Sometimes the things we are looking for/forward to are really right in front of our eyes.

So two nights ago I thought I lost my wallet. I got home from church in a panic looking for it. When I realized I didn’t have it, I said it had to be at the church. I was hoping I didn’t drop it in the street on the way to and from the car. Because I literally had everything in there, the next morning I went to look for it. I had to leave Jersey earlier than I normally would to travel to Brooklyn to go to work in Harlem, which is closer to my home. I tried not to stress over it, but I was honestly a little frustrated being that this was the second time I misplaced it. I went to the church and looked in every place I thought I’d been and couldn’t find it. I immediately felt a way because in my mind, I’d wasted my time traveling that far and still couldn’t find what I needed. I just sat there for a while, called a few people, talked about how I was all messed up now, and looked a few more times. I didn’t see it and needed to go to work, so I left.

When I got off of work, I received a phone call from my mother telling me that she’d found my wallet, at the very church I went to that morning and left without a wallet.

As I was at a concert last night waiting for it to begin, it dropped into my head that sometimes we need a fresh set of eyes. We’re looking with eyes of frustration and a preconceived notion that we’re possibly not going to find it or it possibly won’t happen. When there are fresh/clear eyes, it’s easy for us to see what’s always been.

Then that statement shifted for me. We’re looking for gifts that we already possess. But we’ve become too frustrated that its clouded our vision. Many times, we may not see results as fast as we’d like and after some time, we begin to get frustrated. Through our frustration, we assume we’re not gifted or that we’re missing something. But in actuality, it’s been there all along and we have to keep working in order for us to pull it out. Had I sat back and didn’t make any phone calls to vent before I decided to look again, maybe I would’ve been able to think the night before through. Which would’ve helped me remember exactly where I’d been in the church. I would’ve then been able to find my wallet.

Be encouraged, don’t allow your frustrations to blur your vision. Don’t begin to deny or doubt the things that you already posses. Take a seat back and reevaluate things. Think it over and maybe plan before you continue with your process!

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