When you don’t spend time and effort doing a particular thing, you lose your niche for it. In order to do anything effectively, you have to work at it to grow in that area. So if you stop and after a period of time try to go back to it, for the most part you won’t be where you once were. You’d have to start all over again. You lost it because you didn’t use it.

This can very well go with our abilities, gifts, and talents. If you don’t use it where you are, chances are you’ll lose it. When you don’t use all that you possess on a consistent basis, you begin to become less familiar with it.

No matter how great you think it may be. No matter how insignificant it may seem to you, you have to do it. You have to work to grow, to assist, support, and become a resource to others.

It’s impossible to produce anything if you’re not functioning properly. If we don’t put as much effort as possible into what we’ve been given (our abilities, gifts, talents, etc), we cannot be fully effective.

We have to understand that it’s not all about us. We have what we possess so that we can benefit others. We have the ability to encourage and inspire people with our gifts. There’s no way one can be fully effected if we’re halfhearted in our doings. If we don’t put in all, they won’t get all that they need.

So I encourage you today, work with what you have, on whatever stage you’re on. We all have to start somewhere. And although sometimes it may be discouraging when we’re not where we’d like to be, trust the process. Have faith in the fact that every stage in our lives is necessary for our future. Let’s move so we won’t lose.


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