Last night I was up extremely late and my mind began to race. I was in deep thought about my life and how things have gone. Some things/events I never thought would have taken place had you asked me a couple of years ago. I even started to wonder if I regretted anything. As I began to look at the lives of others, I started to think, “well, what if I would’ve done things that way” or “yeah, that’s the right way to do it.”

Then the very words I’d spoken earlier that evening in a conversation came to me. “Some things happen because it was meant to happen.”
I began to think on it. My life has not at all been perfect and sometimes I wonder why certain things happened or why I got myself into certain situations. It then dawned on me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Although I thought I’d take a different path and certain things I wouldn’t experience, it happened. And there’s still purpose behind it. It’s building up a testimony within me. Something I can share with others. Something that will help someone else who’s gone through the same thing and believe they’re stuck because of it.

Too often we try to compare our lives to the lives of others, thinking because we haven’t done things the way we thought we would, that we messed up completely. Then we beat ourselves up, and we become mentally entangled. But we have to accept that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we have to go through things we didn’t even anticipate to produce greatness. The process isn’t always going to be the way we’ve planned, but trust it’ll all be worth it when you see the purpose behind it. So I encourage you to stop comparing your life to another and beating yourself up for the things that you’ve gone through, it’s certainly for a greater purpose!



  1. I agree with this post. This happens way too often. I’ve found myself comparing my life to those of others as well. up until recently, I realized that there will always be someone happier, more successful, more skillful,or etc. What is important is realizing that my life and how I live it was the only thing that was important!

    Your new friend,

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