We all have goals and places in life we desire to be. We’re building to one day reach that place. Building is a process. And during a process there’s always much for us to learn. One thing we must know is that timing is everything. We have to get to the place where we understand that sometimes things won’t work out the way we want because it may not be the right time.

Don’t stop working because you don’t get immediate results. I’m learning this. I don’t know if it’s just me, but for some odd reason, I like to see change when I’m putting in work. And when I don’t see it right away, in the past I’ve gotten discouraged and wanted to fallback. I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s been there. But I’m starting to realize and learning to accept that, some things aren’t happening because it’s just not the right time. And I have to trust that as long as I’m working, it’ll happen. When the time is right.

One thing in particular I’ve struggled with, is my writing. I’ve started, stopped, started and stopped. I came to the place where I just put it on hold. This was all because I didn’t get immediate results. And I’ve seen so many people get to where I’ve wanted to be so much faster, so I thought. But I began to think, some of the content I needed to include hadn’t developed at that moment. I wasn’t ready to be at that place as of yet.

I may not be able to flourish in all of the things that I want to pursue as of yet. There may be a lot more for me to learn. So to avoid my downfall, it doesn’t work out.

Of course you may feel a little uneasy when you see someone in the place you hope to be in.
It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong and they’re doing it correct. Doesn’t always mean that what they’re doing is something that you should be doing. That may not be the route you need to take to get there. In some cases, it’s just not the right time.

It’s not our place to compete with anyone. When it’s your time, it’s your time. This is where we mess up, we stray from what we should be doing and follow the pattern of someone else. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Celebrate with them and keep working. Keep doing what you’re supposed to do and at the perfect time, you’ll be where you should be.


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