To produce means to bring into existence, to make, or to bring forth. This is the word I chose for the month of May. As I spoke in my article for April, my desire was to plant seeds and to anticipate the produce in the month of May. I originally thought that I was planting in one area and wanted to see a particular area of growth but it didn’t quite happen as I’d anticipated. However, there was still growth that took place.

In the month of May, what was produced was character, determination, a never give up mentality, and really the acknowledgment of who I am. What”s interesting is that when we experience seasons where what we want, we don’t get; we sometimes think nothing will be produced. What will actually come forth, is who we really are; as long as we take the proper time to reflect and to dig deep. My experience taught me so much. It taught me that I refuse to give up. It taught me that even in my moment of weakness to speak who I really am. It taught me to look at myself in the eyes of God and not with eyes of negativity. If that’s not “produce” then I don’t know what is. Little did I know, when I was in the process of bouncing back (the process or the rebuild), I myself and my community planted seeds of positivity. My best friend literally spoke directly to me. Helping me to see who I was. Which led me to connect with whose I am, thus helping to speak who I am.

Sometimes we wait to see growth in tangible things, projects, etc. Personal growth is most important, in my opinion. Personal growth helps you view things differently, it allows you to put forth better/more effort, and it helps with your overall purpose. I may not have seen growth in all of the areas that I thought I would as I was “planting” in April, but the growth I see now is so important.

In the month of May, I also continued the Take A Moment event. This event is all about self care and ensuring that we as women take a moment to make sure that we are healthy in all areas. Thinking, the seeds that were planted when it comes to my personal growth has allowed this to be possible. Dedication, determination, the get back. All reasons why/how Take A Moment was produced. Key example of how personal growth is the most important. Not just for you, but you become better for others. Take A Moment serves as a reminder that we need to take care of ourselves, gives tips and tools on how to do so. Through this, people’s lives were changed. It was a way to help push them into their purpose. And that’s always the goal.

What has been produced in May may not have been what was expected with the shift in April, but it was what was needed. Let go of the things that didn’t “go right” and embrace what has come forth or been birthed/produced from it! With that being said, my word for the month of June is Redirection. So much to that word and how the word dropped on me. I’ll share at the end of the month 🙂

Again, choose a word and do what it takes to ensure that you do things that are aligned to that word for your month or for your year. Let’s be intentional and make things happen!

~Miss Jones

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