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Activate Your Vision Board Party with Lucinda Cross

Friday, February 13th, I had the opportunity to attend the Activate Your Vision Board Party presented by “The Chief Activator” Lucinda Cross. Cross has been featured in this years January edition of Essence Magazine. She’s been making vision boards for 10 years, and has received great results. The latest vision board she purposed to be featured, and that is exactly what came to past. She has also been featured on the Today Show, and is also a contributing writer for Black Enterprise and Huffington Post.

Lucinda is a woman who has overcome incredible struggle and is now helping others through a method that has helped her reach this level of success. She has dedicated herself to going around the world and sharing how “the power of vision can set your goals on fire.” She did and now you can too. During these parties, Cross let’s others know the real purpose of creating a vision board and how to clarify your goals and dreams.

Friday’s event was held in Harlem, NY at Raw Space, which is a nice intimate space with beautiful paintings donning the walls. Upon entering the venue, there was music playing, mingling, and the atmosphere was set. The tables were decorated lovely, with magazines, mood rocks, and wine glasses with beautiful quotes. There was then a table with materials to create the visions boards, as well as Lucinda’s vision board that was featured in Essence.



Cupcakes were being served by the volunteers who did a great job the entire evening. Food was then served, as more people gathered in for the night. Music, eating, and talking commenced for a little while. The sponsor for the evening was donutologist, Todd Jones. He made delicious homemade, mini donuts. He’s the owner of Sweet Dreams, where they bring the donut experience to you. As well as, Cuzzin’s Duzin, where you come to the donut experience. These donuts were mouth watering.


Then to start the evening off, Dr. Stacy NC Grant came up to speak to this room filled with anxious ladies, ready to write the vision and make it plain. She discussed the purpose of us being there, all the while dropping some encouragement as well. On this cold frigid night, she commended those in attendance who “came out on a cold night to warm their dreams”. She encouraged everyone to jump and grow their wings on the way down. As well as posed the question, “what seeds are you going to plant tonight?”


She then introduced the financial motivator, author, and speaker Ash Cash. Having heard him speak previously, I knew he’d have some great encouragement for us all. He started by sharing a little of his story. He grew up in Harlem where many people around him either ended up in jail or down a path of negativity. But he went against the grain, and came out on top. He’s been in banking for 15 years and is the author of a best seller. He’s been featured in many publications, such as Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine, and more. As well as popular radio stations, Hot 97 and WBLS 107.5.
Ash went on to share a story he heard about a brick wall. The father told his son he broke down a brick wall and wanted him to rebuild it. The father then had to tell the son, because in his mind it was too much, don’t focus so much on the wall, focus on one brick. It’ll be so powerful, you can’t break it down. Often times we try to handle everything at once, when it’s important to put our focus on one thing at a time. He left us with these powerful sayings..
•The work that you put in today is all that matters.
•The power is in your vision.
•Don’t wait until later to do something. Do it now!


Next up was the energetic, Katie Kozlowski. Started by saying, if you believe it, then you’ll see it. She shared how she knew there was greater ahead, but wasn’t sure how it would manifest. She uses play as a way to reach success. She believes the journey should be joyful and fun. It shouldn’t have to be a sad process. She briefly shared how she took her own worth away and wondered how she would create something golden. And she was able to do just that. So she encouraged the audience that the past is the past and you have an opportunity to change who you are.


Then the lady of the hour, Lucinda Cross, came up to speak. She shared how she was able to accomplish 80% of the things included on her vision board. It’s more than just a vision board, but a faith board. If you believe it, you’ll receive it. For example, she put Keke Palmers’ picture on her vision board, and she was later one of the speakers for the Activate Conference. That was one amongst many manifestations of the vision board she created. Below are a few powerful points she left us with:

•No one is obligated to support our dream. You have to go after what you want.

•Its important to have abundant thinking when it comes to your dreams.

•Link up with people who have manifested some things. You need a success entourage.

•Say no to certain things, so you can say yes to greater.

•Show up strategically. Lucinda shared stories where she showed up for an event. She wasn’t the main speaker, but someone asked her to come. She said she would, and although it wasn’t a large gathering and she stood in the back, after the event and her sharing a few sentences; someone approached her and asked what she did. The person was someone from Essence Magazine and it led to her feature.

•You have to be a demonstration of a blessing.

•Mantra: “My vision is coming to past, just like that.”

•You have to be ready. Will you be ready when they call? Lucinda shared the moment she received the call for Essence magazine and they told her they were bringing full camera crew for an interview. She was ready, she just purchased a dress and didn’t need the wardrobe that Essence brought for her.

•You’re asking for more when you haven’t finished what’s on your plate. Focus on what you have, so that you’re able to get more.

•Use what’s in your hands.


After her great speech, we were led into beginning our boards. Those in attendance took all of the encouragement and motivation they received to pour into their boards. They were already excited from the beginning to put their dreams and goals down on their boards, but was given that extra boost. There were some who were moved to tears by what had taken place. This event touched and changed the lives of many.






