The Songstress, Songbird

Songbird is a 23 year old singer of Haitian American decent. She was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Long Island up until the age of 18. She then made her way back to Brooklyn. She’s been singing since the young age of seven and has been following her dreams. Not only is singing her dream, but she is also currently in school pursuing a nursing career. She has already received her LPN license, and has planned to continue on. She believes that one should always have a concrete plan and plan b.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this lovely young lady, who gives off nothing but good vibes. Very positive and all around great person. Below you’ll see more of a glimpse of who she is, her journey thus far, and what’s to come down the road.

Miss Jones: When did you discover your love and passion for singing?

Songbird: My older cousin is actually the reason I’m singing today. She’s my favorite cousin, and when I was younger, I always wanted to be just like her. One year during our family reunion, my grandmother wanted all of her grandchildren to sing. We all gathered together and sang ‘Can’t Give Up Now, and for some reason I just grabbed the mic. And I loved being in that moment. And I sounded good. That’s when I knew this was something I loved.

Miss Jones: When did you realize you wanted to make this a career?

Songbird: It was in junior high school. I struggled with a speech impediment. I stuttered very badly, and wasn’t able to reiterate some things because I couldn’t speak properly. But when I sang, I didn’t stutter. Singing helped me gain confidence and control of my stuttering. I felt like a totally different person when I sang. It literally changed my life.

Miss Jones: What do you love the most as a singer?

Songbird: I love that I can always switch it up. I don’t always have to be stagnant. I can do R&B, but I can also turn around and do a jazz set. You can also add various live bands. Through all of it, you improve and create art. I can be transparent or a chameleon. It’s a never ending cycle of change.

MJ: What do dislike about it?

SB: When you’re an artist, it’s bittersweet that you put yourself into your art, you give a piece of yourself. I don’t like that people can tear you down or tell you that you’re not doing it right, jus because it’s different and not a trend. I also don’t like the lack of privacy sometimes. Once people are locked in, they assume they get to know every detail. Lastly, I don’t like that some think I should be more sexual, like only sex sells. I have gotten opportunities stripped away because of things I wouldn’t wear. People took songs and studio time away from me because I refused to be something that I’m not. But my artistry and my love for this keeps me going.

MJ: What are some of the mistakes you’ve made during this process?

SB: I’ve been a bit naive in the past and believed everyone had my best interest at heart. I had to learn to let people prove things to me. I’ve also been so quick to jump into things, not knowing much about the business. I had to learn that it’s important to have my manager alongside of me. I can’t do things on my own. It’s so much better when I have my team. People respect you more when you do.

MJ: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

SB: It’s not tangible yet. So far, believing in myself and having confidence in myself. It hasn’t always been this way. I was going to give up at one point because of people. I’m now in a place where I can love my life for me, and I’m not letting anyone else tear that away from me. My biggest accomplishment is restoring my faith in God, and my inner growth.

MJ: What do you hope to gain?

SB: There are different levels. On the level of an artist, I want more freedom to write and create. I’m still a little afraid at times and it takes me a while to get inspired. So I hope to gain that freedom as an artist. I also hope that I can become a bridge that can connect people. Music is where complete strangers can bond. I want to become an artist that can help bridge people together. I want to be another source of music that can create a sense of ease, to the emotions of others. Even if it’s just one person, I can inspire others and keep the circle going.

MJ: Who were your inspirations?

SB: Musically, Chrisette Michele, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu, who I’ve had the pleasure of being in the presence of. Her spirit is so lively. As she walks in a room, you can just feel it. She’s so humble, positive, and full of life. So free. Generally, when it comes to artistry and reaching your full potential, I would say Beyoncé. She performs effortlessly and has produced great growth. Lastly, in the health profession, I would say my aunt. I’d like to follow in her footsteps. As a nurse and as a person. She has changed the lives of everyone she’s encountered.

MJ: What is some advice you’d give to someone who’d like to pursue your same career path?

