Even with all of our imperfection, we’re still queens. 
Still striving to be the best that we can be. 

Even through our hurts and our pain, we’re still just as beautiful without any shame. 

We go through life still with a little doubt. But we must persevere and fight. Revealing what we’re really all about. 

There’s so much more to us, you see. 

But it’s only revealed when we make it seen. 

We have to dig deep. Deep from the root. 

Releasing all the junk that clouds our vision. Yeah, it’s time to give that all the boot. 

No longer can we take what they say and make it our reality. 

No longer can we take our negative thoughts and pass it off as real. No, it’s no longer our reality. 

We’ve been given a gift. A gift for the world. 

It’s time to step into our call. 

Our call to lead. To inspire. And give to those in need. 

It’s time to be the queens we were meant to be. 

So arise, my queen. Gods got you now. 
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Purple Wondaluv: Eternal Peace EP Listening Party 

New artist, Purple Wondaluv, new music, what can we expect? All questions that many people may have had after the introduction of P Wondaluv. 

P Wondaluv, also known as Musiq Soulchild, presented his debut EP Eternal Peace last night in Brooklyn. Press, Media, and special guests from all over gathered together at Milk River Restaurant to get the deets and hear the sounds of this new artist. 
The event was presented by Mocca Brand Media, known publicist Mocca Styles; and hosted by “Media’s New Queen” Madison Jaye. 

I’d previously heard the EP, so I knew to expect music that sends off good vibes and an encouraging and inspirational message. But to hear the inspiration behind it is what I believe we all anticipated. 
After listening to great music with DJ Unique on the ones and twos, Madison Jaye presented P Wondaluv, and those in attendance were in for a real treat. 

(Purple Wondaluve & Madison Jaye) 

From start to finish, the discussion, and the Q&A session was pure, and authentic. P Wondaluv came out and explained that he wants to be an activist for love, therefore he believes in making music that’ll help lead and direct people in doing what they ultimately love to do. After sharing how this project was a mix between Bob Marely and Sade, we went into the EP; each song and a brief overview of them. Each song is led in order, and gives a story. 

The first song on the EP is, The Time Is Now. “There gets a point where you have to ride out for yourself. And do what you’re passionate about.” Often times we stay in a lane that people want us to be in, but with this song, he’s encouraging us to fulfill our passion, regardless of who people think we should be. P also shared how he waited 15 years for the perfect conditions, and realized it would never come. It was something he had to create himself. 

Following this track is, Live Your Love. “Living your life becomes pointless if you’re not doing what you love.”

Below are the remaining tracks and quotes from P Wondaluv himself. 
3. Faith Your Fears. “If you faith your fears, you can make it all go away” 
4. Save Your Monster. “Saving yourself from the part of you that keeps people away from you. We all have our own stuff…”
5. You Can Change. “Doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, what you told yourself; as long as you still have breath, you can do what you want to do. Be encouraged.” 
6. Words Are Free. “You don’t have to buy things. Just say something nice.” You have no idea what your positive words can do for a person. 
7. Bye And Gone. Let bygones be bygones. Someone did something to you along time ago, and you’re still holding on to it. And it contributes and affects your life. It affects the ability to be in a relationship or good friendship. Let it go. And live your life.

The time is now to live your love. Faith your fears and save your monster. So on and so on. The flow is impeccable.  
Madison kept the conversation flowing, and expressed how P Wondaluv is like an onion. And he’s now peeling back his layers. So much truth to this statement. 

Throughout the listening event, there were questions taken from the audience. From the Q&A, one was able to get more of a feel of who he was as an artist. P. Wondaluv expressed when asked, that he doesn’t give any thought to building a new fanbase. “If you’re busy spending time pleasing people you’re not doing what you love to do. I’m doing what I love to do, and I pray people are pleased.” 

He was then asked how he’s able to send a positive message without condemning people or making them feel bad about their past. He shared that he never wanted to make people feel the way he’d once felt while listening to certain inspirational music. He doesn’t feel that anyone has the right to talk at someone or belittle them, and that’s something he didn’t want to do. These records dealt with him first. He’s telling things that he actually had to go through, so that he could help others. 