It was also important to have others around you who have the same goals of success in mind. Towards the end Lucinda did an exercise to show how we have the support of our sisters. Two women sat back to back with one another after briefly sharing what their goals were for the year. Everyone in the room then walked up individually to whisper words of support, wisdom, and encouragement that they needed.


This event was so empowering. To have someone who’s gone through a certain process, a rough process, but was able to have enough faith to make it and reach her goals is amazing. But it’s even more amazing for them to dedicate themselves to changing the lives of others through that. Special thanks, to Lucinda Cross and her team for the opportunity to cover this incredible event. Stay in touch with Lucinda Cross by visiting her website and social media networks, Instagram: @lucindacross, twitter: @lucindaspeaks

(Miss Jones and Lucinda Cross)

Sunday Evening Serenade

Sunday, September 21st, I had the pleasure of attending Sunday Evening Serenade’s one year anniversary! This event is created and hosted by Olivia Gilmore. Sunday Evening Serenade is an acoustic showcase that’s put on once every month. The purpose of this event is not only to give artists a platform to perform; it is also for all artists, vendors, and those in the entertainment and fashion industry to promote themselves and network.

SES was held at Ripley Grier Studios in the midtown area of NYC. The room was nice, quaint, and intimate with a beautiful white grand piano. Just right for an evening serenade. The featured artists of the night were, Ashton Martin, Mayo Bass, and Olivia Gilmore. Because of traffic, Natalie Imani was unable to attend.

(Mayo Bass, Olivia Gilmore, Ashton Martin)

The evening began with great tunes playing in the background, while the audience was given an opportunity to mingle and network with one another as well as the vendors, who I must say produced great work.

Cherise Broadbelt of Reese B Designs blew me away with her collection. As her material says, it’s “Not Your Average.” Cherise has a line of bow ties (available for both women and men), clutches, and jewelry. Every bow tie and clutch is handmade by Cherise herself, with beautiful fabrics and leather. Her pieces are well put together ending with a great product. Not only are her pieces amazing, her personality is very warm and welcoming. View Reese B Designs below and visit the Instagram, @reesebdesigns, to view more and order pieces from her collection.

(Cherise Broadbelt, Reese B Designs)

Another vendor was Tremaine Angevine, CEO of OFCC. OFCC is an urban clothing line with great designs. Every shirt, sweatshirt, hat is personally designed by Tremaine. OFCC has done many trade shows and continues to push their brand. Take a look at apart of their collection below. Also check out their website for more,

(Tremaine Angevine, CEO of OFCC)

Other vendors included, food by Ms. Anita G. From the raves on social media, her food was delicious. Be sure to check her out on Instagram @chefmamagarciajr.

After the brief mingling, it was time for the main show. Every artist who took the stage, was absolutely amazing.

Starting out with Ashton Martin accompanied by JT on piano. From the melodies that flowed from Ashton’s mouth Sunday evening, you could tell that he’s been doing this for some time now. He’s actually been singing since the age of 10 and composing his own songs by the age of 12. Since then, he’s been perfecting his craft and doing a great job at it. Ashton started his set with one of my personal favorites, So High by John Legend. John Legend is an amazing artist and not many can fill his shoes. However, Martin’s raspy voice fit the song perfectly. Every note in the right place. He then went to a self written song entitled, Your Body. Which is a song he wrote after a breakup and all he could think of was her embrace. His connection with the audience was amazing. You could hear every emotion while he sang as he have the perfect eye contact. He finished his set with very popular song, Superstar by Luther Vandross. Overall, great singer, songwriter, and performer. Be sure to check Ashton out on twitter and Instagram @ashtnmrtn. Also, purchase his new single “Lights Out” on iTunes.

(Photo taken by @faceonbroadway)

Up next was the bubbly Miya Mayo Bass accompanied by Eddie C on piano. When Mayo entered the room you automatically saw her lively personality. Mayo was X Factor 2013 finalist and worked with countless recording artists. Varying from Brandy, Shirley Murdock, Mary Mary, Fantasia, Vashawn Mitchell, and more. Mayo started out with ‘Boy Band Trivia’ from her upcoming project Nostalgia. This song is a cumulation of some of the greatest boy band hits; such as Don’t Leave (Stay) by Blackstreet, It’s Over Now by 112, On Bended Knees by Boys II Men, Gone by Nsync, and 5 Steps by Dru Hill. One of the most creative songs I’ve heard. To put these amazing tracks together was amazing to hear added with her amazing vocals. She then ended with her latest single, ‘The Cure.’ This is by far one of the most powerful songs. This song was created for anyone who suffers from cancer, diabetes, and anyone who needs healing. Mayo prayed and asked God for the lyrics, and The Cure was birthed. Sunday evening she belted out these lyrics and you felt every word. To hear the song, visit and view the official video, available for purchase on iTunes. Mayo is also currently doing a church tour where she is open to visiting churches and singing ‘The Cure.’ Stay up to date with Mayo Bass by visiting her website,

