Going into my 26th year last August, I coined it my year of New Beginnings. 2+6=8, which signifies new beginnings. It was literally the beginning of many things for me. As I officially launched my website, I knew there was so much more ahead. As we have entered into the second half of this year, and with exactly two months remaining in my 26th year of life; many situations within these past few days have reminded me that it isn’t over just yet. There’s still room for ‘New’. And with faith and persistence, I just need to embrace it. 

Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love to hold on to memories. I literally save messages and pictures so that I can go back and put myself back into those moments. So I’ve been connected to a particular person on and off for a little over two years. Very recently, maybe about almost two months ago, the nature of our relationship unfortunately changed. We decided to no longer be as close as we previously were for our own private reasons. And although the love was still there, we decided to keep things on more of a friendship level. Me being who I am, of course I still had every single text message in my phone. Last week we were exchanging messages and after I sent the last text, I didn’t lock my phone as I normally would. Then accidentally, my finger touched the screen and deleted the entire chat. Now, I totally freaked out. I was upset, overwhelmed, and probably a bunch of other emotions. After my little pity party and being laughed at by those around, the first thing that came to mind was new beginning. I was stuck in what we were. I would go back to the messages and place myself in those moments that made me smile. And although, I will never forget them, the nature of our friendship was different. There was a level of friendship I always wanted with this person, but where we’d previously been, we couldn’t have that. And as I began to think, I realized what would and could come from our friendship now. Although it was something I wanted, and even after desired, I realize where we are now. And I see that things have been caused to change. However, I’m able to see the new. I see the path that our friendship will go down. I see that we can still be close to one another, but in a different nature. And the new that I began to see was still good. 

So often we become weary when situations change. Or when things end. But we have to learn to see the newness in it. When something ends, something else has to begin. 
A few days ago, I received some news that at first made me want to retreat. Things are starting to change all around me. This one area I’d gotten so complacent to the point that I thought I was secure. Funny thing, it’s been a little over two years that I’ve been in this position. And with the recent changes, after I checked myself, has put me in a place where I’m pushed to go hard. I’m being pushed to go harder for what I want. I’m being pushed to go harder towards my goals. I’m being pushed to go harder for bigger opportunities, that I deserve. 
Sometimes situations happen to push us to the new that we should’ve sought before. We get comfortable thinking that this is it for us, but if we change our mindset and go after something bigger, we can have it. 
So with my last two months of being 26, I vow to go hard, have faith, and be open to the new that’s on its way. I’m beginning to speak some things that are not, as though they were. I’m going to walk as if the new is already here. I won’t be sad about where I am and the changes that are going on all around me, I’m believing God for the new that He has for me. 
I encourage all of you to change your mindset. We’ve reached the second half of the year, and if you feel like you’ve missed chances and opportunities, there’s still time. There’s still room for ‘new’. Have faith, stay persistent, and embrace it! 


  1. Your insight on life is much appreciated. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Hearing about life experiences and seeing the similarities can lead to a breathe of fresh air. I see you! Keep up to good work!

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