SB: Be ready. Be ready for the roller coaster ride. It’s not a degree or a trade. You live and breath this daily. This is something I didn’t realize when I started. It’s an everyday thing. Someone once said to me, “how can people say you’re singing if you dont devote yourself to doing something towards your career everyday?” If you’re going to do it, understand that it’s a lifelong journey. It’s like my change jar, I would put something in to it everyday. Also, be yourself. For real, for real. So many people want to emulate someone else. Just be yourself.

MJ: Have you thought about motivational speaking at all?

SB: With the program that I’m involved in, the Scholarich Music Group, all of the artists are expected to. We set out to make education more appealing through music, clothing, and art. We help young people write music and go into the studio. I’m trying to now branch out and start my own girls group. I want to ultimately intertwine health and music. We have total control of pro creation. If we reach kids at a certain age, we can create change and hold them responsible. I always feel the need to give back. Teaching young ladies with class, and show them that it’s a different way to come off. It doesn’t always have to be revealing to be appealing. Letting them know it’s ok to be different.

MJ: What can we look forward to from you?

SB: My single, The Break Up Song will release February 26th. My EP, Sweet and Sour will also be released this year in April. It’s all about the sweet and sour of life, the good and bad of everything.

It was great to talk to an intelligent young lady who knows exactly what she wants and has accepted her process; and used it as a way to continue to pursue her goals and dreams. Songbird will be one of the performers at Tha L. Spot’s 3rd year anniversary concert at the Roulette Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. Be sure to check it out.

To stay up to date with Songbird, be sure to connect with her through her networks. Twitter and Instagram: @sheissongbird. And also visit,

Charlie Wilson: Comedian, Host, Producer

Comedian and host, Charlie Wilson, was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was always involved in acting, drama, and public speaking at school and in church. He attended LSU, while working two jobs. At some point during his life, he moved to Dallas, Texas with his high school sweetheart. While he was there, he auditioned for various stage plays and continued down the path or arts and entertainment. After two years of acting in these plays, one day he was joking around on stage and was asked has he ever considered comedy. He never thought about it up it to that point. This was the start of his pursuit as a comedian.

After many years of being together, Charlie and his high school sweetheart had given birth to a little girl (who was born with sickle cell). Shortly after, Charlie decided it was time to get married and make a full commitment to his family at the age of 23. Two weeks after they wed, their daughter passed away. This was a very difficult period in both of their lives, and they responded differently to this unfortunate circumstance. While she moved closer towards God, Charlie moved forward with things in a negative capacity. One day his wife decided she wanted a fresh start and thought it would be a good idea to move to New York. Charlie however, didn’t think that would be a good move for him. He felt that he was too much into his career and also a cars salesman. So he told her to leave if that’s what she wanted to do. After being without her for several months, Charlie had time to think. Before they decided to divorce and put their whole marriage to rest, he wanted a fresh start. He moved to New York with her. And they built together. They struggled while living in NYC, but they were able to overcome. They are still married and now have another daughter, who is two years old.

A month after being in NY, Wilson did an open mic and that was the start of his new journey. He was then told by the manager of the establishment that he did well and could do a one man show. One night after a show, one of the audience members wanted to talk to him about a talk show. He shot a pilot for a daytime show. This is where Charlie Wilson TV originated. The woman in charge of the daytime show passed six months ago. However Wilson kept the name as he continues to pursue his career. He’s had many accomplishments, such as: opening up for various people, Shaq’s All Star Comedy show, starting his online show, as well as hosting many showcases. Although the journey wasn’t all easy, Wilson has embraced his process, continuing on.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Charlie Wilson. He kept me laughing all the while sharing his life and his journey. Below are a few highlights of the interview.

Miss Jones: How long have you been in this industry?

Charlie Wilson: I’ve been doing this for about four years now.

Miss Jones: Where does your material generally come from?

Charlie Wilson: It comes from life experiences, and I turn it around into something funny. I make it relatable according to the scenery.

MJ: What were some of the mistakes you made in this business?

CW: I would say, moving a little too fast. I was trying to produce shows and my budget was a little too much I know there’s money to be made, but not initially. Ultimately, my mistakes were losing my focus and moving too fast.

MJ: What were your biggest struggles?

