We as a people love a place of comfort. A place where we feel safe. A place of security. Although it’s understandable, I’m at a place where I’ve learned that so many things become possible when you step out of your comfort zone.

Staying in a place of familiarity can keep you from so much. When we chose to stay in this place, we are deciding that we don’t want anything better in life.

Going outside of the place that we’re safe can be very difficult. Fear is the number one reason we chose to stay in the position that we’re in. We may feel as if we will fail if we take that step out.

As I’ve somewhat shared in previous posts, I’ve allowed my insecurities to keep me closed into the place I felt most comfortable. I was comfortable with people not knowing my name, or the things that I desired to do. I was afraid that I’d fail if I put it out there.

However, my passion became greater than my doubt and I went ahead and stepped out. I began to share my writing. When I did, I began to reach others. Opportunities also began to open up for me. I was able to connect with other writers who were going the same route as myself, as well as others who had gotten to the place I desired to be. I was given the opportunity to write for someone else’s blog, as well as be interviewed for a web radio show. All of these things are leading me to a place of success. I haven’t always been comfortable being as social as I’ve become, but I’ve learned to believe in what I’ve been given and trust that it’ll take me places.

So I encourage you to believe in your gifts and abilities. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and see will it’ll take you!



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