It’s very important that we evaluate the people we are connected to. It’s imperative that we evaluate the relationships that we place ourselves in. Although it may have been good, or looked good doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best place for us to be in. On the other hand, just because we come across a disagreement it doesn’t mean we should completely severe the connection. 

It is very often that I’ve wanted to always just run and hide and take a break from people. When an issue or reoccurring issues surfaced itself, I was ready to jump ship. And in most cases, I did just that. After some time, I began to realize it was of no benefit. It didn’t really solve anything. 

There are however, some connections that need distance at some point. And it may be beneficial. There’s nothing wrong with a little space here and there, when done correctly. My issue was I just wanted to retreat as fast as possible without even deeply addressing the issue. 

Honest moment: I strongly dislike when I feel as if things or situations in my life are repeating cycles. It just does something to me. So there was a situation with this one particular individual that I kept pulling back into my life. No matter what happened as to why we originally needed the space. I will say, this was at one point a great connection. The very last time I felt just a tad bit of familiarity, I said I have to get out of here. I tried, but it just felt like it wasn’t working. So when the time came for me to back away, I did it all wrong. There was no explanation one, and it was the wrong form of communication. (We have to be mindful of how we approach situations.) This led to one of the biggest spats I’ve encountered; confusion, frustration, and all around miscommunication. Which ended the connection completely.  This could’ve gone differently, without the initial stress, had I evaluated the situation and connection thoroughly. 

After this particular situation, I was able to learn from my past mistake when it came to addressing people I’m connected to. Another issue occurred, where I didn’t necessarily feel as if I was in the wrong, but knew I had to address it. (Sometimes we may only view things from our perspective, not knowing how the other party may have interpreted the situation.) During the discussion, we were able to put our feelings on the table, and walked away with no hard feelings. Although, we had no intentions on growing or building the connection any further, it was beneficial to address it and move on. A smooth transition with no arguments, where there’s no love lost. 

Both of these situations taught me how important it is to carefully evaluate the people you are connected to and the situations that will most likely arise. There are some connections that need to be removed for a little while, and some that need to be shifted for the long run. All in all, we must be careful in our approach and execution. Let’s not be hasty when it comes to severing relationships without assessing the situation and moving in the correct manner. It’s also beneficial that we see when we need to clear the air, but step away in a peaceful way. 

So I encourage you today, take time to focus on the direction of your current connections. Evaluate, and act accordingly.  



  1. This is sound advice. Relationships and connections can bring us down, either through negativity or time-consumption. I definitely think it’s healthy to step back and assess. Great post!

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