In light of all that is happening around us, these words came up in conversation surrounding the issues we are facing, and have been facing. I spoke up, put money up, but my desire is to move from just being vocal about it, but to being active. Not active one time, but continually active.

I believe that it’s clear where I stand as it relates to the black community. Everything my company does, is for us. LMJ has been for us since day one. Every young person we’ve given scholarships to. Every event we host. Every black speaker we’ve brought to the conversation. Every black business we’ve supported and promoted. Every resource we’ve shared. It’s for us. The rooms have always been us.

However, through this, my question was what’s next? I’ve been working on something, prior to these recent event. But I now feel more of a push to be explicit about the projects that are to come. I want to make it my business to be active in things that relate to me and my black community. It’s imperative. I’ve always been proud to be black. I’ve always been proud to support my fellow brother and sister. I’ve always been proud to bring people just like me to every conversation and event that I’ve hosted over the past five, pushing 6, years. And it’s my duty to continue. I’s my duty to do all that I can. As I educate myself, it is important that I continue to stand up. Not just for a moment. Standing up and speaking out, however you choose to do it, is important. Everyone can’t do the same as others, but it’s important that everyone try their best to enlighten themselves and do things behind the scene. There are those on the frontline, and there are some on the sidelines and behind the scenes. Either way we choose to stand up and speak out, Its necessary. We truly need to be the change we wish to see.

I don’t want to just talk about it, I want to be about it. I want to be apart of the change, and make things happen. Not because it’s hot now, but a lifestyle. I pray for strategy and moves that go beyond emotions. In all that I do, may it be a stand for my community. There’s power in togetherness. There’s power in collaboration. There’s power in partnership. And this is my desire…to be enlightened the more. Strategize. Make moves that contribute.

My thoughts…

~xo Miss Jones

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  1. You have eloquently written the sentiments of my heart. Every night as I hear the helicopters and noise I say what can be done that will make lasting results for generations to come. Keep writing and inspiring otherss

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