You can do so much in life, things you’ve never imagined yourself doing. But there are those moments where you want more for yourself and those who follow your platform. You can have all of the ideas in the world, but if we are honest with ourselves, sometimes we don’t know where to start.

Everyone doesn’t deal with things the same, but there are some of us who began to feel like failures when we aren’t executing. There are some of us who beat ourselves up because we weren’t as consistent as we’d hope to be. There are some of us who tend to take a step back, because we genuinely feel like we don’t know where to start or where to pick up from that moment we left off.

It’s not always easy starting something and trying to keep up with it. Is it possible? Absolutely. Then life happens. Other things come into play. And our thoughts and feeling are attached as well.

Since August, I feel like I haven’t produced much, to be honest. I decided to start a vlog, something that I’ve thought about for a while. Then I got the urge and push to do so in July. But since publishing video number one, there’s been nothing. But to be honest, I actually recorded two more videos. But because of life and situations, I’m unable to post them. And trying to figure out how and when I can post another.To the point where I feel like maybe I should’ve waited until I could be sure I can be consistent.

Starting a business isn’t easy for everyone. Trying to crunch numbers and do things by the book doesn’t come to some as easy. Some of us almost need someone else to take over that aspect of the business. The real business side. The financial reports. Crunching numbers. Etc. We have scholarships winners, but we haven’t given the award as of yet. Trying to ensure they get the most possible, I’ve prolonged it. To the point that I want to hold off until next semester. And I feel like a failure because of it. Why didn’t I just leave it in December when I could have more time. Was I too impulsive thinking I could do it in August. Did I allow my milestone year to push me to get it done then.

All thoughts that run through my head. I’m constantly second guessing myself. Wondering if I moved too fast.

I constantly wonder what my next move is. Like many of us, we want to keep going. Project after project. But for some of us, that just doesn’t happen. There are dry moments. Moments where we wish we are moving. Moments we wish we are producing. Moments we wish we are constantly creating. Moments we wish we are consistently moving onwards and upwards. But that isn’t always the case.

Even in other leadership positions, I question its success. In ministry as well. It’s not always easy being a leader and see what you truly feel at times. Or see execution. And sometimes that can make you feel like a failure.

Just because we feel like we are, does it mean that we truly are failures. Of course not!!

As I wrote this piece Saturday, I couldn’t finish. However, Sunday I figured out the reason why. The sermon that morning was titled, “I’m going through, but I’m good.” Great topic. There were three points that Shalonda Robinson used to encourage the congregation in their “going through.” I immediately knew those three points would complete this article.

Step 1: Remember. Remember means to preserve the memory of something. The important thing to take from this is to reflect back to where you used to be in life. As mentioned earlier, personally, I’ve done things that I never thought I’d ever do. I’ve gotten over my fears and I’ve been able to do things that are bigger than Krystle. In other words, if you’ve gotten through certain situations and circumstances before, then why wouldn’t you be able to get through something now. We may not know where to start now, but we didn’t know where to start before and we were still successful. Whatever idea, project, or dream you have set in front of you; remember, it can be done. It’s been done before, and it can be done now!

Step 2: Accept. Accept where you are now. Accept where God has you now. Accept what God allows in your life. Often times, we don’t like where we are or situations we encounter, or even our standstill moments. However, we must remember that everything happens for a reason. Every moment we encounter in our life is necessary. It’s all necessary for our development and our growth. We learn from every experience.

Step 3: Trust. Trust means having confidence in something. First, we must have confidence and trust in God. He has us where we are for a reason. Two, we must trust our process. Everything won’t always be peaches and cream. We have to struggle in order to learn and reach success.

In closing, just because we feel as though we’re failing, doesn’t mean that we actually are. It’s the season of your life at that particular moment. You’re going through, but you’re good. You’ll be able to shift your thoughts and realize you’re good after you remember, accept, and trust. So I encourage you today, although you may be going through, believe that you won’t get stuck there. You’ll get through and be better because of it!

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