Moments where we wish we are moving. Moments we wish we are producing. Moments we wish we are constantly creating. Moments we wish we are consistently moving onwards and upwards. But that isn’t always the case.

Even in other leadership positions, I question its success. In ministry as well. It’s not always easy being a leader and see what you truly feel at times. Or see execution. And sometimes that can make you feel like a failure.

Just because we feel like we are, does it mean that we truly are failures. Of course not!!

As I wrote this piece Saturday, I couldn’t finish. However, Sunday I figured out the reason why. The sermon that morning was titled, “I’m going through, but I’m good.” Great topic. There were three points that Shalonda Robinson used to encourage the congregation in their “going through.” I immediately knew those three points would complete this article.

Step 1: Remember. Remember means to preserve the memory of something. The important thing to take from this is to reflect back to where you used to be in life. As mentioned earlier, personally, I’ve done things that I never thought I’d ever do. I’ve gotten over my fears and I’ve been able to do things that are bigger than Krystle. In other words, if you’ve gotten through certain situations and circumstances before, then why wouldn’t you be able to get through something now. We may not know where to start now, but we didn’t know where to start before and we were still successful. Whatever idea, project, or dream you have set in front of you; remember, it can be done. It’s been done before, and it can be done now!

Step 2: Accept. Accept where you are now. Accept where God has you now. Accept what God allows in your life. Often times, we don’t like where we are or situations we encounter, or even our standstill moments. However, we must remember that everything happens for a reason. Every moment we encounter in our life is necessary. It’s all necessary for our development and our growth. We learn from every experience.

Step 3: Trust. Trust means having confidence in something. First, we must have confidence and trust in God. He has us where we are for a reason. Two, we must trust our process. Everything won’t always be peaches and cream. We have to struggle in order to learn and reach success.

In closing, just because we feel as though we’re failing, doesn’t mean that we actually are. It’s the season of your life at that particular moment. You’re going through, but you’re good. You’ll be able to shift your thoughts and realize you’re good after you remember, accept, and trust. So I encourage you today, although you may be going through, believe that you won’t get stuck there. You’ll get through and be better because of it!

The Entrepreneur Give-back

Too often we feel as if we need to withhold information of what we’ve learned, or how we’ve gotten to where we are in life. We tend to believe that that’s what we need to do to ensure that we reach the level of success that we desire. We think that this is apart of making sure we get to the top. But is this really necessary?

After every project I decided to put out, there were a group of people who asked questions about my journey. After pursuing my latest project with the t-shirt line, I was again asked multiple questions. Questions about my designs, printing, etc. While I’m quick to answer the inquiries, there are people who encourage me not to share. While I know for a fact these people are just looking out for me, I don’t agree. While I understand that you may not be able to share everything with everyone, I don’t agree that I should keep information to myself.

Below are three reasons why I believe entrepreneurs and creatives should be open to sharing information without a problem:

  1. There’s more than enough room for everyone to win! For some reason we feel like there’s only room at the top for one. I don’t know where this mentality came from, but there is a large space at the top. There’s enough out there so that we all can eat. There’s enough so that we can all get it.
  2. No one can do what you do, the way you do it. There’s no competition. Why would we ever be in competition with anyone? Even if we are in the same fields, there is no person who can do what another person does. We all have our own spin on things, we have all been given different details to our specific ideas. And no one can duplicate exactly what you do. There’s no competition.
  3. Regardless of who’s doing it, if God has has His hands on it, it’ll flourish. We get so caught up on who’s doing something similar to what we’re doing, and less focus on the one who gave us the idea in the first place. When God gives us an idea, a gift, a talent, He has His hands on it. And if His hands are on it, no one can stop it from flourishing.

