As most of you know, I’m a Christian. And I am heavily involved in my church. Therefore, I am one of the administrators on my church’s Facebook page. There was a video posted on Tuesday after noonday prayer of my Shepard Mother (the mother of the church) praying. Yesterday, I noticed, through all of the notifications I’d received throughout the day, that the video was getting an extreme amount of attention. The views were skyrocketing, there were many likes, comments, and an abundance of shares by the end of the night. This honestly blew my mind. I love this woman, so it wasn’t necessarily a surprise that others gravitated towards her; but the magnitude of it was amazing to me. And as I began to think on it one last time as I was getting ready for bed, two very important lessons (takeaways) dropped in my mind. Value and obedience! And I knew I had to write it immediately. 

As I began to read all of the kind and positive messages regarding the video and all of the shares, it made me smile. And as I was talking to my mother about it, she raised a very good point. She said everyone is really encouraged by her prayers, and sometimes we (the church members) get used to it because we get it all the time. Others may not have that. Hours after she said that, I began to think that although we love and respect her, maybe we haven’t always treasured her the way we should. Of course we think highly of her, but maybe we haven’t fully valued the jewel that God has given us. This then led me to think in terms of our lives. God has given us gifts, talents, and the like, and we don’t always value and treat them the best way possible. Or even the way that God intended. Of course we thank God for it, but are we really using them to their full potential? Are we really valuing what we’ve been given by going as hard as we can to share that gift? In more cases than one, we don’t always do these things. And there are times where people can see the value and how powerful our gift is more than we do, because we haven’t really treasured it. 

The second thought I had, dealt with obedience. As I thought about how blown away I was, the words “God is going to blow your mind” were very clear to me. But of course it was followed by “if only you’re obedient”. So many people were blessed because of the obedience behind the prayer. Often times we want things to happen, we want to, flourish, not even realizing the power of what we possess. We have to handle these particular gifts with care. And we have to be sure we execute properly. But we can only do that by seeking God and following the instructions that He has given us in our private time with Him. When we take what we are given without fully understanding the effects it’ll have, we tend to handle it the way we want to handle it. Or the way we think we should handle it. However, we’ve been chosen to possess something powerful. Something that’ll influence many, but the influence can only be positive when we move correctly. 

It’s imperative that we realize just how powerful our gifts are. There’s something special about the things we possess. We’ve been chosen to carry it, and we must treasure it. We have to be sure to value all that God has given us. We have to handle it with care, and know that it’s meant for others. People will be blessed when we’re obedient to God and value what He’s given us! Be encouraged.


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