CW: Trying to get people to know who I was. I know I have the talent and ability, but in NYC trying to build your name, it can become a little difficult. Trying to have a crowd and an audience is tough. Instagram and Twitter is one thing, but having people show up is different. Trying to build a loyal following is hard, but you can’t let that slow you down. You have to stay focused and consistent. And act like its a full house every time.

MJ: What was your biggest accomplishment?

CW: my first national TV appearance in the Wendy Williams show, a year ago. Someone reached out to me and let me know about the street talk segment and I was able to be apart. It was great because my family who can’t see me often was able to see what I’m doing. It showed that I’m not just talking about it, but I’m actually doing it.

MJ: What do you hope to gain?

CW: I want to have a platform doing what I love to do. I was to be able to inspire others through this as well through the power of influence. I want to be able to build for myself, then step into a middle school and encourage and empower this next generation.

MJ: What advice would you give to others?

CW: really find out if this is what you want. Always stay focused and embrace your process. It’s easier to accomplish things when you don’t allow the low moments to overtake you. Many people want to do this because it’s a trend, but are you really willing to sacrifice and go without.

Be sure to check Charlie Wilson out as he hosts Tha L. Spot’s 3 Year anniversary at Roulette Thearter in Brooklyn, Thursday March 12th.


To stay up to date with this funny guy, check out his networks. Instagram and Twitter @charliewilsontv and visit his website,! You can also check him every Wednesday night from 9-11pm on his radio show, streaming live on He’s in the move and has many events coming up soon!

Feature: The House of Vaughn with Ms. CEO, Tammy Vaughn

House of Vaughn is a clothing company that specializes in “fashion for the classically edgy”.
This line brings a very unique style to the fashion industry. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing founder and CEO, Tammy Vaughn. Below you will hear all about this lovely lady, her designs, and what’s coming next for The House of Vaughn.

(Founder and CEO, Tammy Vaughn, rocking her custom made Ms. CEO shirt.)

Miss Jones: For those who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a little about yourself.

Tammy Vaughn: I am a Christian. I was born in Alabama, where I spent two years before moving to New York with my family. I am the eldest of four children. And I also work with the Board of Education. I went to High School of Fashion, took some classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), received my BA from the College of Nee Rochelle, a BA from United Christian College and received my Masters in Organizational Behavior from NYU.
Miss Jones: How did you start your clothing line?

Tammy Vaughn: I started the business in June of 2014. I made my debut at a fashion show at my church. I have an advisor board of three people which gives me different perspectives. They each have their own specific field; one is a business owner, another works with a Project Runway winner, and the last is in the marketing field.
I started with a dream and a sewing machine. Because of school, I knew my way around the industry a little. Such as pattern making and the basics of a dress.

MJ: When did you discover your love for fashion?

TV: When I was about five years old, I found my passion for fashion. I always liked drawing. I would also make clothes for my dolls out if paper towels, aluminum foil, socks, or whatever I could find.
It came easy for me. In the third grade I was entered into a contest. It was just fun for to be able to draw. I ended up winning the contest and having an article in the Daily News about me. The best part was, at the very end of the project I added the sky quickly, and that was the part of the picture they liked the most. However, things went haywire in high school. Senior year is always the year that you showcase your own designs at the fashion show. When I asked my teacher when I’d be able to focus on and showcase my design, he told me I wouldn’t be. He told me that I wasn’t good enough. Because of this situation, I decided to go another direction. In the process, I became discouraged by people who were important to me, they thought I was wasting my time. At those moments, I wasn’t strong enough emotionally or spiritually. But I found my way right back to fashion.

MJ: What were some of your biggest struggles?

TV: Some of my biggest struggles are time management. I work a full time job and have obligations to my church, so it’s been difficult to create a balanced schedule. However, I’ve decided to take time out everyday to focus on my line. And I’ve learned to say no sometimes. I feel as though I’ve been gifted with this and I’d be dishonoring God if I don’t share what He has given me. I have a responsibility to use what I’ve been given, so I’m learning to set my priorities in order accordingly.

MJ: Who or what were some of your biggest inspirations?

TV: I would say over-comers in general. Whether it be someone with a handicap, or someone who was able to continue their education and graduate. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity. It’s encouraging to see older people especially who go back to dreams and goals they’ve once created in their life. I really had to push myself, so I love to see others who have have been able to overcome and accomplish their goals.

