Often times we may find ourselves putting things off for a later date, because we think we’ll get another chance to do it. We assume we just have the time. Or we are waiting for the right time. This can relate to getting things done or even when it comes to expressing ourselves. Either way, the result still remains the same.

Last night after I got in and prepared to get some planning and scheduling done, I was asked if I had an article to submit. This was a normal question being that I normally have a Sunday deadline. I expressed that I didn’t and was then told I should go to sleep since it was late and I was most likely tired. However, I proceeded.

Sitting at the computer with my new planner, reflection journal, prayer journal, blog journal, and blessing jar, I was asked again. ‘You said you didn’t have anything due tonight, right?” I responded. Then was asked if it was due tomorrow. Again, my answer is no. So she says, so you’re just up to be up? Just go to sleep. I explain that I have things to do. And I was told to do it later because I’m off all week. I then thought to myself, why should I put it off assuming that I’ll have the time to do it? Also, why put off what I’m capable of doing today.

This led me to think about another experience of mine. In this case I waited to express myself.

I waited a very long time to openly acknowledge the way I felt about a person, but I don’t think I ever thought about what would actually happen if and when I did. Although I was very nervous to, I finally got up enough courage to do so. And the end result was that I waited too late because that person went elsewhere. I totally missed an opportunity and will forever question with all of these what ifs. Not only do I feel like I missed out on a great opportunity, I feel like our friendship has possibly changed forever. 

Now this is just an example, but there may be things we desire; career wise, with our families, mending friendships, etc. If we wait because of fear or because we think we’ll always have the time or another chance to, it may be too late. Sometimes you have to just take that leap of faith and put yourselves out there or just do what needs to be done today. There’s never a right time to do something or express yourself. So don’t wait, get out there and get it done!


  1. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this young lady and she’s not just sweet; she is wise beyond her years. This is good advice for the beginning of a New Year.

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