So I encourage you today, let’s not be quick to be selfish and withhold information to look out for self. In everything that we experience, there is someone behind us who needs a little information or help to get to where we have gotten. We can’t only focus on ourselves. What we are able to do, no one else can do. However, what someone else can do, we may not be able to do. We all can’t do the same thing, the same way. We each have our our element. Elements that people need. Elements that other people will be able to benefit from. Elements that can potentially help someone get through different circumstances. What we’ve been given, the journey we are on; it’s not just for us. We can win, and still reach out and help someone else to the top!

-xo Miss Jones

Encouragement Through Experience T-Shirts

On May 25th, during our Take A Moment Women’s Health Month Event, we officially launched our ‘Encouragement Through Experience’ Series T-Shirt line. A few months ago, the idea dropped into my mind, and I knew I needed to move fast. I came up with a few quotes/positive affirmations that have been able to help through difficult situations. All personal quotes, from experience. These shirts were also created to enhance the LMJ Scholarship Fund. All of the proceeds from the sales, will go directly to the scholarship fund. We have been working hard to carry out our mission, and this T-shirt line falls right in. Your support in this has been overwhelming. Those who have not purchased, we would appreciate your support greatly. Not only are you wearing a shirt that allows you to speak positive affirmations, but you are also making an impact in the lives of this next generation. Below are all three designs, they are all available in black or white. You can purchase your shirts here. If you do not see your size available on the website, please send us an email at info@lovelymissjones.com. We supply shirts ranging from XS-4X.

My Creativity Was Bigger Than My Fears



I No Longer Live In Fear, I Live In Faith


My Vision Outweighs My Insecurities

Believe In Your Gift

If you don’t believe in what you’ve been given, who will? The question that’s been floating around in my mind for quite some time now. Too often we have gifts and ideas that we just sit on. We sit on them, waiting for the right time to execute. Or we wait because we don’t feel like we’re not in the right position. Then there are those times where we doubt our gifts, and feel as if it’s not good enough. But is there ever a perfect time to pursue our dreams using what we’ve been given?

These past couple of weeks have pushed my thinking a little further. I’ve been put in situations where I literally had to question if I believed in myself and in my gift enough. The place I’m currently in is not the place I’m supposed to be in, and that has a lot to do with the way I use what I’ve been given. About two weeks ago, I was in conversation via email with someone about an opportunity that I wanted to be involved in for quite some time. The person I was conversing with, went really hard about whether I’m qualified for the opportunity. To be honest, my first thought was to just back down. I then had to tell myself to get it together. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m nowhere near the place that I started. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am, and I refuse to allow someone to think that I’m not good enough. After I checked Krystle, I finally replied to the email, not knowing or even worrying about the response I’d get. I then received an email letting me know that the opportunity was mine. 

The only reason I was able to get this opportunity is because I believed in my gift and my ability. I reminded myself of who I am, and what I have. And I stood firm in that, with confidence. Too often we doubt ourselves and possibly allow opportunities to showcase what we have to slip right out of our hands. 

This is one of the post important steps to fulfilling our purpose, believing in ourselves enough to show up. There’s room despite how you feel people perceive you, or despite the negative thoughts that often try to crowd your mind. It’s important that in those moments, you combat it immediately. Positive affirmation, confirming who you are will begin to shift your thinking. 

I wrote a post this week on Instagram that read, “you secure your seat at the table when you show up.” All we have to do is show up. Regardless of the questions, whether others think we have the qualifications or not, and despite the doubt. Allow your belief in your gift to overpower that, and just show up. And this is exactly how your passion will be fulfilled. You’ll go far beyond the place you thought you’d go. You’ll reach far more people you could’ve imagined. All because you dared to believe and show up.

Again, believe in your gift enough to show up! Blessings, 
-xo Miss Jones

Special Announcement! Lovely Miss Jones Scholarship Brunch in NYC!

This past August, lovelymissjones.com has reached its one year anniversary, and it’s our hope to help young people with their college tuition. But we need your help in assisting us in presenting a scholarship award to youth who are just entering college, or currently attending college this spring. We strongly believe in education and pushing young people towards their goals. College can be very expensive. There are many semesters where people aren’t sure if they would able to return to school. We would like to alleviate this problem for a student who may be struggling with a tuition bill, or doesn’t know how they will be able to pay for their books. 