MJ: What has been your biggest accomplishments?

TV: I would say my biggest accomplishment is actually stepping in this direction and enjoying every experience. Every step is an accomplishment, taking strides.

MJ: What do you hope to gain?

TV: My ultimate goal is to have an international store and brand. I want to be able to help others, be a resource, and give back. I can be able to use the fame to be a blessing to others.

MJ: Do you do any work with young people?

TV: Yes, I’ve worked with the the summer camp at my church, teaching the youth work ethics and giving them tools. I’ve also just gained a mentee. She just bought a sewing machine and I’ll be helping her start with her interest in fashion. I also teach the young people in my church to praise dance. Helping the young people develop their gifts.

MJ: How do you want your company to be perceived?

TV: A company with great customer service and integrity. If it’s not something you like, I will make it right. As well as being compassionate.

MJ: What was your driving force?

TV:My relationship with God. The more I availed myself to God, the more I was able to overcome. It helped me build my strength. My advisors have also helped me as well. They constantly push and encourage me.

MJ: We’re your family supportive in your interest as a child?

TV: Growing up, my parents outlook on life differed from mine so encouragement in this area seemed useless and nonexistence. However, as I grew up, my sisters would encourage me to go after my dream.

MJ: How were you able to overcome your obstacles?

TV: It feels good good when I’m in a quiet place sewing. I can feel life coming back to me. Going to a fabric store is like a drug for me. Being able to work on what I love helps me to overcome any obstacle.

MJ: What’s next for The House of Vaughn?

TV: I am currently working on new designs. I am planning to compete in a business competition hoping to introduce a bridal line. This will be my second time. I didn’t win the first time around, but I want to continue to keep going.

MJ: What advice would you give to others?

TV: Read up and do your research. Get to know as much as you can, and talk to someone else that’s going down the same path. Set up appointments to see how much they know and can impart into you. Also, be happy where you are. Take small steps if you have to. Also, be realistic and honest. Ask yourself these questions: Can you dedicate the time? What are you willing to give up?

Below you’ll see a few designs from The House of Vaughn:

(Tammy Vaughn debuting The House of Vaughn, June 2014.)

The following pictures were taken during the interview at the Marriott Marquis in NYC:



Here’s a sneak peak of what you can look forward to from The House of Vaughn. These are exclusive sketches from Ms. CEO herself:

As you can see from these various designs, The House of Vaughn is a great asset to the fashion world. These current designs are beautiful and these sketches will have you waiting in anticipation for what’s to come. It was a pleasure to take a glimpse into The House of Vaughn and share it with you all. Tammy is not only a wonderful designer, but a wonderful person with a great heart. Her story, her passion, and her enthusiasm is amazing.

To check out more designs and to purchase a Ms. CEO shirt or any other pieces, please visit The House of Vaughn networks. Website: Instagram: @thehouseofvaugn. Email:

Binary Baskets & Arrangements

Twin sisters, Deidra and Yolanda McCullough, came together in 2013 to create unique baskets for all occasions and ages. They came up with the name Binary because it means two (which represents twins). After years of making baskets for family and friends on their special occasions; they decided to make an online business and create baskets for other people for their special occasions.

Binary Baskets & Arrangements is celebrating their 1yr anniversary with special Holiday Baskets:
Sweet Tooth Basket, Binary’s Fruit & Cheese Basket, and Breakfast Basket.




Each basket Is only $40 each.

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Feature: Vintage Wealth Apparel

Vintage Wealth was created in September of 2013. The idea originally came from the lead designer (Fa$tLyfe), disappointment with one of his favorite clothing lines to wear. Once they started to mass produce merchandise, he took it upon himself to start up his own line to bring back the exclusive feel that he prefers. That was the birth of Vintage Wealth.

The goal with Vintage Wealth is to have a high-end, yet affordable brand that appeals to all ages and races. Typically with a black owner, clothing lines get pushed into the urban market, but not Vintage Wealth.