The production of this album was by P Wondaluv himself, along with J Troy. When asked about the creative process of Eternal Peace, he shared how he felt that this needed to be more him. Not in an ego sense, but in a way that shows the authenticity of who he was and the direction he was going in. “How do you change something you complain about, if you’re not contributing…”

The last question that I feel definitely needs to be recognized, touched on what many others want to know. P Wondaluv was asked how he reached this place. He said he always wants to be the exception. Creative people have been gifted with an ability that comes with a whole. This is the life of an artist. It’s not easy being a creative person in this industry. He enjoyed it. It was working and people loved it. But he knew there was more that he needed to do. Many people feel like they need the extra people that come along with being a signed artist because they’re afraid of lack of support. He expressed, If he’s going to fail, he’d rather do it doing what he knows is his best.

But we truly believe there’ll be no failing when it comes to being real and staying true to yourself. That’s the most effective way of reaching people. 
The name may have changed, but the production of great music hasn’t. It’s just coming from more of an authentic and genuine place. And that’s something we can all respect. I’m telling you now, you’re going to want to download the Eternal Peace EP and support P Wondaluv. This project has been on repeat for the past few days, and the message behind it is motivational and inspirational. Download it now, if you haven’t. 

(Mocca Styles & Purple Wondaluv)
(P Wondaluv & Miss Jones)

To hear the first official performance as P Wondaluv, head over to SOBs Wednesday night for Sol Village. Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 9pm. Check out the flyer below.  


1 Year Blog Anniversary!

On this date, one year ago, I officially launched my website. It was a complete leap of faith. My desire and passion to share and encourage people became bigger than all of the fears I accumulated through my lifetime. It was something I needed to do. 

With just four weeks of planning, I was able to do a launch party that exceeded my expectations. There weren’t hundreds of people there, but it was more than I imagined. I was able to get sponsors and people to help me. Some who didn’t know me, but believed in my vision. I am beyond grateful and appreciative of all of the people that helped to make that night such a huge success. 

There have been some stop signs, speed bumps, and unexpected turns; but this year has been amazing. It’s been a great ride. There’s been opportunities I’ve never thought I’d have, and I don’t take any of it for granted. There have been plans and meetings that ultimately fell through, but I see the purpose in it. This has been a learning and growing experience. And through it all, I’ve been able to reach and inspire more people than I could have ever imagined. Had you asked me years ago if I’d be here today, my words would be no of course not. But I’m truly grateful that I put myself and my feelings aside, and ended up where I am today. This helped me to step completely out of my shell and the place I was most comfortable. This gave me the boldness I often craved in my younger days. I always wanted to be as bold, not concerned with what people thought of me; but I was always afraid. And now I can see all the beauty in it. When you’re able to forget about what people will think of you, or who they think you are; you can open up to being a blessing to other people. I never thought I had much to share, which is one of the reasons I stayed quiet for so long. I never knew I had much of anything to offer. But now I’m well aware of the gift that has been placed inside of me. And although I know I don’t even know the half of it, I can see what happens when I choose to tap into my gift. 

So In all that I do, I have to leave something with you. I encourage you to make that decision to tap into your gifts. Walk into the call that you know is on your life, and leave your fears behind. Our journey isn’t all about us. Yes, our leaps of faith build us and help us to grow; but it’ll help more people than we can possible imagine. 

This year has taught me many lessons. One of the biggest and most important, is consistency. Lack of consistency, begins to create doubt and lack of faith overtime. Regardless of what takes place in your life, continue to remain consistent. Remain determined to make things happen no matter what. I’ve also learned not to fall apart when things don’t go according to my plan. We have to brush ourselves off, get up, and have faith that greater is coming. 
Within this year, I’ve been in places and surrounded by people who are where I eventually intend to be. That alone has been a blessing. It’s a testament to where I’m capable of going. So I encourage you to place yourself in situations that cause you to encounter people who are going down a path that you plan to go. Gain all that you can, remain open, and run towards your dreams head on!

Thank you all for your support! I’m not where I know I’m headed, but I’m blessed to have gotten this far! And please know your love and support is beyond appreciated! Look out for more, and be sure to visit gofundme.com/LMJScholarship and support the cause. 
-Miss Jones 😘

Accept What Is

I’ve been writing and preparing my next post for the past couple of days. Every post I attempted, I couldn’t complete. This last one had direction, but I couldn’t produce it the way I wanted to. After a situation occurred yesterday, I realized how ok I actually was with it. Which led me to write a status on Facebook, “that moment reality sets in, and you realize you’re ok with it. Accepting things for what they are.” It wasn’t until I received a text message today, that I realized I needed to write and share. There comes a time where we must truly accept things for what they are. 

