My heart aches. Literally aches for my people. The systemic racism that plagues….I can’t express into words how heavy I’ve actually been. How disheartening it is to continue to see these acts. Against my people. So I’ve decided to write a love letter to us…My people

My People! 

Who would’ve thought we’d still live in a world like this, so many years later.

Do I believe this behavior will change? It’s unfortunate that it may never change.

But I want you to know that I value you! I value your presence. I value your life. I value who you are. I value your strength. I value your persistence and your ability to never give up. Through all that we have to face, we still push through and show up. In a world where many others want us to fail. In a world where people in authority want to kill us off. Please know that you are loved, and you are valued. I will never stop rooting for you. I will never stop valuing you. And I will never stop loving you. My heart aches. My heart hurts. But my heart is pouring with an abundance of love for you. Continue to be who you are. Continue to be strong. Continue to stand tall. And continue to show up. 

You are loved,

Signed a black girl who’s heart aches for her people 

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