During these unprecedented times, it is very important that we find ways to cope, ways to continue on with life, and ways to keep ourselves sane. There may be some of us that feel at such a standstill while we are on shutdown. There are some who may feel their dreams and visions have to halt. Some may just feel as if they are empty and have no idea how they can manage to feel somewhat alive. How can we manage to stay afloat in a season where many people are being lost, some are not able to work, and plans have been cancelled. What do we do now?

While there is so much that can be said to answer such a question, let’s deal with one. One way to cope in this season is to take advantage of the time. With the many that have been left to stay home, there is a myriad of content that has been spewing throughout the media. There are experts that have chosen to go live, create Masterclasses, Workshops, and filter our great resources to help in all areas. It’s out there now, and it’s beneficial.

I myself have been working from home, and have plans that have been canceled. This year I had plans to revamp and connect with people. I had plans to host events etc. Quarantine can have a big effect on your mental capacity. So there were days where I would get online to work (teach) and did nothing more. I felt off not being able to go out. However, as I began to scroll throughout the social media platforms, I came across valuable information. As creatives and entrepreneurs, we don’t want to let what we have in us die, but we can feel unmotivated. This is where these great resources come into place. I came across a few Branding and Marketing Workshops, Free Branding Content Templates, Spiritual Challenges, etc. These are the areas that needed a boost, for me. Therefore, it was important that I registered. These classes and lives created a community for people who are striving for something more. Sometimes it takes the help of a community to push you out of a place called, “stuck”.

In these moments of feeling lost and confused, these communities help give you an extra boost. In some cases, it gives you the constant refueling that you need. Sometimes you need someone who may have shared the same feelings that you have to share how they were able to overcome. Or share a word of prayer for comfort and growth. Maybe you need to see people who have been able to continue to successfully push their business, and are able to give you tools to do the same.

Now more than ever, we need to take advantage of the time we are in and the communities that it is creating. These are not easy times that we are living in. But these are times that we can get through, with the help of a community. I want to encourage you to take the time that is needed. Anxiety is real, and sometimes you need that space to recollect. However, don’t allow yourself to become defeated. Don’t allow what is inside of you to die. Take advantage of the times, the resources, and the communities that are being developed.

Lovely Miss Jones is developing a community of its own. May is Women’s Health Month, and it is around the corner. Look out for information regarding “Take A Moment: Quarantined Edition”. Click here to join our mailing list for all of the details!

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