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Letter from Miss Jones [Update]

First, thank you all for following and taking this journey with me. Your support is greatly appreciated!

I just wanted to update you all on what’s been going on with me. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I was asked to do a web radio interview to talk about my writing and my blog. I contemplated posting the link because in my mind, I didn’t do as well as I wanted to. As I thought about it, I realized I had to share it. This is what I do. Not only did I have to show my gratitude for the opportunity, I had to realize someone may receive something from the simple words I shared.

I really am extremely grateful for every opportunity that I’ve received to share with others in hopes to encourage and inspire.

The interview aired on Monday morning and I waited until Wednesday to share it on other social media networks. I’m so glad I did. I received a few great messages regarding it.
Sometimes we beat ourselves up about something we could’ve done better at and stop someone else from getting something from it. Had I not posted the link, someone wouldn’t have been encouraged.

Remember, all that we do is a learning lesson. We’re not going to be an expert at something the first time we do it. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t substance in what we’ve produced.

I had to realize that for myself from this interview. So check out the interview on Top of the Morning Radio Show. Here’s the link;

There’s still more to come!

-Miss Jones xo

Balance is Key

Although I’ve made great progress in the direction that I’m headed in life, I found myself in a place of frustration.

Busy. But I had to ask myself, are all the things that have consumed my time and my thoughts of great importance or am I putting the allotted time into every obligation that I have. I’ve never been as social as I’ve become. So I began to do more of the more enjoyable things in life than the things that are most important. I’ve also put more energy into one project rather than give all the equal energy that’s needed.

Between my relationship with God, work, wanting to further employment and education, my home life, my writing, more than one leadership position, social life, and other responsibilities, I somehow got lost in balancing each aspect of my life. I created a plan where I could be able to balance it all, but I somehow got distracted and became overwhelmed.

I say this too often to find myself in this position, but in all things there must be a balance. In life we have to learn to balance our priorities as well as the enjoyable moments in life. Allowing one to outweigh the next knocks us off. It can put us in an uncomfortable position. However, it isn’t unusual for one to fall off balance. It happens. But we can’t allow it to keep us there.

When there’s no balance in our lives, we can become stressed. And I’ve found myself in a place of stress. Things in my life have been in disarray. And I’ve begin to realize over the past few days that it will never be in order if I don’t make the choice to try to balance it all a little better. Putting those things that are of greater importance is the start of a healthy balanced life.

It’s great to have fun and enjoy life, but taking care of responsibilities is just as important. We have to make space and time for it all without one of the two overtaking us. Making a plan and a schedule is a way to help keep a healthy balanced life. Writing out your responsibilities as well as the fun and exciting things in life that you enjoy.

And if you find yourself becoming distracted, try your best to find where the imbalance is and fix it. I’ll be honest and say, I didn’t do that right away. I allowed it to overtake me. But I had to realize that there would be no change if I didn’t make a decision.

So I encourage you to try to live balanced life to avoid unnecessary stress. If things seem to get out of order, find it and nip it in the bud. Create a way to better balance your time and most importantly your life.


Get out of the Way: you Never Know who you’re Reaching.

When you begin to step out on faith and get pass your insecurities, it’s not only good for you, but it’ll help someone else.

My intentions of writing as I’ve shared in blogging for the past nine months or so, have been to encourage someone. To help them to take a look at themselves, where they are, and how they can grow and move forward.

I’ve shared many times about my fears when it came to my writing. This is a passion of mine, but has also been one of my biggest struggles. Writing was something that has gotten me through, but it took me a while to realize maybe it can help and get someone else through.

I have many ideas of where I want to go with my writing, so I’ve decided I need to branch out and start my own website. I thought about buying my domain name a while ago, but I kept saying I needed to wait. I’ve had several conversations about where I want to go with the site. I’ve been talking and putting it out there. But a few days ago during one of my many conversations, I decided to just take that next step and buy my domain name. And although it may seem like a small thing to some, it shows my faith and progress.

I know this isn’t going to be an easy process, but I know that I will be able to fulfill what I’ve been called to do. Now this is just for me, my personal growth.

