This past weekend I was asked, on two separate occasions, if I drive. My response both times, was, “I have a license, but I don’t drive.” As I later began to think on the question, as well as my response, I remember why I went to get my license in the first place. A couple of years ago after I had gotten my permit, I made a goal. I said, my Christmas gift to myself will be my license. By September of that year, after much practice and failing once, I passed my road test and received my license. However, until this day, I don’t do much driving at all. So as I begin to think, this thought came to mind; “what purpose did it serve, if I did nothing with it after I got it?”

There are times when we go hard when trying to reach a certain goal, and when that goal is reached the work stops. Or sometimes the work continues, then eventually dies down. Or we may possibly become comfortable with where we are. Up until the time that I received my drivers license, I asked often for the help I needed to practice my driving. After failing the first time, I went harder. I drove more often, and even paid for a driving instructor the day of my test. When I passed, I was happy that I was able to achieve my goal. I drove here and there after. Then it died down. I didn’t ask people who had a car as often as I once did, if I could practice. I reached the goal, and that was it. 

This can happen with any goal we may have. We may obtain degrees, and settle for a job that we don’t really care for. Or we stay longer in a position along the lines of our careers, instead of going for something greater. What purpose is our education and experience if we aren’t using it to our advantage? We’ll have knowledge and some form of achievement, but we’ll remain where we are. 

As I sat and realized how I’ve settled in many ways, this became so real to me. Too often I’ve been in this situation or have seen someone I’m close with here. It’s time for us to direct our goals. It’s time for us to pursue things with a purpose. It’s great to make a goal for yourself, but something has to follow once the goal is achieved. The work must continue. 

When making a goal, have a plan. Always. Write out the purpose of the goal. Then write the steps you need to take to get to that purpose after you’ve reached that initial goal. Never stop working. When we get to the place where we feel comfortable and stop working, that’s when things begin to go sour. We may begin to feel this emptiness. And we’ll most definitely be at a complete standstill. No further growth. No one wants to be in this position. It’s not a great feeling. Especially when we know our life has greater purpose, but we can’t reach it. So I encourage you today, put a purpose to your goals. And once you’ve achieved it, continue the work. There’s so much more to come, when you keep moving!



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