The Process 

The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about my process and the amount of time it’s been taking me to get to certain places. I often think about my journey, however, this past week has been more than ever.

I began to think about those around me. In some cases, I saw that some started when I started. Some not long before me, but they seem to have progressed much faster. As I began to think and say, “man I’m gonna need God, Krystle, and this process to get on the same page so we can start moving” (lol); I realized two things. One, the process is good for me. And two, I have to stay focused and put in more work. 

I began to see my development through my process. It may be longer than anticipated, but it’s good for me. I’ve grown tremendously with every step that I take. It’s almost like being pruned. Or better yet, when one has to crush an olive to get to the oil. Neither of these processes are easy, but the end result it great. There are things I have to learn on my journey. And I’m realizing that I’ll be much better because of it. 

Through my process, my growth, and my learning; I saw that there’s more that I can do. I learned that I shouldn’t always focus on the distance, but focus on what else needs to be done. When you allow your mind to dwell on how far you thought you’d be in a certain amount of time, you may cause yourself to either soak in that place or go back a little because of discouragement. I learned that those moments take away from my progress. It takes away from what I could be doing to ensure my success. 

The journey to success is never an easy process. No matter who you look at or who you think got to a place faster than you. You have no idea what they had to endure and what sacrifices they had to make. Trust that your process is good for you. The tools and skills that you learn, are exactly what you need in order to produce. Don’t allow yourself to focus on what your expectations were and if you haven’t met them. Stay focused and keep working so that you will see the benefits. 

Embrace and Celebrate Yourself! 

So I finally participated in #wcw on Instagram today, and named it women celebrating women. I hesitated and wrestled with this, but I chose myself. I’m at a place where I’ve learned to accept myself, flaws and all. I genuinely love who I am…now. 

I’ve struggled in the past with major insecurities. I cared tremendously about what others thought about me. Which led me to be an introvert. I really went years without having any friends. All the way up to my very last year of high school. I went through school as quiet as a mouse; went to my classes, did my work, and went straight home. I was afraid to speak to people. I didn’t always think I was pretty, I didn’t always like the things I had, and sometimes I just didn’t think people would like me. I didn’t always know what I was capable of bringing to the table.  But I’ve come a long way, and decided to share and celebrate me. 

I realized that my insecurities began to creep in as I wrestled with the idea of posting this morning. I was concerned with what people would think about me; I thought that some would perceive the post as being vain. I didn’t want the old perception of me to come back in the minds of those who would view it. So many people in the past would express how standoffish I was, or how I seemed to be conceited because of my quietness. So I was nervous. 

On the other hand, I thought about the people who may have struggled with the same thing I’ve struggled with. There may be someone who’s afraid to post things that they’ve overcome because of what someone else may think. 

This lead me to the scripture, we overcome by the words of our testimony. It’s important to speak on the things that we have come out of. The more we do, the further away we become from that particular struggle. When we speak on it, we confirm our accomplishments and are able to continue to move forward. If I didn’t post that picture because of the same insecurities I felt I’d overcome, I would’ve lost the battle once again. I would be right back in the same place I’ve been before. 

I’ve grown and fought to be in the place I am today. I refuse to revert back into it because I’ve allowed what someone may possibly say effect me. Not only am I doing this for me, but I’m doing this for the people who struggle with insecurities and loving themselves because of what someone else thinks. 

So I encourage you to embrace and celebrate you! It’s perfectly okay to share your growth. It’ll not only strengthen you, but it can possible strengthen someone else. Let’s stop allowing peoples’ thoughts and opinions to put us back in a box that we’ve walked out of. Be proud of how far you’ve come and don’t let anyone stop you from celebrating your progress! 

Maintain What You’ve Been Given 

It’s important that we hold on to the jewels that we’ve been privileged to receive. Too often we get something of great value, and just let it slip right out of our hands. It’s one thing to hear something powerful and profound and get excited. But it’s another thing to take hold of it and apply it to your life.  

This weekend I went to a youth conference with my young people. As a youth leader, it is my desire that my young people grow. But that’ll only happen when we are able to hold onto the knowledge that is shared with us. 

As I began to talk to one of the young ladies, I told her how important it is to write things down. I told them collectively that I needed to know what they gained from the weekend. I need them to write it or talk it out. The reason behind this was to help them maintain the words they heard that would ultimately push them to grow, and get them to the place they need to be.  

As I continued to think about it, I thought about how this relates to all aspects of our lives. I recently uploaded a picture to Instagram that talks about getting all the knowledge but with no execution behind it. It’s impossible to expect to grow with just words. There has to be some type of movement and application. 

Here are a few simple ways to maintain some of these things you receive:

  • Write things out. The more you write, the more you’ll remember. 
  • Find one person that’s close to you and talk it out. Allow them to hold you accountable. 
  • Make daily affirmations regarding the information that you received. 
  • Acknowledge your small victories. When you realize you e begun to use these things, celebrate yourself. 

Growth and progress is a constant thing. We must do our best to keep the golden nuggets we’ve gathered along the way. Not only hold onto them, but utilize them as well. So I encourage you today, don’t just listen and said “oh that’s good”; take those good things and turn into something amazing!

Distant Connections 

It’s very important that we evaluate the people we are connected to. It’s imperative that we evaluate the relationships that we place ourselves in. Although it may have been good, or looked good doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best place for us to be in. On the other hand, just because we come across a disagreement it doesn’t mean we should completely severe the connection. 

It is very often that I’ve wanted to always just run and hide and take a break from people. When an issue or reoccurring issues surfaced itself, I was ready to jump ship. And in most cases, I did just that. After some time, I began to realize it was of no benefit. It didn’t really solve anything. 