The Lovely Miss Jones Scholarship Benefit Brunch will be held on December 19th! Join us for an afternoon of delicious brunch, desserts, speakers, and entertainment; along with networking and getting to meet new people. The proceeds from the ticket sales will go directly to the scholarship fund. In which we will be able to give to someone as they take their journey through school. 

Please help us as we intend to help young people pursue their dreams! This next generation needs all the help they can get to succeed and be our future leaders!
Early bird tickets are on sale now! Only $10 until Sunday! Purchase your tickets here

More information coming soon!

ESSENCE and Prudential Presents: Money + Power   A Rich Conversation

Friday, November 6th, I had the opportunity of attending this wonderful event presented by Essence and Prudential. As the flyer says, all of the guests joined together for “a rich conversation”. And that’s exactly what the night entailed. There was a panel of very successful business women who came together to discuss their experiences in their separate fields, as well as help encourage and motivate other business owners trying to reach their status of success, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. 

On this panel of amazing women were: ESSENCE Feature Editor Lauren Williams (as the moderator), President and CEO of Britto Agency Marvet Britto, TV Personality and Lifestyle Expert Tai Beachamp, “The Budgetnista” Tiffany Aliche (who we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing), and Interior Designer Dani Arps. All these women are powerhouses in their own right.  


Before the intriguing conversation began, there was thirty minutes set aside for cocktails. I assume it was a time for drinks, possibly food, and networking. Because I was late for the event due to work, I missed it. However, by the time I got there, there were a few minutes before the conversation began. I checked in quickly and headed right into the designated room at the Apella, Event Space at the Alexandria Center. Which is an absolutely gorgeous venue. There were posted set up nicely in the area before the conversations space. The latest issue of ESSENCE with Taraji P. Henson on the cover so gracefully stood on a stand. As well as selfie props that had great sayings on them. I initially grabbed the prop that said, “I do what I love. I love what I do.” However, by the time the event ended, I left with three more. Which said, “I am a strategist”, “I am an innovator”, and “I am a trailblazer”. 
The conversation started out with introductions. Then we went full speed into the conversation that helped many women that night. Below you’ll find a few questions and answers from the evening from each woman on the panel. 

Lauren Williams asked, how are you able to manage to maintain and build your brand. Marvet Britto answered, and explained that she focuses on being the best her. Marvet, who’s a very successful Public Relations Architect and Brand Strategist, has never had to solicit any one of her clients. She stressed that when it comes to branding, all that you desire comes by the work you do. Branding is really about the work that’s put in. Many people have made it about popularity, but it’s really all about the work. We have to learn how to be masterful professionals. She said that it’s important to make sure you nurture the trunk of the tree first, before worrying about the branch (brand) extensions. It’s about the work, and mastering what you have to offer. 

The discussion the led to a point where many people have been. The point of transition. Tai Beachamp, who has been able to incorporate her background in beauty and fashion with her love and passion for philanthropy, shared some of her experience by discussing some of the steps before leaving her job. She began to feel unfulfilled and burnt out. Although doing something she was great at, her purpose and hearts work was to empower. Tai expressed that we have to be able to distinguish between our passion and our purpose. She also let us know, that on the other hand, the answer doesn’t have to be today. Meaning things won’t be where you want them to be overnight. You won’t be where you want to be overnight. Sometimes you have to stay in the position that you’re in for a little longer than you’d like. She also said, you learn one thing from a position and take it and apply it to your purpose. 

