It’s important that we hold on to the jewels that we’ve been privileged to receive. Too often we get something of great value, and just let it slip right out of our hands. It’s one thing to hear something powerful and profound and get excited. But it’s another thing to take hold of it and apply it to your life.  

This weekend I went to a youth conference with my young people. As a youth leader, it is my desire that my young people grow. But that’ll only happen when we are able to hold onto the knowledge that is shared with us. 

As I began to talk to one of the young ladies, I told her how important it is to write things down. I told them collectively that I needed to know what they gained from the weekend. I need them to write it or talk it out. The reason behind this was to help them maintain the words they heard that would ultimately push them to grow, and get them to the place they need to be.  

As I continued to think about it, I thought about how this relates to all aspects of our lives. I recently uploaded a picture to Instagram that talks about getting all the knowledge but with no execution behind it. It’s impossible to expect to grow with just words. There has to be some type of movement and application. 

Here are a few simple ways to maintain some of these things you receive:

  • Write things out. The more you write, the more you’ll remember. 
  • Find one person that’s close to you and talk it out. Allow them to hold you accountable. 
  • Make daily affirmations regarding the information that you received. 
  • Acknowledge your small victories. When you realize you e begun to use these things, celebrate yourself. 

Growth and progress is a constant thing. We must do our best to keep the golden nuggets we’ve gathered along the way. Not only hold onto them, but utilize them as well. So I encourage you today, don’t just listen and said “oh that’s good”; take those good things and turn into something amazing!

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