Here we are at the end of another month. I’m back to share my word of the month and how the reminder and affirmation has helped me get through this month strong.

As I shared last month, my word for the month of February was ‘intentional’. Now, the word intentional (according to means; done with intention or on purpose. In other words, doing something with purpose. This year, I declared my year ‘health.’ In all areas. So after I got aligned in the month of January, it was time to be intentional. It was time to do things intentionally on purpose. Keeping my purpose and goals in mind.

I can truly say that I have been intentional this month. When starting out this year, I decided to be sure that I created a vision board, have a prayer box on hand, and have affirmations near. Daily, I have made a conscious effort to speak everything on my vision board with boldness. I made a conscious effort, with purpose, to read my affirmations with boldness. I made a conscious effort to boldly create affirmations in the moments I felt intimidated or as if I couldn’t do something. I consciously made an effort to pray over and put all of my prayers in my prayer box before God. I consciously did this, everyday with purpose. I know what I feel on the inside and I intentionally spoke it daily. I intentionally reassured myself through prayer and affirmation. All intentional. All with and for a purpose.

Health continued to be one of my main focuses. I spoke about just being in a space where I take care of myself, practicing self care. I’ve intentionally been consistent with hair appointments, nail appointments, and facials. Self care is super important. Taking care of our bodies are super important. Not for others, but I’ve decided to maintain the upkeep of my body for me. It keeps you in a healthy and peaceful state of mind. One really important thing that has been on my list for a very long time, that I am super excited about, I was able to do. I have been looking for a new therapist for years. And I can say that I finally found one and will be starting therapy next month! This is big for me. Health is more than outward. Your mental health is something that should be top priority. I was very intentional this month in my search. It is impossible to do what we are purposed and designed to do if we are not intentional about the state of our health.

I was also intentional about pushing myself as it relates to my purpose. I enrolled in a business/branding 5 week course. It has challenged me. And I believe I will be better to serve because of it. The ideas and transition that has been birthed this month, came from me being intentional. This past year, I have been intentional about my finances. However, this month I wanted to go deeper. I also signed up for a 4-week finance session this. I’m intentional about my health, which includes my finances, striving to be debt free, and learning to make investments.

Overall, I have been consistent this month. I’ve been intentional about the moves I’ve made and how I spoke over myself. It was imperative for me to do so because of what I’m purposed to do. I must do things with purpose so that I can reach those that God has assigned to me. I share my experience with you because I want to encourage you. We all have a purpose, we are all created for a reason. If need be, be sure to realign with your purpose. Then be intentional about your moves from there. I took January to realign, February to be intentional, and I’ll take March to LIVE. My word for the month of March is Live. There’s so much to that word and I cannot wait to share with you all next Month.

My loves, take time to create a word for the year or each month. My overall word for 2021 is health. And every word that is designed for each month all connects back to health. I want us all to succeed and get to where we are meant to be. Find a word, write it down, affirm it, and make moves that direct you back to that word. Realign, be intentional, and move forward!

~xo Miss Jones

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