Miss Jones surrounded by the 2016 recipients of the Lovely Miss Jones Scholarship Award. Sherqwanna Laws (1st Place), Niesha Georgeon (2nd Place), Candace Rose (3rd Place), and Naomi Georgeon (4th Place)


Miss Jones with the first recipients of the Lovely Miss Jones Scholarship Award: JohnRyan Criss-Saez (1st place) & Sherqwanna Laws (2nd place)

After our 1 year anniversary last August, as a way of celebrating we decided to help send young people to college through a scholarship fund. And we wish to make this an annual event. Therefore, we need your help to assist us in presenting a scholarship award to young people who are just entering college, or currently attending college. We strongly believe in education and pushing young people towards their goals. Just as I’ve experienced, college can be very expensive. There were many semesters during my college years where I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to return to school. We’d like to help alleviate this problem for students who may be struggling with a tuition bill, or isn’t sure how they will be able to pay for their books.

Please help us as we intend to help young people pursue their dreams! This next generation needs all the help they can get to succeed and be our future leaders!


Decemeber 2015, we hosted our very first Scholarship Benefit Brunch! There were four nominees. Four judges read their essasys, and chose a 1st and a 2nd place winner (featured above). Our first recipients of the Lovely Miss Jones Scholarship award are: JohnRyan Criss-Saez (1st place), Sherqwanna Laws (2nd place). 3rd and 4th place nominees are: Crystal Coakley and Jasmine Humphrey.

December 2016, we did it all over again! Once again, we were able t help another set of young people with their financial obligations to college  our winners (featured above) were: Sherqwanna Laws, Niesha Georgeon, Candace Rose, and Naomi Georgeon

We can only make this possible with your help! We can help with part of a students tuition, or even with a few books. Please click the link below to donate and make a lasting impact!

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