Even with all of our imperfection, we’re still queens. 
Still striving to be the best that we can be. 

Even through our hurts and our pain, we’re still just as beautiful without any shame. 

We go through life still with a little doubt. But we must persevere and fight. Revealing what we’re really all about. 

There’s so much more to us, you see. 

But it’s only revealed when we make it seen. 

We have to dig deep. Deep from the root. 

Releasing all the junk that clouds our vision. Yeah, it’s time to give that all the boot. 

No longer can we take what they say and make it our reality. 

No longer can we take our negative thoughts and pass it off as real. No, it’s no longer our reality. 

We’ve been given a gift. A gift for the world. 

It’s time to step into our call. 

Our call to lead. To inspire. And give to those in need. 

It’s time to be the queens we were meant to be. 

So arise, my queen. Gods got you now. 
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