As promised, here we continue our testimonies from family members of breast cancer survivors.

This story is about Andrea Wilmer, a breast cancer survivor. To have personally known this woman, I saw firsthand her incredible strength during this time. Those around her, including myself, may not have even known her story until she personally gave her testimony. Which speaks volumes. Through her scary experience, her faith allowed her to stand strong. And we can now call her a survivor.


The following was submitted by her daughter and Brooklyn College student, Alexis Wiggins.

The experience
To be honest I never really thought about life without my mom. My mom hid all her doctors notes/reports or anything pertaining to her having breast cancer hidden from my sister and I. She would go to the hospital and not say a word. It would be days my grandmother would call and say did you hear from your mother.

The effect on me
I would say there really was not an effect on me because I knew so little. Before this happened my great aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hospital visit one after the other she never left her smile or her aura. She was a fighter. I’m sure she had gotten bad doctor reports but all I knew was God was a healer. Everyday I would sing to myself ” I don’t believe you brought me this far to leave me”. And that goes for about everything.

Strength till the end
God is my strength, a very present help in trouble. Not to be so spiritual but I’m serious. After what I’ve seen God do for my cousin, little George who was sick unto death, I could never doubt him for anything especially healing. As Tye Tribett would say if he did it before he can do it again.


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