But the next day I received one of the most encouraging texts I’ve received since I’ve began sharing my writing. It was from one of my friends. She said she was proud of the work that I have been doing and how encouraging I’d been. She then went on to express how she’d been thinking about doing the same thing with her video blogging but talked herself out of doing it. After seeing that I’d did it, it inspired her to go for it. This blessed me because I really admire this friend of mine. She’s a college graduate, with a good job, her own place, and her own car. And she obtained all of this struggling with health issues. She’s now come to the place where she’s decided to share with the world what she’s gone through and continues to go through with Myasthenia Gravis. To be able to inspire someone who has encouraged me with her incredible strength and has so much to share is amazing. She will be able to use a new avenue to do the work that she has been called to do.

You never know who you’re reaching when you step out on faith and leave your insecurities behind. Not only will you began to benefit from what you’re putting out, but someone else will. Whatever your gift is, I encourage you to continue to work at it regardless of what the circumstances around you may look like. Learn to push pass all the fear, insecurities, and issues. Not only for your own personal development, but for the growth and development of others.

Visit my friend, Vanetta’s YouTube channel, to find out more about MG, her experiences, and help spread awareness. Be on the look out for what’s to come with her videos and the official launch of It’s coming soon!

-Miss Jones xo


Success Starts When you Step Outside of your Comfort Zone

We as a people love a place of comfort. A place where we feel safe. A place of security. Although it’s understandable, I’m at a place where I’ve learned that so many things become possible when you step out of your comfort zone.

Staying in a place of familiarity can keep you from so much. When we chose to stay in this place, we are deciding that we don’t want anything better in life.

Going outside of the place that we’re safe can be very difficult. Fear is the number one reason we chose to stay in the position that we’re in. We may feel as if we will fail if we take that step out.

As I’ve somewhat shared in previous posts, I’ve allowed my insecurities to keep me closed into the place I felt most comfortable. I was comfortable with people not knowing my name, or the things that I desired to do. I was afraid that I’d fail if I put it out there.

However, my passion became greater than my doubt and I went ahead and stepped out. I began to share my writing. When I did, I began to reach others. Opportunities also began to open up for me. I was able to connect with other writers who were going the same route as myself, as well as others who had gotten to the place I desired to be. I was given the opportunity to write for someone else’s blog, as well as be interviewed for a web radio show. All of these things are leading me to a place of success. I haven’t always been comfortable being as social as I’ve become, but I’ve learned to believe in what I’ve been given and trust that it’ll take me places.

So I encourage you to believe in your gifts and abilities. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and see will it’ll take you!



You Get Out What You Put In

This past weekend, I had a trip planned to Virginia for a conference. The week leading up to the weekend was a difficult week for me.
Not only was I getting sick, there was also lot I had been dealing with. It begun to take a toll on me emotionally, but I did my best to hide it and put my focus elsewhere. By Wednesday/Thursday I’d gotten much worse (coughing, headache, congested, etc) and my emotions were all over the place.
Friday morning when it was time for us to leave, I began looking for my phone case that I decided to take off of my phone the night before, for whatever reason. I thought I’d looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. In it was my bankcard, drivers license, work ID, and monthly metrocrard. Even took a ride back to my church where I had been the night before to see if it was there. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to find it. Thankfully, I had my checkbook in my wallet and was able to use it to obtain some money for the weekend.

Surprisingly, I didn’t stress as much as I thought I should’ve. I’m not at all saying that I didn’t think about it at all, but I didn’t let it consume my mind throughout the entire weekend. I decided to make the best of the situation. I knew I wanted to enjoy my time there, and had I dwelled completely on the fact that I didn’t have my phone case and that I wasn’t feeling all that great, there’s no way I could’ve. I was able to enjoy every service, workshop, concert, activity, company and all the weekend encompassed. I believe that’s because I didn’t put all of my energy into the negative aspects.

When you take a situation and focus on the positive rather than the negative, you get something great from it. I was able to learn some valuable things this weekend from everything that I participated in.
When you’re going through different things, it’s easy to look at the negative part of it and want to focus all that you have to that area. However, that doesn’t always help a situation. In all actuality, in some cases, it makes the situation worse. When you put in positive energy, that’s exactly what you’ll get back. I was excited about all that I was able to gain through the weekend. And by Monday, my phone case had been found.
So I encourage you, when things don’t always look great, don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you and cause you to blow up. Relax, breath, and put your focus towards the positive and I guarantee you’ll received great things because of it.


Letter from Miss Jones

Hey guys, just a quick update for you!