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, who is a financial educator who has helped thousands of women take a journey to get their finances in order through her Live Richer Challenge, shared a similar story later in the conversation. She shared her story and where she started. Learning about finances growing up, but deciding to become a teacher. She was able to take her teaching skills and become the financial educator that she is today, because she took what she could from where she was. Often times we may become frustrated after sometime on the jobs we have, but we have to come to the place where we learn that we are there for a reason. There’s something that we can learn and take with us when it’s time for us to start our own business. It’s a matter of what will you learn from the position that you’re in. You’re strategically put in places to learn these particular lessons. Embrace where you are. Then after you’ve learned from the positions you were in and have been able to step out and start your own business, go around and explore to see what else you can learn. Never get too comfortable. 

Tiffany later went on to defining what having a business really is. She explained that many people have created something that looks like a business; a nice website, pretty business cards. However, there’s no product. She says, a business is when you have a product and people are willing to pay for it. And sometimes we don’t get this right away when we’re working towards a goal. So Tiffany lets us know that some things wot directly give you money in the beginning, but it will overtime. You have to make the proper investments first.  

Marvet also added to the startup of a business. When you have a desire to become an entrepreneur you think about a void that you want to fill. You have to have something that’s different, that people are willing to pay for. 

The question was then asked, as business women, what is the one things that keeps you up at night. Each lady had the opportunity to answer. 

Dani Arps, who is an interior designer and has had great success in only a year and half, said something that many of us (business owner or aspiring entrepreneurs) may concern ourselves with; meeting the needs of her clients. Making sure that she’s doing the work according to their standards. 

Tiffany’s concern is not letting one part of her life pass her by while pursuing her career. She doesn’t want to chase her dreams career wise and love an unfulfilled personal life. Therefore, she’s in the process of balancing her life. It’s important to have a balance. 

Tai thinks about the people she has to feed. From her clients, down to the people she employs. Her company isn’t all about her, but the people that she services. 

Marvets’ main concern is shattering glass ceiling. I truly believe that this was a pivotal point during the discussion. She’s concerned about women of color being taken out of the boxes that society so often places us in. 
She the. Went on to how we need to work hard to make sure we are given a seat at the table. And in order to do so, we have to make sure we are consistent and deliberate in all that we do. Our capabilities and talents outweigh our color, and we have to be sure to put forth the effort in showing that. We must also look at the ones who have come before us, and we’re able to succeed. As well as think strategically, understand where your place is, and finding ways to stretch our culture. 

The conversation shifted into mentorship. Tai raised a few good points when it comes to mentorship and connection. We don’t always like to admit when we need help. Sometimes we can’t do everything on our own. And that perfectly ok. When finding connections, it’s good to seek out people who we can partner up with. And fulfill our goal and vision together. Also when it comes to mentorship, we shouldn’t just try to see what we can get from others, it’s reciprocal. You should also be able to give something in return. 

As you can see, this event was intriguing, and very thought provoking. And there was so much more. After the conversation, there was an after party where drinks and food were served. But the most important part, was that these women stuck around and talked individually with the guest. We were able to share our experiences, our future plans, and receive advice. These women spoke a few good words into my life. And I, and I’m sure many other females as well, am grateful for the opportunity. 

A special thanks to ESSENCE and Prudential for putting on such a great event, having an amazing panel of successful business women, giving other women the opportunity to connect and share with others, and the gifts as well. 

(Miss Jones and Tai Beachamp)
(Miss Jones and Marvet Britto)

Guest Blog: Side Hustle And The IRS

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man. Let handle my business…” -Jay-Z

Growing up I didn’t know anyone who didn’t have a side hustle. When I say hustle I don’t mean anything to do with illegal activities but a side business. My mother works in finance but her side business was real estate and rental income. My father at one point was a partner in McIntosh Security and was a taxi driver. I have a college friend who works in the government but has a side business making and selling jewelry at different festivals. Side businesses are a great way to increase your income, but increasing your income does come at a price.

“More Money, More Problem…”- Notorious B.I.G.

