Black Out Tuesday. A hashtag used this week, which did a variety of things across social media platforms. Whether you participated or not, to sit and watch what took place could be called amazing. In every form of the word. For some, it was a moment to stand in solidarity with their black brothers and sisters. Taking a stand against racism, declaring that Black Lives Matter, and being unified. However, for others it was a day to silence everything but what is happening in our country. For some it was a day to continue to push the fight, continue to share resources, continue to educate ourselves and those around us. For some, it was a day to start reading a collection of necessary books, watch relevant movies or documentaries. For some it was to shop black and show support to our black community.

As I began to see the outpouring flood on IG specifically, there were many views, many shed light, many educated, and many decided to stay quiet. There were many things to take away from this. One, it was/is/always amazing to see our black community coming together to unify. We’ve continued to do this, and it’s nothing like coming together in unity to support and show love toward one another. Although there was some confusion, there were many people who made it their business to clarify. Many shared the real meaning and purpose of the day, not to stay silent during this matter, but to push it and silence everything else out.

Some were upset, based on the emotions felt about those using the hashtag Black Lives Matter and pretty much erasing the BLM work and relevant news that needed to be shared. Rightly so. But they shed light on why. They consistently pushed the need for it to be removed, with reasoning. Not hate. Frustration, but no hate. I believe this is what was needed.

Did I post? I most certainly did. I’ve been sharing consistently in my IG stories. One, because the stories get viewed the most. And two, it is the larger platform of all of my platforms. And three, the one I use the most. My purpose was to be unified with my black community. My purpose was to ensure that I posted nothing that wasn’t relevant to the issues we are facing. I removed the BLM hashtag, but I was sure to write it in my caption. I posted 3 blackout pictures on my feed. I also intended to do some research throughout the day. I intended to purchase books to educate myself. I also made the decision to continue to post. Because it is necessary. I shared resources in my stories, and ways we can stand together against the injustices that we face. I downloaded a few books, and I donated to a few organizations. This is something I’ve done, but it was also important to be intentional. Not just today, but moving forward. I’m sharing because this is a way that we can shed light and stand in support, together. Many others chose to continue the fight, some did some of the things mentioned, and some maybe something else.

Some may have viewed this as a divide. Some may have used this blackout as a day to hide behind the post, as some believe. But, some who started with the intentions of being completely silent, became enlightened and shared what was important. We can take away many things from today. But it’s a choice. We can choose to view it all as a negative where there wasn’t as much unity as it was intended to be. Or we can take away a lesson of educating your brothers and sisters. Is it ok to take the stance that some were misinformed or unaware, but there were people who encouraged research and began to shed light? In this season and the seasons to come, let’s be helpers one to another. Even in your frustration because of lack of knowledge or the facts surrounding it, let’s share truth and educate that we may all do better. When we do better, we can come together and make a difference. It’s necessary that we fight and stand up together.

My thoughts…

~xo Miss Jones

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