Fear is something that we all encounter, in many different forms. More times than often, we try our best to escape it. On the other hand, there are times that we fall into the hands of fear, and end up submitting to it. However, it isn’t until we acknowledge and accept fear that we can truly overcome it. Many times we’re told to resist fear; run away from it, don’t let it seep in. But in all actuality, fear is something that needs to be accepted. It almost needs to be embraced. There’s beauty in fear if we look deep and are willing to acknowledge it.

Dismissing fear and allowing it to overtake you, can put you in a place of defeat. Or a place where you’re allowing all that’s inside of you to be overshadowed or oppressed by what you fear. Often times we have a way of just ignoring the feelings of fear that arise. We don’t want to deal with it. However, it’s imperative that we do just that. We have to acknowledge those feelings of fear and deal with it, head on.

The beautiful part of fear is that it shows us or even puts us in a place that we don’t desire. A place that makes us uncomfortable. Yes, sometimes we rock with it. But it’ll get to a place where you can no longer live in that state of discomfort. Therefore, it pushes you to do something about it. It causes you to do something to make you better. The discomfort will begin to push you in the direction of greater. Being displeased and uncomfortable will ultimately set you up for success. The fear will begin to make you realize you really can’t afford to stay in such a state. In a place where fear takes the wheel and our desires, gifts, talents, etc takes the backseat. Fear helps you to stand up for yourself. It allows you to see your worth. To see what you’re capable of. When you allow it, fear can be beautiful. Let’s learn to acknowledge and deal with the fear we experience so that we can succeed beautifully. Allow your discomfort to push you to do and be better.

-xo Miss Jones

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