There are however, some connections that need distance at some point. And it may be beneficial. There’s nothing wrong with a little space here and there, when done correctly. My issue was I just wanted to retreat as fast as possible without even deeply addressing the issue. 

Honest moment: I strongly dislike when I feel as if things or situations in my life are repeating cycles. It just does something to me. So there was a situation with this one particular individual that I kept pulling back into my life. No matter what happened as to why we originally needed the space. I will say, this was at one point a great connection. The very last time I felt just a tad bit of familiarity, I said I have to get out of here. I tried, but it just felt like it wasn’t working. So when the time came for me to back away, I did it all wrong. There was no explanation one, and it was the wrong form of communication. (We have to be mindful of how we approach situations.) This led to one of the biggest spats I’ve encountered; confusion, frustration, and all around miscommunication. Which ended the connection completely.  This could’ve gone differently, without the initial stress, had I evaluated the situation and connection thoroughly. 

After this particular situation, I was able to learn from my past mistake when it came to addressing people I’m connected to. Another issue occurred, where I didn’t necessarily feel as if I was in the wrong, but knew I had to address it. (Sometimes we may only view things from our perspective, not knowing how the other party may have interpreted the situation.) During the discussion, we were able to put our feelings on the table, and walked away with no hard feelings. Although, we had no intentions on growing or building the connection any further, it was beneficial to address it and move on. A smooth transition with no arguments, where there’s no love lost. 

Both of these situations taught me how important it is to carefully evaluate the people you are connected to and the situations that will most likely arise. There are some connections that need to be removed for a little while, and some that need to be shifted for the long run. All in all, we must be careful in our approach and execution. Let’s not be hasty when it comes to severing relationships without assessing the situation and moving in the correct manner. It’s also beneficial that we see when we need to clear the air, but step away in a peaceful way. 

So I encourage you today, take time to focus on the direction of your current connections. Evaluate, and act accordingly.  


Tha L. Spot Ent. & PR LLC

Tha L Spot Ent. and PR, LLC is a company that provides public relations services to clients in music, special events, event planning, and photography. They focus on networking and recognizing talents, brands, and the community. Tha L Spot also focuses on creating and giving opportunities for those who wish to gain experience in any of the fields listed above. Along with this, they also have their own blog. Founder and CEO, Jessica Lanice started this company because she wanted to bring people into her world. Being surrounded by talented people, she wanted to give them exposure. Before graduating with a degree in public relations, she decided to write about the wonderful talent she experienced on her blog. Upon graduating, we decided to start her company. 

On Thursday, March 12th CEO Jessica Lanice and Tha L. Spot PR company, celebrated their third year anniversary with a concert held at the Roulette Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. The show was hosted by the very funny, Charlie Wilson, whom we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on the site. But before he rose to the stage, Micheal Mills and Ms KG hit the stage ginger the crowd rocking, along with DJ NO. 


Charlie came to the stage and started off with some jokes. Then he got a little serious and brought out Jessica. She talked about her company and what she sets out to do, and brought a portion of her team up with her. (Journalist, accountant, etc.)


(Charlie Wilson & Jessica Lanice)


Then Charlie shared how real R&B and Hip Hop has slipped away from us. So he was excited to have all these artist together for this concert. The show then started. 

The first artist to perform was Dave Al. He came out singing a cover of Sam Smith’s, ‘I’m Not the Only One’. He then sang a few original songs as well. Songs that were slow and intimate. Which allowed him to be close and connect with the audience. He wanted the audience to be able to hear and feel his lyrics. To hear some of his music, visit You can also connect with him on his social media networks. Twitter:


Next up was, Cameron Jay. He is a rapper and had the crowd rocking. To stay up to date and hear some of his music, visit his website Also check out his Instagram: @cameronjaymusik. 


Then the group, D Limitz came out with their drums and set the crowd on fire. This is a group from East New York. They had African Drums, along with dancers. They also rapped. To hear their music, visit Also check out their Instagram: @dlimtzofficial. 


Before the performances continued, of course there was a little fun. There was a lot of crowd of participation. There were crowd members who got on stage and sang. Then there was a little runway as well. They audiences loved every bit of it. 





Next to perform was, Islima, who goes by Songbird. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her on the site. She started out with a cover of Jhene Aiko as her guitarist Elliot played in the background. She then went to singing her original music; her singles, Perfect Harmony and The Break Up. You can download her single on iTunes, Amazon, spotify, and more. Check out her Instagram as well, @islimasongbird. 


The very last artist to perform was Kwoat. He’s a rapper and came out and somewhat put a story to his songs. You to learn more about him and hear his music, you can visit Also visit his Instagram page, @kwoatalent. 


While the show was going, there was a bartender providing drinks as well as vendors. Below are the vendors:


(Instagram: @thecollegegirl)


(Instagram: @chicbychoice)


(Very talented artist. His work is dope. Check him out on Instagram



(Instagram: @lilyz__closet)


(Instagram: @stgserious @hiphop_inthaflesh)

Lastly there was a special performance by Nathaniel’s (singer, songwriter) dancers. They came out and killed! He also brought out an artist to end the show. You can check him out on Instagram, @nathanielrnb. 


This was an overall great show in celebration on Tha L. Spot’s 3rd year anniversary. We definitely respect the work that’s being done on behalf of talented artists. Special thanks to Jessica Lanice and her team for the invitation. Be sure to check out and support Tha L. Spot by visiting their social media networks. Website: thalspot Blog: Instagram: @thalspotentpr. Twitter: @thalspotentpr. 

(All pictures were taken by CeeDeeKay Photographer. Check her out on Instagram @ceedeekayphotography).