I’ve been writing and preparing my next post for the past couple of days. Every post I attempted, I couldn’t complete. This last one had direction, but I couldn’t produce it the way I wanted to. After a situation occurred yesterday, I realized how ok I actually was with it. Which led me to write a status on Facebook, “that moment reality sets in, and you realize you’re ok with it. Accepting things for what they are.” It wasn’t until I received a text message today, that I realized I needed to write and share. There comes a time where we must truly accept things for what they are. 

So sometime yesterday morning, I had one of the most real conversations I’ve had with someone in my life. They helped me to see that I viewed their role in my life much different than it actually was. After several text messages, and a twenty minute phone conversation; such a calmness came over me. I understood, saw the reality of the situation, accepted it, and was then able to move past it. We were able to express how we felt, and there was no longer a fight. There was understanding and acceptance. I honestly even surprised myself with my reaction and how I began to deal with it. Based off my track record, I can be honest and say I would not have always reacted in such a manner. Which I believe prepared me for what was to come today. Sometimes situations help build and prepare you for other complicated situations that you’ll encounter sometime down the line. 

The text message received this morning, caused a similar situation. And in the midst of the conversation, there was the exact calmness from the day before. I didn’t want to fight. I wanted it to be an expressive, understanding, acceptancting, and a moving on type of conversation. My immediate response wasn’t to fight. 

These situations taught me that I was so used to fighting, arguing, combating, or being defensive when I encountered situations as such. And when both parties continue to go at it, it’s very rare that it results in a settlement. Who wants to continue to find themselves in situations like this. Certainly not me. Had this been just a little while back, a lot of the things that were said would’ve made me fall apart. But somehow, I’m at a place where I can accept that your reality may not be my reality. And take it from there. 

So I encourage you today to get an understanding, accept it, and move on. Learn not to take everything so personally. And this is coming from a person who’s relatively sensitive and would take everything to heart. But I’m glad to say that I can now take things at face value. If there’s confusion, or a disagreement, let’s attempt to get it straight. We have a conversation, express ourselves, see what each other feels, take it or leave it, and move from there. Life is extremely too short to get stuck in a moment, and fight. Take it for what it is. And kindly move on. Make a decision to deal with a person based on what was said, or make a decision to leave it alone from that point. It’s your choice, but learn to accept the outcome regardless of how it goes. 

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