Extra income is great. It gives you more money to pay bills, put away for retirement, go on vacation, and etc. Many people believe that because they’re receiving money from a side business that doesn’t involve their every day occupation they do not have to report the income. This is very untrue. The general rule is that any income regardless of its source must be reported and is subject to taxes. Also just because you receive your profit solely through cash does not mean it is not subject to being reported to the IRS. If the person paying you for your services reports it to the IRS using a 1099 you must report that income or you will be subjected to a tax penalty and interest.

“Like why don’t school teach more mathematics?/Less trigonometry and more about taxes”- “Big Sean

So if you’re a person who has a side business, you may be feeling down and can’t believe you may have to give the government more of your hard earned cash. Some people may not even know how to file their extra income within their tax returns. Well there is good news. Its really not that difficult; if a person uses any tax return software, they will guide a person through the procedures to report their side income and also explain the expenses a person can write off that they would not ordinarily be able to write off on a normal tax return.

Written by Jacqueline E. McIntosh, Esq. 

Principal attorney for the Law Office J.E. McIntosh, which is a general practice law firm with focus areas in: 

  • Divorce Law
  • Family Law
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Personal Injury

Jacqueline is also a weekly guest legal blogger for CLT+ at cltplus.com and the organizer of the Charlotte Indie Music & Media Night.

For questions or more information, feel free to contact Jacqueline:

Email: J.E.McIntosh.Law@gmail.com

Instagram: @futureesq14

Facebook: Facebook.com/jemcintoshlaw


New Beginnings 

Going into my 26th year last August, I coined it my year of New Beginnings. 2+6=8, which signifies new beginnings. It was literally the beginning of many things for me. As I officially launched my website, I knew there was so much more ahead. As we have entered into the second half of this year, and with exactly two months remaining in my 26th year of life; many situations within these past few days have reminded me that it isn’t over just yet. There’s still room for ‘New’. And with faith and persistence, I just need to embrace it. 

Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love to hold on to memories. I literally save messages and pictures so that I can go back and put myself back into those moments. So I’ve been connected to a particular person on and off for a little over two years. Very recently, maybe about almost two months ago, the nature of our relationship unfortunately changed. We decided to no longer be as close as we previously were for our own private reasons. And although the love was still there, we decided to keep things on more of a friendship level. Me being who I am, of course I still had every single text message in my phone. Last week we were exchanging messages and after I sent the last text, I didn’t lock my phone as I normally would. Then accidentally, my finger touched the screen and deleted the entire chat. Now, I totally freaked out. I was upset, overwhelmed, and probably a bunch of other emotions. After my little pity party and being laughed at by those around, the first thing that came to mind was new beginning. I was stuck in what we were. I would go back to the messages and place myself in those moments that made me smile. And although, I will never forget them, the nature of our friendship was different. There was a level of friendship I always wanted with this person, but where we’d previously been, we couldn’t have that. And as I began to think, I realized what would and could come from our friendship now. Although it was something I wanted, and even after desired, I realize where we are now. And I see that things have been caused to change. However, I’m able to see the new. I see the path that our friendship will go down. I see that we can still be close to one another, but in a different nature. And the new that I began to see was still good. 

So often we become weary when situations change. Or when things end. But we have to learn to see the newness in it. When something ends, something else has to begin. 
A few days ago, I received some news that at first made me want to retreat. Things are starting to change all around me. This one area I’d gotten so complacent to the point that I thought I was secure. Funny thing, it’s been a little over two years that I’ve been in this position. And with the recent changes, after I checked myself, has put me in a place where I’m pushed to go hard. I’m being pushed to go harder for what I want. I’m being pushed to go harder towards my goals. I’m being pushed to go harder for bigger opportunities, that I deserve. 
Sometimes situations happen to push us to the new that we should’ve sought before. We get comfortable thinking that this is it for us, but if we change our mindset and go after something bigger, we can have it. 
So with my last two months of being 26, I vow to go hard, have faith, and be open to the new that’s on its way. I’m beginning to speak some things that are not, as though they were. I’m going to walk as if the new is already here. I won’t be sad about where I am and the changes that are going on all around me, I’m believing God for the new that He has for me. 
I encourage all of you to change your mindset. We’ve reached the second half of the year, and if you feel like you’ve missed chances and opportunities, there’s still time. There’s still room for ‘new’. Have faith, stay persistent, and embrace it! 

