On this date, one year ago, I officially launched my website. It was a complete leap of faith. My desire and passion to share and encourage people became bigger than all of the fears I accumulated through my lifetime. It was something I needed to do. 

With just four weeks of planning, I was able to do a launch party that exceeded my expectations. There weren’t hundreds of people there, but it was more than I imagined. I was able to get sponsors and people to help me. Some who didn’t know me, but believed in my vision. I am beyond grateful and appreciative of all of the people that helped to make that night such a huge success. 

There have been some stop signs, speed bumps, and unexpected turns; but this year has been amazing. It’s been a great ride. There’s been opportunities I’ve never thought I’d have, and I don’t take any of it for granted. There have been plans and meetings that ultimately fell through, but I see the purpose in it. This has been a learning and growing experience. And through it all, I’ve been able to reach and inspire more people than I could have ever imagined. Had you asked me years ago if I’d be here today, my words would be no of course not. But I’m truly grateful that I put myself and my feelings aside, and ended up where I am today. This helped me to step completely out of my shell and the place I was most comfortable. This gave me the boldness I often craved in my younger days. I always wanted to be as bold, not concerned with what people thought of me; but I was always afraid. And now I can see all the beauty in it. When you’re able to forget about what people will think of you, or who they think you are; you can open up to being a blessing to other people. I never thought I had much to share, which is one of the reasons I stayed quiet for so long. I never knew I had much of anything to offer. But now I’m well aware of the gift that has been placed inside of me. And although I know I don’t even know the half of it, I can see what happens when I choose to tap into my gift. 

So In all that I do, I have to leave something with you. I encourage you to make that decision to tap into your gifts. Walk into the call that you know is on your life, and leave your fears behind. Our journey isn’t all about us. Yes, our leaps of faith build us and help us to grow; but it’ll help more people than we can possible imagine. 

This year has taught me many lessons. One of the biggest and most important, is consistency. Lack of consistency, begins to create doubt and lack of faith overtime. Regardless of what takes place in your life, continue to remain consistent. Remain determined to make things happen no matter what. I’ve also learned not to fall apart when things don’t go according to my plan. We have to brush ourselves off, get up, and have faith that greater is coming. 
Within this year, I’ve been in places and surrounded by people who are where I eventually intend to be. That alone has been a blessing. It’s a testament to where I’m capable of going. So I encourage you to place yourself in situations that cause you to encounter people who are going down a path that you plan to go. Gain all that you can, remain open, and run towards your dreams head on!

Thank you all for your support! I’m not where I know I’m headed, but I’m blessed to have gotten this far! And please know your love and support is beyond appreciated! Look out for more, and be sure to visit gofundme.com/LMJScholarship and support the cause. 
-Miss Jones 😘


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