Marcelle Ceide and CLassIs Shoe Magazine shows support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month by creating this lovely spreadsheet.


Below you’ll find out more about the magazine and what the spreadsheet represents:

CLassIs Shoe Magazine is a book of content that discusses the lifestyle of the fashion business industry. It represents, the latest trends, the newest talent, the latest news of designer’s successes, and any battle over real estate between designers. CLassIs brings women together to discuss the fun things, and the important things about shoes and handbags. It’s a platform where women can meet, have small talk, do the most fundamental thing, ”READ” and have a discussion about the lifestyle of fashion luxury shoes & handbags. I wanted to create a book about shoes & handbags with content and not just a book of pictures.

I created the spreadsheet because the month of October is about celebrating overcoming cancer, and being a part of finding a cure for the disease in its entirety. I know that women love to feel beautiful and look beautiful. So, I created a spreadsheet to represent all women that have overcome this disease and is battling cancer. Also giving them a vision of beauty that is a part of healing, to feel encouragement, friendship, family, and love.

My team and I came up with a concept of the color, texture, and style of the shoe & handbag. The shoes are lace and the soles are pink. Pink represents feminine and lace representing sophistication. The handbag is designed with a gold bling bow, snake print and pink lining that represents style, beauty, & fashion rock. “So does overcoming cancer”.

Marcelle Ceide
Creator of CLassIs Shoe Magazine
Instagram: @itsbiz4fashion

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