As I sit and reminisce on this past year, I realize it was all about challenging myself. This year taught me to challenge myself and go beyond what I’m used to. It taught me that in order to make things happen and see what I’m really made of, I had to step outside of my comfort zone.

Aside of features for different websites, I became a blogger and journalist for others. I also began to cover events as well. Which wasn’t originally what was expected of Lovely Miss Jones. Although I was nervous about some of the tasks I had taken on, I knew it was something I had to do in order to grow.

When I began to write for Everything Girl’s Love (Yandy Smith’s online publication), I chose to write for the mind and spirituality portion of the health and wellness section because I intended to stick with inspirational pieces. However, I found myself in a place where I had to really write about Health and wellness, aside of the ordinary inspirational pieces. I remember the first time I submitted my topic for the week and it wasn’t approved. Topic after topic was sent back to me. At first, I began to feel like everything I submitted wasn’t good enough, although it was just that those topics were already being covered. Then I felt like maybe I just wasn’t creative enough. It may not have felt good at that moment, but I realize it was a great thing. It pushed me to challenge myself and do a piece I wasn’t used to. It showed me that I’m capable of doing other things. It showed me that I can be versatile in my writing. It produced growth. Since then, I’ve been more open to focusing on the physical health and wellness of a person rather than the mental.

After submitting a success article I did for another website as my writing sample for High Heels and Briefcases (Ladies Who Hustle Network), I was chosen to be the Business Success Journalist. Now, I’m not currently a business owner. (I will be very soon. Look out for it. Speak those things…) With this position, I’m obligated to pretty much write articles giving business owners advice. I pushed myself and accepted the position; and after my first article, I received a great review from a business owner who said that it was just what they needed. This taught me that when I challenge myself, I can produce something great that will benefit others. It’s not only for my growth, but for the growth of others.

When deciding to start my own blog/website, it was generally to encourage others through my simple, yet relatable experiences. What went on in my life as well as things I’ve seen or noticed. I decided that because of my love for music and fashion, I’d add those pieces. However, I didn’t fully think it all through. I started small. I never thought I’d be good at writing reviews and such. But I challenged myself and did it anyway. I began getting invites to be on press lists for several events to do coverage. I’ve done book reviews, interviews, company reviews. And although, I was hesitant in the very beginning, I realized it was something I was very capable of doing. I’ve connected with great people through this. I’ve also become a resource for others with the platform that I have. I’m building and on the other hand, so are other people.

It’s imperative that we learn to challenge ourselves. You’ll never truly know what you’re made of if you stay within the box that you’ve created for yourself. You’re only limiting yourself. Once you learn to tear down the box, you’ll see that you’re far greater than you gave yourself credit for. So I encourage you to kick that box down and allow yourself to be great!




  1. Amen it’s time we take the time to challenge ourselves! Every opportunity that comes our way we have to ask God for guidance but know he will never give us the wrong direction.

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