You Are Enough

These three simple words have been with me for quite some time now. I am enough. You are enough. I have posted on social media last night that we are so quick to psych ourselves out. We put in our own head that we can’t do something. We make ourselves believe that we aren’t good … More You Are Enough

Pasture Experience

As I read my daily devotion yesterday morning, I was blessed by the words. Although it’s something that’s been heard before, sometimes you’re in a particular place where a word meets you right where you are. Or you can receive a word that will prepare you for what’s to come. I am reading a devotions … More Pasture Experience

Spark Sundays

#SparkSundays May this be the spark you need to move forward this week… We often move so much that we never stop. We think we have to remain busy and “get the job done”. Even when we begin to feel a little off. There are times during our journey, that things become cloudy. Causing us … More Spark Sundays

Spark Sundays

#SparkSundays May this be the spark you need to move forward this week… Don’t you dare allow yourself or anyone else to make you feel less than. As if you’re not good enough to be in the room or have a seat at the table. Value what you have. You’re knowledgeable. You’re gifted. You’re talented. … More Spark Sundays

Check Your Emotions

Often times we experience a myriad of emotions. Emotions that come from real places. We all have our fair share of issues, circumstances, and situations that we go through. Some situations that may sway us and cause us to feel different emotions. However, how we react or respond is ultimately how it’ll continue to play … More Check Your Emotions