2020 was the very first years, in a few years, that I haven’t done an end of the year post/review. Before I go into this post, what I will say is while 2020 was a year, I ended it rejoicing in all that did come from it. The year of the unexpected, but a year of abundance. I realized the change in mindset, that helped me to realize and be grateful for all that I did have. The ability for my family and I to change living situations, to being promoted, and another level of education. What could have made us fall apart, ultimately made us stronger and brought us to a place of gratefulness.

Now to get into the post at hand…so, for the last week of 2020, coming into 2021; I kept hearing or reading the word alignment. I also purchased a new planner (the Book’d store planner), and for every month, there is a space for the word of the month. I just knew the word alignment was supposed to be my word for the month of January. I looked up the word alignment, and did a #SparkSunday post on instagram. (If you aren’t following Lovely Miss Jones on IG, make sure you do. There’s a weekly post that encourages and gives you the spark you need to move forward throughout the week ahead.) Ok, quick plug over hehe. The word alignment means….

On the IG post, I first stated the meaning of the word. The word alignment means the state of agreement or cooperation. This made me think about our purpose or the call that’s on our lives. I spoke about the importance cooperating and being in agreement with what we know we are called to do and the people we are meant to reach. In order to cooperate, there are some things we need to do, We have to continue to gain knowledge needed, sharpen our skills, and make the proper moves to ensure that we remain In alignment. All of this is necessary because our purpose is really the answer to someone else’s need.

So as I went through this month, I made it my business to ensure that I am in alignment with my purpose. I wanted to be sure that I was truly cooperating with God who gave me the call and with the purpose. Doing research, trying to deepen my skills, making moves that I know will propel me. Which would ultimately lead to the success or benefit of someone else. I began to be more focused, planning, and investing. This month, I made it a point to nurture my purpose and call, investing in what I know will become greater. And I’ve found myself more dedicated to the process. I’ve found myself more committed to growth. I’ve found myself more committed to getting back up and getting on the saddle, no matter how many times I get knocked down,

Now that the month is coming to an end, I can say I’m back on the right track. I was purposeful, ensuring that I was back in alignment, back where I knew I needed to be. A few weeks ago, I wrote my word down for the month of February. The word for February will be “intentional”. Now that I’m back where I need to be, I know I need to be very intentional over these next few week, even months. The moves that need to be made, the connections that need to be made; requires me to be intentional. I vow to be purposeful in al that all do, and in all that I involve myself and my business in. It’s the only way to sustain what I’ve been given. It’s the only way that I can be beneficial in the lives of other people.

I encourage you today, get a word in mind for the month or year. Be sure to look at it daily, look up the word, and allow it to motivate you to keep going. Allow it to motivate you to push pass what you may see. Allow it to help to help you grow and be consistent with your goals. What’s your word?

~Miss Jones

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