As I was waiting on line to get into Wendy Williams this morning, I overheard a conversation behind me. As these two were talking, one was sharing with another about an event that they would be apart of. She then told him how she wanted to put him on the bill, and would look out for any openings. Then the other shared what they were about to embark on. They went back and forth sharing and encouraging one another on their projects. This made me think of where I’ve been recently. I’ve been thinking about this quite often lately, I really love and appreciate genuine relationships. Where you encourage one another and support in their endeavors.

One day, after not seeing her for about a year, I went out to lunch with a friend of mine. This was around the time I made the decision to really focus on some of the things that I needed to in order to prepare for my future. This was by far one of the best conversations I had. We were both able to share the things that we desired to do, as well as encourage each other to do it rather than just talk about it. Some things we hadn’t shared with anyone else. Endeavors we anticipated embarking on. We supported one another’s ideas and pushed one another to pursue it.This is just an example of what you call genuine friendship. When you don’t always see each other, but can still take interest in one another’s future.

You should always surround yourself with like-minded people. People who are going in the same direction as you. People who have the same drive and determination that you do. People who are going to always be able to push and motivate you to do and be better. As Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” You have to have people around you that will keep you on your toes. People who aren’t jealous of your growth or who don’t mind putting you on to things when you fall off.

So I encourage you to evaluate the relationships in your life as well as your own motives within those relationships. Are you giving and receiving as much support and motivation as possible?


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