Vintage Wealth wants to be mentioned with names like Chanel and Ralph Lauren. What makes the clothing so different is that its hand painted and there are only three of each size made; so once a item is sold out its no longer available. Which gives the consumer a better feel because they paid for exclusivity and quality.


The picture above is with creator and designer of Vintage Wealth (Fa$tLyfe) displaying one of his custom, hand painted shirts worn by myself, Miss Jones. The shirt says, ‘Good Things Come.” Which goes with what Lovely Miss Jones stands for.

When asked, Fa$t gave the meaning behind those words. “To me it’s a message about having faith. So many people usually put “Good things come to people who hustle”, etc. I want people to know if you have faith “Good Things Come” that’s it. No hustle, etc. The way is through GOD & having the faith of the mustard seed. Media spends so much time breaking people down, its time to bring people up and assure them that “Good Things Come”.

Along with this shirt, vintage wealth has many other T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, beanies, and snapbacks. High end fashion, at affordable prices. Below are a few of the many designs.





To see more and purchase your perfect fit, visit Also visit the Instagram page, @vintagewealth. Let’s show support to this small business as it reaches new levels in the fashion world.

Feature: Actor/Model Shirville Jarvis

Shirville Jarvis is an Antiguan male actor/ model spotted by an agent while working at a McDonalds in New York City during fashion week. The now established “sexy boy” was born in All saints Village, Antigua W.I. and grew up in a household with six siblings. As a teenage boy, he was very shy since he was made fun of due to his dark complexion. In spite of this, Shirville Jarvis was never a follower and ultimately became the popular Adonis that he is today.

Shirville Jarvis has faced many triumphs and challenges throughout his life. When he was just 10 years old, Mr. Jarvis was called to represent his country’s soccer team and became the left footed star of the team. At 13 yrs old, he moved to the States to live with his dad and moved out at 17 to find his own way. Shirville Jarvis describes himself as a true mix of both his mom and dad’s personalities and believes this feature attracts people to him. His ability to talk and relate with people makes others comfortable and is an attribute that Mr. Jarvis feels has helped him succeed in his career. Shirville Jarvis is not an over the top, conceited model/actor and continues to keep his feet grounded.

Shirville Jarvis’ acting and modeling career started when he spoke to his brother, worldwide known, international reggae grammy winning artist, Bajja Jedd about his aspirations. As a result, Mr. Jarvis was introduced to several of his brother’s colleague reggae artists such as Screechi Dan, Red Fox, Shaggy, Rayvon, Mr. Easy and NY #1 street promoter Tree(Aka Thomas Reid) and soon after began modeling and promoting locally. On a cold day in frigid February waters of the same year, Shirville Jarvis had one of his best photoshoots with photographer Geisha De Loca photography. This shoot lead to Shirville being selected as a runway model for Phashionable Loud Inc plus appearances in Bogie Management’s artist Donny Yardas tour and Irie jam. Shirville Jarvis’ filmography/videography includes being cast as an extra in the Movie “Artifice” produced by film maker Donovan Howard featuring both Nardo Ranks (reggae artist known for the classic Reggae song “dem a bleach”) and Red Fox (known for another reggae song classic “Pose Off”). He was also featured in a short film movie “BLACK PEARL” . Shirville Jarvis has also appeared in the “Back it Up” video for reggae artist Rayvon plus cast as the leading male in the music Video “Love Dance” for artist China black.


Shirville took a minor break and returned to the modeling/acting scene in the 2012 video “Pull up Selector”, a major release for Reggae artist Rayvon who is widely known for songs such as “BASHMENT Party” featuring Redfox and “Your My Angel” featuring Shaggy.
Shirville Jarvis’ stage credits include being “featured” in:
Starz Power (Jamaican Assassin)
Law and Order SVU season 15.1 (Rasta Guy/ Drug Dealer)
Eden (French film)
I am Tom Hanks ( Drug Cartel)
Love and Hip hop NY season 4.1
City of Gold (Evangalist)
Take Me With You (Tony)
Queen Of Glory
Just to name a few.

Keep up to date with Shirville and follow his career by visiting his networks.,, and Instagram @shirville_actor.

(Submitted by Shirville Jarvis)

(Miss Jones & Shirville Jarvis)