So sometime yesterday morning, I had one of the most real conversations I’ve had with someone in my life. They helped me to see that I viewed their role in my life much different than it actually was. After several text messages, and a twenty minute phone conversation; such a calmness came over me. I understood, saw the reality of the situation, accepted it, and was then able to move past it. We were able to express how we felt, and there was no longer a fight. There was understanding and acceptance. I honestly even surprised myself with my reaction and how I began to deal with it. Based off my track record, I can be honest and say I would not have always reacted in such a manner. Which I believe prepared me for what was to come today. Sometimes situations help build and prepare you for other complicated situations that you’ll encounter sometime down the line. 

The text message received this morning, caused a similar situation. And in the midst of the conversation, there was the exact calmness from the day before. I didn’t want to fight. I wanted it to be an expressive, understanding, acceptancting, and a moving on type of conversation. My immediate response wasn’t to fight. 

These situations taught me that I was so used to fighting, arguing, combating, or being defensive when I encountered situations as such. And when both parties continue to go at it, it’s very rare that it results in a settlement. Who wants to continue to find themselves in situations like this. Certainly not me. Had this been just a little while back, a lot of the things that were said would’ve made me fall apart. But somehow, I’m at a place where I can accept that your reality may not be my reality. And take it from there. 

So I encourage you today to get an understanding, accept it, and move on. Learn not to take everything so personally. And this is coming from a person who’s relatively sensitive and would take everything to heart. But I’m glad to say that I can now take things at face value. If there’s confusion, or a disagreement, let’s attempt to get it straight. We have a conversation, express ourselves, see what each other feels, take it or leave it, and move from there. Life is extremely too short to get stuck in a moment, and fight. Take it for what it is. And kindly move on. Make a decision to deal with a person based on what was said, or make a decision to leave it alone from that point. It’s your choice, but learn to accept the outcome regardless of how it goes. 

When You Know That You Know…

So I’ve been believing God for a few things within these past few weeks. My faith has been on another level. I’ve been feeling really good about a few things lately. I’ve had a sense that something good is on the way. But of course when you start feeling good about things, something always comes up to try to knock you off your game. 

I’ve been trying to plan a few things regarding Lovely Miss Jones. I’m really trying to do positive things. I’ve started a scholarship fund to award a college student with, as we approach our one year anniversary. So I’ve been waiting for responses from a possible venue to have an anniversary celebration. After I didn’t hear back from them, I decided to reach out to someone else who suggested I use a particular space. Three days ago, I received two back to back (literally an hour apart) messages that both venues were no longer available. And I already had it in my mind if I didn’t get a definite venue by Friday, I just wouldn’t have it. Because I haven’t been receiving much support at all with the scholarship, I decided that I would have this event so that the proceeds would go to the scholarship fund. However, it didn’t seem to work out that way. Had this been maybe a month or two ago, I would’ve fallen apart. I probably would’ve stressed myself out, wondering why things just haven’t been working out for me. But I didn’t. I sat and said, “God, I don’t know what you want me to do from here, but I know you have something great planned.” 

On Friday morning, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. The day was just a complete mess and not at all as I anticipated. But all I could do was smile and say, “I’m convinced, something great must be on the way.” My level of confidence and trust in God is where it hasn’t been in a little while. But I was able to have peace in the middle of chaos because I know that Gods promises will be fulfilled. It may not come to pass the way I want them to, but I know it will definitely come to pass. And as I wait in anticipation for those promises, I have to prepare myself. I have to make sure that I’m ready to execute all that He has for me to do. 

So I encourage you today, stand fast on the promises of God. When you know what He’s promised you, you don’t have to fall apart when everything else seems to be. Know that there’s purpose in every storm, there’s purpose in every drought, there’s purpose in the midst of chaos. When you began to face these things, don’t let it knock you off track. But if it causes you to waver or shake, don’t let it keep you down. Get up, brush your shoulders off, and keep moving. Keep preparing yourself for what’s to come. Be sure that you’re ready to carry out the promises of God. Continue to believe and trust in God, and refuse to give up. Allow your faith to take you somewhere. Be encouraged. Things will turn around in your favor. Everything is working together for your good. He’s intentional. Continue to be faithful. Continue to be consistent. And watch God work!!