Get Your Finances In Order: Interview With The Budgetnista

“Women get together and we discuss men, children, and our lives over a glass of wine. But how often do we talk openly about finances? We say, ‘The Lord will make a way,’ and that’s true. But I’d like to empower myself.” Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties or fifties and beyond, it’s not too late to get started. This quote is from an article in the February’s issue of ESSENCE Magazine. 
So often we get together with our friends and loved ones to talk about life and all of our issues. But how often do we discuss financial struggle, along with the importance of saving or budgeting? It wasn’t until my last year of college, when I was about to graduate, I realized the importance of saving and how I should’ve done that during my journey. 
After finding out about the Live Richer Challenge (a free, online financial challenge created by The Budgetnista to help women achieve 7-specific financial goals in 36 days. Currently over 15,000+ women in all 50 States and 52 countries, have signed-up and participated in the LRC.) and hearing her on the panel at a financial education event; I had the pleasure of interviewing financial educator, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche. The Budgetnista has been featured in The New York Times, US News and World Report, the TODAY show, PBS, Fox Business, MSNBC, CBS MoneyWatch, TIME, ESSENCE Magazine, and FORBES. She regularly blogs about personal finance for The Huffington Post. She has also been has been a featured speaker at American Express, Princeton University, Wyndham Worldwide, Columbia University, Circle of Sisters, MegaFest, The United Way, Prudential Financial Inc. and many more.
Below you will find a few highlights from the interview where you’ll get to know a little more about Tiffany, as well as get some useful tips on how to get your finances in order. 
Miss Jones: How did you decide to start this journey? (Entrepreneurship)

The Budgetnista: Life decided for me. I was a school teacher for ten years. The school I was working for lost funding and everyone lost their jobs. I was relieved because I knew it was time to move on, but I was scared as well. You can do all of the right things and still be without a job.  

Miss Jones: For those who may not know, tell us a little about your business.

The Budgetnista: I have a financial education firm, which helps people with basic finances. My audience is predominantly women. I work with sets/groups of people and companies. Because I was an educator, I am able to teach in these settings. I’ve worked with companies like Prudential, United Way, and more. 

Miss Jones: What life experiences growing up contributed to the career path you have now?

The Budgetnista: I grew up in a household with my father, who was a financial banker. My father always talked to my sister and I about finances. When I got my first job, I had to talk with him about my paycheck. So I was able to master that at home. The rest was natural progression. I taught preschool, which played a part. The younger the age, the better to teach. College age students have knowledge, while preschoolers have no knowledge at all. You have to teach them everything, and that’s the best place to start. If you can teach preschool effectively, you can teach anyone. 

Miss Jones: did you ever think you’d write a book?

The Budgetnista: Yes, I always though I would but I never knew what it would be about. When I was teaching, the parents would come in around nap time and I would help them with their finances. As I was helping them, I would write it down. And eventually u wrote a book about it.

Miss Jones: Did you ever think the LiveRicher Challenge would be as big as it is now? 

The Budgetnista: Yes and no. I thought it was a great idea, and would be great to do. The I thought to myself, ‘it’s too much, no one’s going to do this.’ It was the same with my book. It humbled me. What the challenge is doing now, is something I dreamed of. 

Miss Jones: What are some of the goals you’ve had?

The Budgetnista: I ultimately wanted to have a business and fully support myself. I wanted to make a certain amount of money a month. I wanted by book to be a number one seller. I also wanted to be featured in certain publications. And I was able to accomplish all of these. There are still some goals I have yet to reach. I would like to speak at ESSENCE Festival, as well as be a branch certified one day. 

Miss Jones: How were you able to accomplish these goals?

