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She’s Up Next!

She’ nail polish is for sure the next big thing! I’m no nail polish expert, but I can tell you this is a must have. The polish was shipped out on a Friday (Labor Day weekend) and while I was away on vacation, I was told they arrived by Tuesday. Immediately I was impressed with the fast delivery and lovely packaging.

I was given two different colors. A bold orange (Maxi Dress) and a beautiful red (Wrap Me Up in Red). I also like the names of the polish. Very unique and different.


Being that orange is my favorite color, it was only right that I try Maxi Dress first. I went to the nail salon as I often do. Immediately, the nail technician recommended a gel manicure because normal manicures don’t last. From my experience, my manicures usually stay fresh for one day from this nail salon. But of course, I declined. As she finished up the manicure and reached for the color, she asked if I brought it along with me. She then went on to say how beautiful and bright the color was. I found that the Polish went on smoothly, very easy to apply. Also very glossy.


I checked my nails all day, everyday because I’m so used to my nails chipping quickly. But to my surprise, my manicure stayed nice and fresh. After a week (today), I can say that I’m very satisfied with the quality of She’ Nail Polish. From the time I had the manicure done until now, I’ve received so many compliments on this color. Men and women alike, everyone loved it.

I highly recommend this polish. The colors are beautifully vibrant, application is easy, it’s long lasting, and it’s affordable. What more can you ask for from a nail polish. To purchase these lovely colors and an array of others that ‘brighten up any mood’, visit and check them out on Instagram @shenailpolish. Special thanks to Rashetta Miller, creator of She’ Nail Polish for creating a great line, sharing her experience, and allowing others to experience it.

(She’ Nail Polish)

(Rashetta Miller, creator of She’ Nail Polish)

Fashion: BET Fashion Week Premier

This past Wednesday night, September 3rd, I was given the opportunity to volunteer for BET On Fashion/ B real BET show. This private event was a great way to kickoff New York Fashion Week 2014.

(Tianna Robbins)

The event was held at the lovely Escape NY located on the west side of New York City. Escape is a beautiful venue, with two large rooms to be utilized. One room for the cocktail hour and the other for the main show. The check-in began at 7pm where guest came flooding in starting with the cocktail hour. There were two bars on opposite sides of the room, a few high tables draped with a gold sequence table cloth, a photobooth that everyone wanted pose in front of, and mingling.

There were many a-list guest who were invited to attend. Of course Debra Lee, Chairman and executive chief of BET Networks was in the building. Other guests included, singer/songwriter Elle Varner who hosted the red carpet show, Mikki Taylor who for 30 years served as groundbreaking Beauty & Cover Director as well as editor at large of Essence Magazine, amazing writer Vanessa Bush who is the editor-in-chief of Essence Magazine, lifestyle expert and brand strategist Emil Wilbekin, cohost of The Chew Carla Hall, and cast member of Being Mary Jane Richard Brooks. Just to name a few.



At 8pm the guest were invited to enter the next room, where the 25 minute fashion show would take place. The models did a fabulous job strutting the runway in amazing pieces by amazing designers. The designers are listed below.

Tashia Senn’s love for fashion at a young age is shown through her collection. She Received her degree from FIT in 2009, October of that same year she launched her first collection of high end women’s evening wear. Her collection displays romance, charm, and creativity. Senn’s passion is also reflected in the creation of her non-profit organization Savvy Girl, which is an organization geared towards reaching, assisting, and mentoring young women. This is all in hopes of changing their lives personally and professionally through fashion.

(BET Network)

Viktor Luna’s collection is said to be for the woman who is “empowered, elegant, and edgy.” As shown here.

(Jonelle Alert)

Andrew Nowell Men’s Fashion is a tailored sportswear line inspired by what may seem to be two opposite worlds. He creates his designs based off the music cultures of Hip Hop, Rock and R&B; along with connections of British Tailoring at Central London’s Savile Row.

(BET Network)

Helen Castillo of designer Helen. project runaway finalist. New Jersey native and FIT graduate.

(Music of Brando)

Lastly Natt Taylor who’s Inspired by the sassy, sophisticated spirit of all women. Her line celebrates the feminine body, with bold colors and shapes. Her line was one of my favorites. Great designs and typical affordable prices as well.

(Dionne Michelle)

After the show, the guests stuck around for the after party. Where they continued enjoying the open bar, photobooth, and other guests.

Overall, it was an incredible event. Everything came together nicely. Glad I was able to be apart and experience such a beautiful night. Special thanks to Tianna Robbins for the invite.

Music: ANS Summer Showcase

This past Thursday night, August 28th, I was invited to attend a summer showcase put together by Anthony Scott DePerto of ANS Studios. I was told that Anthony does it all, and I witnessed that Thursday. He not only put the whole show together, he was all over. He was the photographer and made sure he captured the entire event. Back and forth trying to get every angle. I saw him several times pacing around Mexicali to ensure that everything was in place.

Anthony & Miss Jones

Anthony is the owner of ANS Studios, where he does audio, video, and photography work. ANS is a studio that many artists have utilized, since 2005, for the furtherance of their career.

The showcase was held at Mexicali Live, on Queen Ann Rd. in Teaneck, NJ. Which had a nice chill vibe, nice seating space, dimmed lighting, and voluminous paintings on the walls. There was a main floor as well as an upper level and a DJ booth in the back close to the bar. The food and drinks were also great.


This event was hosted by actor/comedian, Bill the Billionaire who kept the crowd laughing and engaged.

The purpose of the showcase was to give up and coming hip hop artists in New Jersey an opportunity to perform. This gave them a platform to display their talents as well as build a larger audience. All the performers received a chance to show what they had and try to get the crowd rocking.

The performers for the night were: Brotherhood, Rob Deech, Jusdollaz, Vers’tyle, IQ the Prodigy, OTO, Sean Preme, C-More Bucks, Cash Poe, Ramo, Guy, and T-Rell.




To find out more about ANS Studios and see what else they have up next, check out the website and follow on Instagram @ansstudios.