Success Starts When you Step Outside of your Comfort Zone

We as a people love a place of comfort. A place where we feel safe. A place of security. Although it’s understandable, I’m at a place where I’ve learned that so many things become possible when you step out of your comfort zone.

Staying in a place of familiarity can keep you from so much. When we chose to stay in this place, we are deciding that we don’t want anything better in life.

Going outside of the place that we’re safe can be very difficult. Fear is the number one reason we chose to stay in the position that we’re in. We may feel as if we will fail if we take that step out.

As I’ve somewhat shared in previous posts, I’ve allowed my insecurities to keep me closed into the place I felt most comfortable. I was comfortable with people not knowing my name, or the things that I desired to do. I was afraid that I’d fail if I put it out there.

However, my passion became greater than my doubt and I went ahead and stepped out. I began to share my writing. When I did, I began to reach others. Opportunities also began to open up for me. I was able to connect with other writers who were going the same route as myself, as well as others who had gotten to the place I desired to be. I was given the opportunity to write for someone else’s blog, as well as be interviewed for a web radio show. All of these things are leading me to a place of success. I haven’t always been comfortable being as social as I’ve become, but I’ve learned to believe in what I’ve been given and trust that it’ll take me places.

So I encourage you to believe in your gifts and abilities. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and see will it’ll take you!



You Get Out What You Put In

This past weekend, I had a trip planned to Virginia for a conference. The week leading up to the weekend was a difficult week for me.
Not only was I getting sick, there was also lot I had been dealing with. It begun to take a toll on me emotionally, but I did my best to hide it and put my focus elsewhere. By Wednesday/Thursday I’d gotten much worse (coughing, headache, congested, etc) and my emotions were all over the place.
Friday morning when it was time for us to leave, I began looking for my phone case that I decided to take off of my phone the night before, for whatever reason. I thought I’d looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. In it was my bankcard, drivers license, work ID, and monthly metrocrard. Even took a ride back to my church where I had been the night before to see if it was there. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to find it. Thankfully, I had my checkbook in my wallet and was able to use it to obtain some money for the weekend.

Surprisingly, I didn’t stress as much as I thought I should’ve. I’m not at all saying that I didn’t think about it at all, but I didn’t let it consume my mind throughout the entire weekend. I decided to make the best of the situation. I knew I wanted to enjoy my time there, and had I dwelled completely on the fact that I didn’t have my phone case and that I wasn’t feeling all that great, there’s no way I could’ve. I was able to enjoy every service, workshop, concert, activity, company and all the weekend encompassed. I believe that’s because I didn’t put all of my energy into the negative aspects.

When you take a situation and focus on the positive rather than the negative, you get something great from it. I was able to learn some valuable things this weekend from everything that I participated in.
When you’re going through different things, it’s easy to look at the negative part of it and want to focus all that you have to that area. However, that doesn’t always help a situation. In all actuality, in some cases, it makes the situation worse. When you put in positive energy, that’s exactly what you’ll get back. I was excited about all that I was able to gain through the weekend. And by Monday, my phone case had been found.
So I encourage you, when things don’t always look great, don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you and cause you to blow up. Relax, breath, and put your focus towards the positive and I guarantee you’ll received great things because of it.


Letter from Miss Jones

Hey guys, just a quick update for you!

So a couple of months ago, a female blogger followed me on Instagram. As I looked through her page, I saw great things. I commented on one her pictures that I wanted to repost and told her how I’d look forward to reading her work. I received an immediate response. And to my surprise, she had already read my blog and told me that it’s inspiring. She also shared a few kind words with me. This is really only the beginning for me so I was so encouraged and inspired to hear such nice things from someone who was in the place I hoped to be in the future.

After a few months, I received another comment saying that she sat and read my blog for 30mins and loved it. She then asked for my email address. Not too long after, I received an email asking that I contribute an article to the Black City Girl website! A great opportunity and stepping stone for where I’m headed from someone who’s gotten there. I definitely appreciate the creator, Yvonne, for even taking the time to read my work. She’s a great person doing great things to inspire and encourage others.

With all this said, make sure you visit to see my article, ‘6 Reasons why some people become Successful and Others don’t” in the success section.

Not only do I encourage you to read the article, I encourage you to keep working. No matter what it looks like. There were times I questioned whether my work was really reaching anyone. But because I continued, the opportunity presented itself. So even if it doesn’t look good, keep working and opportunities will begin to arise!

Stay tuned for more!

-Lovely Miss Jones xo
Twitter: @lovelymissjones
Instagram: @lovelymissjones



Don’t Let Them Stop You

Often times we want our friends and loved ones to join us in the things that we enjoy in life. As much as anyone else, I do as well. But I was reminded from what seems to be a small experience that sometimes we wait on others rather than going with what we find pleasure in.

So a little while ago I was contacted about a concert of an artist that I love. The three of us planned to attend and I was excited about it. I’m a music lover and Daley is an amazing artist. As it began to get closer to the date, the others were uncertain if they’d be able to attend. So as the day came, one was going to go, but because of my schedule (which ended to be clear for the evening), they could no longer go. So I contemplated not going at all. However, there was another show the following day. When I got home, I thought about how much I really wanted to see this artist live. So I purchased my ticket and decided to go alone. I’ve learned to enjoy my own company so it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go anywhere by myself, it’s just that certain things you want to experience with someone who you know would enjoy it just as much as you.

So the following day after work I made my way to the concert. I was so glad I decided to go. The show was amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it. As I stood on the line to get in, conversation struck with someone. When I got in, I got a good spot. And as I waited for the show to start and during the opening act, because of common interest and disinterest, I met a few cool people. We talked and shared a bit about the artist and different artists as well.I had an overall great time. The artist slayed the show and it was a great experience.

Had I decided not to go because they couldn’t go anymore, I would’ve missed out on the experience I ended up having. Now although this may not seem like a big deal, this situation made me think beyond it. It could be that you’ve decided to wait on someone to make major moves with your career or something that you have a great desire for. You could have had plans to venture out with someone, and because they decided they no longer wanted to, you shied away from it.

There was a time in the past that I’ve missed out on something good because the people I wanted to appreciate the moment with couldn’t. This is why we can’t wait on others to move and enjoy our lives. We may miss opportunities while we’re waiting for people. You never know what you’re passing up when you decide to wait on someone else. If you want to enjoy all that life has to offer, sometimes you have to walk alone. I encourage you to get to the place where you don’t allow people to stop you from experiencing all that you possibly can.