The Budgetnista: Putting one foot in front of the other, without overthinking. I’ve learned to do what you know, and the rest will come after. When you do what you know, the more you learn. Two, always keep positive people around you. I call those people in my life, the dream catchers. Keep people around you who have their own business. You’ll be able to learn from them. Also, keep honest people around you, that’ll let you know when you’re doing too much. Remember why you started, and don’t be afraid to look for assistance when you need it. Learn when to ask for help. It can cost you time, money, and happiness when you try to do everything yourself. 

Miss Jones: Many people growing up, as myself, were never really taught to save, and are now struggling with the transition and mind shift. What are some tips to get back on track?

The Budgetnista: 1. Discipline. Decide how much from your check to save. It’ll get you to practice. Ask your job to take out $10 out of $100, and send it to another account through direct deposit. 2. Start with saving goals that are fun. For example, specifically saving for a vacation, a car, or an apartment. You can either go to a concert, or live home with your parents forever. Find what motivates you, even when you want to spend. 3. Open up an online savings account, which allows you to magnify your money online. Banks such as Capitol one 360 and Ally banks offer great online accounts. And it is only a savings account. Separate accounts for specific goals. Whether it be a travel or a car account. These online accounts take 2-5 business days (unlike a regular bank) to transfer money. So it forces you to save. 

Miss Jones: What are some of the most important steps to becoming financially stable?

The Budgetnista: First, imagine you’re in a ditch. Just stop digging. Stop using your cards. Stop eating out. Find the issue, and take a step back. Bring things back in order one at a time. Be sure to create a budget, it’ll help you see where your money is going. Try the Live richer challenge. Miss Jones: How can one save and still enjoy your life? Looking well, vacationing, but still have funds saved?

The Budgetnista: Budget. Including travel, clothes, etc. Look at what you want. Take out bills first, and put 10% into your retirement account. With the first check of the month. From 90% figure out how much the things you need are, how much will you save, and how much will you do for fun stuff. Retirement should always be first, then emergency savings, bills, then fun. When there’s no money left, you’ve made poor choices. If you want fun, lower your bills. 

Miss Jones: How do you build your credit score?

The Budgetnista: Your credit score is broken up into five different components 1. Inquiry. Which is when someone else looks at your social security number, if you were applying for a credit card etc. You should save it for a car or student loans instead of applying for multiple credit cards you don’t need. Even if you don’t qualify for the card, points are still taken off of your credit score. And that’s 10% of your credit score.  

2. 10% of your credit score is debt. 

3. Length of credit history. And that’s 15%. Keep your oldest credit card open. If you’re in college or fresh out of college, let your parents put you on as an authorized user. Where they are the primary user and also pay on time. 

4. Utilization. Which is how much are you using. This is the thing that brings most of it down. Using too much of what you’re given. Keep your spending under 30%.

5. Payment history. Which 35%. Keep your payments down. Always pay what they ask when they ask. Charge a card with something small regularly and pay it off in full every month. 

Miss Jones: What are some of the best budget plans that you’d give others? Is the Mint App a good budgeting tool?

The Budgetnista: From what I’ve heard about Mint, its pretty good. However, my book The One Week Budget, I give a great way to budget. Set it up and automate it. Separate checking account for bills. Second account not attached, so that all of your bills are taken from one specific account. One should typically have at least three separate bank accounts. A savings account, an emergency account, an online savings account, and/or a regular checking account. 

Miss Jones: Is there any advice you’d like to leave with us?

The Budgetnista: It’s not as hard as you think, it’s just about practice. With time it gets easier and easier. But only if you get started. 

Tiffany, The Budgetnista, was a pleasure to talk to. She is going around the world sharing financial tools that can ultimately change someone’s life. She offers financial education to companies, small groups, churches, and universities. You can visit her website to invite her and find out her pricing, thebudgetnista.com. Also purchase her books The One Week Challenge and Live Richer Challenge. Lastly, follow her on Instagram and Twitter @thebudgetnista and continue to find out ways to get your finances in order!

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