It’s the end of the month of March, and here we are ready to share the journey. For those who haven’t been following, I have decided to choose a word of the month and share my journey every month this year. My overall word for the year is Health. I have decided to be intentional about my health in all areas so that I can be better capable to produce. January was alignment, February was intentional, and March was Live.

Live meant many things for me. After realigning and doing my best to be intentional, it was time for me to live in my purpose and live in my truth. This month has been a very interesting month to say the least, but I believe that I most certainly lived.

This month I completed a 5 week branding course. The first Monday of this month, I did a brand pitch. This program allowed me to really figure out my vision with Lovely Miss Jones, LLC as I transition and expand. (I can’t wait to share more about this in the next few months). I was able to take my story and articulate what the vision of my company is. Ultimately the vision is: to assist individuals in discovering their voice, acknowledging their passion, and fulfilling their purpose. This is my story. This is my journey. The motto has also been encouragement through experience (the mission), but I’ve gained clarity about the vision. I’m not able to live my purpose, with clear vision. Clear vision allows you to reach and meet the needs of others. That’s living.

After discovering the vision of my company, I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and do a social media challenge. Now, this may not seem big to others, but it’s living in my purpose for me. I’ve accepting that I’m a writer and that this is how I share my story. But I read in a devotion 100 Days of Believing Bigger, that sometimes we confuse our talent with our gift. I’ve realized this year that my voice is really my gift. Sharing my story and my voice is needed. I’ve found my voice and it’s time for me to help others discover theirs. So, I did a challenge, going from Voiceless to Vocal, where I simply shared my experiences. I shared ways that I’ve been able to find my voice and be vocal as it relates to my purpose and what I was created to do. Through my sharing, I’ve been able to give others necessary tools to do the same. The response was amazing, and that’s how I know I’m living in my purpose. It was helpful to others. And there’s so much more of that to come. Stay tuned!

In the month of March, I began therapy. Now, as exciting of a journey it has been, it also causes you to dig deep. Therapy has helped me to really live in my truth and make the necessary moves needed in order to become wholly healthy. The process doesn’t always feel good, but it’s worth it. It’s imperative that we own our truth, no matter what that looks like. The goal and purpose is to live in health and therapy is a tool that will assist me in getting there 100%.

This month, I just decided I need to live. Not only live in my purpose and in my truth, but to live and enjoy life. I took a few days and went away, I am maintaining my self care routine (whether it be hair, nails, facials, massages). I’m doing more of what makes me happy, and that’s what you call living. I’ve had to make some tough decisions this month, but it’s living. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same, as The Fray sang. I’m living by doing what’s best for me. I’m living by doing what will put me in a place of health. That’s the ultimate goal. So that I will be in a better position to serve. I’ve had tough days, but within those tough days there have been so much that has been deposited. The ideas I have that will soon manifest sometimes blows my mind. But I’ll keep living in my purpose until it’s all comes to pass. I literally took this month to live. And April will be my month to plant! So many ideas are flowing, and it’s time to work and plant some seeds so that I can produce! What’s y’all word? Again, choose a word and do what it takes to ensure that you do things that are aligned to that word for your month or for your year. Let’s be intentional and make things happen!

~xo Miss Jones

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