So a couple of months ago, a female blogger followed me on Instagram. As I looked through her page, I saw great things. I commented on one her pictures that I wanted to repost and told her how I’d look forward to reading her work. I received an immediate response. And to my surprise, she had already read my blog and told me that it’s inspiring. She also shared a few kind words with me. This is really only the beginning for me so I was so encouraged and inspired to hear such nice things from someone who was in the place I hoped to be in the future.

After a few months, I received another comment saying that she sat and read my blog for 30mins and loved it. She then asked for my email address. Not too long after, I received an email asking that I contribute an article to the Black City Girl website! A great opportunity and stepping stone for where I’m headed from someone who’s gotten there. I definitely appreciate the creator, Yvonne, for even taking the time to read my work. She’s a great person doing great things to inspire and encourage others.

With all this said, make sure you visit to see my article, ‘6 Reasons why some people become Successful and Others don’t” in the success section.

Not only do I encourage you to read the article, I encourage you to keep working. No matter what it looks like. There were times I questioned whether my work was really reaching anyone. But because I continued, the opportunity presented itself. So even if it doesn’t look good, keep working and opportunities will begin to arise!

Stay tuned for more!

-Lovely Miss Jones xo
Twitter: @lovelymissjones
Instagram: @lovelymissjones



Don’t Let Them Stop You

Often times we want our friends and loved ones to join us in the things that we enjoy in life. As much as anyone else, I do as well. But I was reminded from what seems to be a small experience that sometimes we wait on others rather than going with what we find pleasure in.

So a little while ago I was contacted about a concert of an artist that I love. The three of us planned to attend and I was excited about it. I’m a music lover and Daley is an amazing artist. As it began to get closer to the date, the others were uncertain if they’d be able to attend. So as the day came, one was going to go, but because of my schedule (which ended to be clear for the evening), they could no longer go. So I contemplated not going at all. However, there was another show the following day. When I got home, I thought about how much I really wanted to see this artist live. So I purchased my ticket and decided to go alone. I’ve learned to enjoy my own company so it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go anywhere by myself, it’s just that certain things you want to experience with someone who you know would enjoy it just as much as you.

So the following day after work I made my way to the concert. I was so glad I decided to go. The show was amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it. As I stood on the line to get in, conversation struck with someone. When I got in, I got a good spot. And as I waited for the show to start and during the opening act, because of common interest and disinterest, I met a few cool people. We talked and shared a bit about the artist and different artists as well.I had an overall great time. The artist slayed the show and it was a great experience.

Had I decided not to go because they couldn’t go anymore, I would’ve missed out on the experience I ended up having. Now although this may not seem like a big deal, this situation made me think beyond it. It could be that you’ve decided to wait on someone to make major moves with your career or something that you have a great desire for. You could have had plans to venture out with someone, and because they decided they no longer wanted to, you shied away from it.

There was a time in the past that I’ve missed out on something good because the people I wanted to appreciate the moment with couldn’t. This is why we can’t wait on others to move and enjoy our lives. We may miss opportunities while we’re waiting for people. You never know what you’re passing up when you decide to wait on someone else. If you want to enjoy all that life has to offer, sometimes you have to walk alone. I encourage you to get to the place where you don’t allow people to stop you from experiencing all that you possibly can.


African American Transition: Celebration of History, Change, and Movement

In light of black history month, I felt it necessary to pay homage to all of the men and women that came before us. As well as remind us to keep in mind what these people created during challenging times. It’s impossible for me to write about all, but I would be remiss if I didn’t write anything.


We usually always hear of such leaders as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela. But one day at work, my students were learning about Ruby Bridges. And immediately I felt the need to write a little about her. She was a young girl from the south, who excelled in her class. She was then offered an opportunity to go to an all white school, when schools during that time were segregated. Her father wasn’t sold on the idea, but her mother knew that it would be a great opportunity for her daughter to receive a great education.



As the first African American girl to go to an all white school, the transition was more difficult than they had anticipated. From Ruby being looked down on, called horrible names, parents of the white children pulling them out of school to be away from Her, and even having her life threatened. No matter how hard the situation was, Ruby was still in school every morning. This very challenging time brought about great change in America. This was the beginning of something great. This took great persistence. Although it was her parents decision for Ruby to go to this school, it took great persistence to keep going having to endure all of this. Her parents could have seen what it was doing to her and decided to take her out of the school, but they didn’t. Ruby could have completely shut down, not wanting to reach out to those at school when the other children returned, but she didn’t. One night Ruby walked into her mothers room crying telling her that she was scared. Her mothers response was, go pray. And she did just that. Every morning Ruby prayed for those people who treated her terribly. They continued anyway until it was no longer out of the norm for black and white people to be together.