(Photo taken by @faceonbroadway)

Last but certainly not least, the host and creator of Sunday Evening Serenade, Miss Olivia Gilmore. After hearing about the effects of bullying, she was prompted to start out with Unpretty by TLC. Encouraging everyone to look within and find their beauty and not allow the words of others to get them to a negative place in life. After her first song, Olivia let the audience in. She explained how private of a person she was, which is understandable in this business, but grasped the crowd with her transparency that night. She talked about how SES started as well as the difficulties she’s encountered throughout this year. Although there were many obstacles that came up against her, she never gave up. She expressed her goal as an artist and how she wanted to become famous when starting out, but she never only considered herself. She created this showcase for the benefit of all artists. Olivia not only wanted to build her brand as an artist, she also wanted to help her fellow artist get ahead in the game. Which is commendable. To have had to face troubles along the way, she could’ve stopped; but she continued to maintain. Olivia also has a great personality. She kept the crowd laughing the entire night.
It was an absolute pleasure meeting Olivia and attending such a wonderful event. Special thanks for the invitation. To stay up to date with Olivia and Sunday Evening Serenade follow her Instagram @msoliviagilmore. You can also check out her music on soundcloud. You won’t be disappointed, she gave her all with every song she sang Sunday night.

(Photo taken by @faceonbroadway)




-Miss Jones

Ladies Power Circle: Female Entrepreneur Networking Mixer

On Saturday, May 31st, two business owners, Kash and Oneka came together and created Ladies Power Circle networking mixer. An event where women in business, entrepreneurs, as well as aspiring business owners; came together to network, educate, empower, and be a support to one another.



This was a free event, open to all females. From the moment you walked into the room, you immediately felt amazing energy from all the of the other wonderful females that were present. Running a little late, I came in during the speed networking portion. Although I was late, I was welcomed at the door by Oneka who immediately found me a spot so I could join right in.


This event was hosted by one of the most energetic and engaging woman, who’s known as the ‘hostess with the mostest, Rain. She kept the ladies laughing all day.

There were amazing raffles and vendors in the building. Vendors from, Diamond Deijor, Kashmir Rox Boutique, Evonne’s soapsation, Shop Alesha, Pink Cuptails, and many more. Every lady left with something.

The first speaker told the ladies how to pitch their businesses. She allowed the women to role play different scenarios to promote their businesses and get service.

Some of the ladies then got the opportunity to give a 2 minute pitch of their business. Explaining what they do and what services they offer. Or even share a poem that they’d written.

The last speaker, Kimberly Blythe-Benson. Her warm southern presence was felt from the moment she got up. She shared how she always had speaking engagements, but had a fear of traveling. She stayed within the confines of her area. This was her first time traveling for a speaking event. While she was driving in New York during rush hour traffic and every car tried to come in. No one gave eye contact and just kept moving. Things began to get “real” for her. Although it was her fear, after awhile she just went on out there. She made the decision to go and take the risk. This led to one of the themes of the day, “Take the risk. Drop every fear.” When we want something bad, we have to leave our fears behind and take the risk.

And when we’re able to let go of our fears, we can build and connect with the females that were in the room to go further and further. A great day of educating, supporting, empowering, and networking with incredible females! Check out the Facebook page to find out more information, You won’t be disappointed!


Fem Night: Female Entrepreneur Mixer

The Fem Network is a network that provides female entrepreneurs with a platform to share, learn, and empower. They put together various events, Fem Night, that give females this opportunity.

This pass Friday Night, May 30th, Fem Night along with the founder Christina and Vice President Kawin, held a Female Entrepreneur Mixer at the lovely Elite Conceptions Hair Lounge. An event where over 250 women registered. The place was packed to capacity with wonderful women from all different career paths.


The event was sponsored by fem members and business owners. From the Bitxhy Boutique, skyy vodka, Vera Mona, royalty strands, glamour queens, chest full of treasures, loose lipz, etc..


There was a performance by author, Nerissa Jenkins. She read a poem to inspire women in honor of her inspiration Maya Angelou. She then got a little “mysterious” and read a piece from her first book, Mysterious Me.

The guest speaker from Friend in your Pocket. Author, Qwana Reynolds, shared with the women how it’s great to stick together. She shared a story from the bible about women who stuck together and made things happen. She encouraged the women to utilize one another and the different avenues that we have. She also encouraged everyone to bring out all that’s within them, whether it’s a book, clothing line or anything else. If it’s in you, do it and use the females around you to help connect and to build.


During the event were also incredible raffles as well as a silent auction. So many wonderful gifts were given out.

It was amazing to see so many women in one room, connecting, laughing, enjoying one another’s company, all the while supporting, empowering, and building business relationships.

Fem Night is a wonderful network. Being able to attend this event, showed just that. Check out the website and find out more information! You won’t be disappointed!