This past weekend, I had a trip planned to Virginia for a conference. The week leading up to the weekend was a difficult week for me.
Not only was I getting sick, there was also lot I had been dealing with. It begun to take a toll on me emotionally, but I did my best to hide it and put my focus elsewhere. By Wednesday/Thursday I’d gotten much worse (coughing, headache, congested, etc) and my emotions were all over the place.
Friday morning when it was time for us to leave, I began looking for my phone case that I decided to take off of my phone the night before, for whatever reason. I thought I’d looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. In it was my bankcard, drivers license, work ID, and monthly metrocrard. Even took a ride back to my church where I had been the night before to see if it was there. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to find it. Thankfully, I had my checkbook in my wallet and was able to use it to obtain some money for the weekend.

Surprisingly, I didn’t stress as much as I thought I should’ve. I’m not at all saying that I didn’t think about it at all, but I didn’t let it consume my mind throughout the entire weekend. I decided to make the best of the situation. I knew I wanted to enjoy my time there, and had I dwelled completely on the fact that I didn’t have my phone case and that I wasn’t feeling all that great, there’s no way I could’ve. I was able to enjoy every service, workshop, concert, activity, company and all the weekend encompassed. I believe that’s because I didn’t put all of my energy into the negative aspects.

When you take a situation and focus on the positive rather than the negative, you get something great from it. I was able to learn some valuable things this weekend from everything that I participated in.
When you’re going through different things, it’s easy to look at the negative part of it and want to focus all that you have to that area. However, that doesn’t always help a situation. In all actuality, in some cases, it makes the situation worse. When you put in positive energy, that’s exactly what you’ll get back. I was excited about all that I was able to gain through the weekend. And by Monday, my phone case had been found.
So I encourage you, when things don’t always look great, don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you and cause you to blow up. Relax, breath, and put your focus towards the positive and I guarantee you’ll received great things because of it.


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