Along with Ruby and her family, there are many others who created change and such a movement. So we thank them for what they had to endure in order to pave the way and make things better for those behind them.


Now how do we celebrate what these people have done on our behalf? We walk in their footsteps. We take what they have done and relate it to our lives. We take what we’ve been given and use it to create a movement just as huge as theirs. We have a responsibility to carry out their legacy. All that they’ve done was not done in vain. When things become difficult, we consider all those that have gone before us and keep moving. Allow those people to be inspiration and motivation to keep striving for better. Keep praying and believing God. If they could do it during those times, we too can create the change we want to see.


2013: Growth, Transition, Process.

As we come to the end of the year, why not take a little time to reflect and share. This year if anything at all, has brought great growth. The fact that I’m able to share my thoughts and experiences through my writing is growth in itself.
This has also been a year of transition and process.

Transitioned from one job to another, transitioned into leadership positions, transitions within relationships with those around me, as well as personal transition. Although the process may not have always been easy, it’s all learning lessons and stepping stones for where I’m headed.

My employment journey has been quite interesting. The job search process after graduating from college was not pleasant. But I can honestly say, I’m grateful for where I am. My transition from college, to one job, to the next, was rather difficult; but I believe it was to teach me a lesson. It’s preparation.

When it comes to my relationships (friendships), I’ve become distant with some people and closer to others. But by the end of this year, I can say I’ve made amends with a few people. Some of those people I can see us being very good friends while others will be kept at a distance. We have to use wisdom in our interactions with others. Not every relationship has been great, may have been hurt, but I’ve been able to take something from each of them. I’ve been able to forgive people. Even when I wasn’t given an apology. In this year, I refused to become bitter by harboring ill feelings toward someone else. What sense does it make to be sad and moping while the person who hurt you goes through life unaware and living freely? None, none at at. One of the most important things though, I’ve learned to be wise when it comes to people and their motives, but to still be open to new relationships.

I’ve been put in leadership positions that I probably would not have accepted had this been a few years ago. I’ve began to share my writing and been able to reach and touch a few people. I’ve been given the opportunity to help others make positive changes in different areas of their lives. This has always been a desire of mine, but I haven’t always thought I was capable of doing it. I’ve now been able to take risks. That leap of faith.
This is all to show how much I’ve grown. I used to be the shy quiet girl who never wanted to be in the forefront, and always had a wall up to keep people shut out from knowing who I was. But now that’s all changed. I’ve found true freedom. I’m completely free to be myself. And I absolutely love who I’ve become. I’m at a place where I can willingly and openly display my thoughts through my writing as well as open behavior without being afraid of who won’t like it or who won’t like me. I’m no longer concerned whether people like me or not. I know the right people will. And I realize if I’m not myself, the people I’m supposed to reach won’t get what they need.

My faith has been increased through all of this. My faith in God as well as my belief in myself.

When you’re open to it, you can grow as much as possible. When you’re willing to take risks, it’ll take you places. I’m not where I want to be, but I’ve definitely grown. And I know that my openness and freedom will take me a whole lot further.
So I encourage you to be willing to take risks. Be open to growth. Trust your process.


The Follow Up…

After the week of “operation get ya life” I’ve heard some of the most negative comments from other people about me. It has been the most criticism I’ve received, all based on one particular thing. Almost felt as if everything I did and said was wrong. I felt like I just couldn’t win. Then I began to think about the goals I had in mind for that week of isolation. I wanted to change things about myself that weren’t helping me grow. I opened myself up to it. I was open to finding out those negative characteristics that needed to go.
Sometimes you can’t go based off what you think you know. Sometimes you have to see how other people view you. And this is exactly what began to happen.
Although some of the things that were said weren’t pleasant to hear, especially from those closest to me. I choose to let it be my motivation. I won’t soak in the comments. I’ll look at it as a positive thing. It’s only going to help me grow in the long run. The only way you can change something is if you’re aware that its a problem.
Tonight as I read my devotion before I went to bed, the very last sentence was just what I needed to hear. It said, “Don’t fight it and grow.” It spoke directly to me and my situation. I can’t fight the words that were spoken to me, I have to use them to grow.
So I encourage you to always look for the good in everything. See how you can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Don’t fight it, allow it to help you grow!